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The Question Begins the Quest

As we traveled from the  forest home of  Tane Mahuta the  ancient Kauri Tree, the question burned deeper within each of us.  What was our purpose, what was the seed we carried?  It is this very  question  that began the quest home to New Zealand for this group of spiritual pilgrims who had come from all over the world.



Several years ago I had been blessed to meet two beautiful wisdom keepers that were divinely destined to join my journey in the returning back to me.  I was happy to now weave the web back to these sacred lands and to guide my beautiful brothers and sisters into the places of mystery where one could find the answers they seek.


I have found the greatest wisdom teachers are those who speak in a quiet way.  They bring humor to the journey and they walk in humbleness.  They don’t need to be anything other than who they are.  There is no grand display,  they live a simple life.   They are willing to share their wisdom for they know it is not theirs.  It is the lore of the universe, the first religion known as the earth religion and it belongs to everyone.    They are without ego and see that all who journey are the same, all equal.  There is no need for a hierarchy.  Each is honored and welcomed home.


I am honored to have joined these wisdom keepers and know it is my purpose to bring others to these sacred lands of New Zealand to find their way.  We no longer need gurus, or teachers we worship, we need the wisdom keepers who hold the knowledge to help us find the gardener, the teacher and the healer that lives within each of us.  We need only to remember.

We have all had moments in our life where we are shaken at our very foundation.  We have moments when our relationships turn upside down.   When things we are holding on to are taken, only to make room for something yet to come as we gain the courage to reach for our dreams.  Those times when we are spinning out of control and feel completely lost without direction.


If we can learn to swallow the bitterness of an experience it actually becomes the source of our greatest learning.


If we can learn to allow ourselves to laugh and cry, we release the living waters from our eyes and the knowledge we carry is brought into our awareness.


Our first journey was to visit Michael O’Donnell.    A brilliant man who gave up the path of a scholar and advocate of the waters to fulfill his destiny as a vessel maker, spiritual teacher, water guardian and artist.   A beautiful soul who had found his way from the shadow of his life experiences back to the light by learning to embrace everything.   From loss there is gain.  From sadness we can find joy once again.


We as a human race stopped listening to the sacred waters that carry our story, we stopped listening to the winds that taught us about the breath of life.  We stopped standing beneath the stars at night to receive their healing light.  We must find our way back.  The wisdom gifted by the flowing river, Taraniki was Michael’s teacher and now that knowledge was being shared with us.    With every storm that comes, there is a teaching as it opens yet another part of our sacred journey.   With the teachings shared by Michael came a knowing.  Giving each of us permission to be present in the experience of the moment.  We didn’t need to know how, where or when we just needed to experience the journey.


Late afternoon we continued to journey with another wisdom keeper and guardian of the enchanted realm.    Gary Cook has spent a good portion of his life bridging the world of human and those of the unseen together.  As he shared his stories with us we were drawn into the world of enchantment.


He and his beautiful wife and life partner Raewyn are guardians of a nature sanctuary and tend to the garden with loving care.   Fortunately for us Raewyn also tended to a lovely dinner that we were able to share.   Gary  gifted each of us with a piece of pounamou, the stone of peace to carry with us on our journey and offered us waters from the Spring that flowed freely from his land.  The water was sweet and I thought to myself this is faery water full of enchantment and joy.



Gary being the bridge between science and spirituality shared with us a new technology from France that  allowed us to hear the song of the peace lily plant.  It was a beautiful symphony and made me think back to my childhood when I had to do an experiment in my science class where I had two plants.   One plant I would sing to each day and the other I played acid rock music to.  I remember there was  a huge difference in the growth and life force of the plants.  The one I sang to was a vibrant green, healthy and grew straight and tall.  The other barely grew and the leaves became yellow, whithering away.    The life force of the plant had simply moved on to another.

I remember I did get an A for that project and now years later there was scientific proof of the life force that lives within the plant beings.  The elementals that sing back to the human if the human will only listen.  As Gary spoke the peace lily sang.  She was listening.  It was amazing to experience the relationship between man and the plant beings.

I smiled as Gary commented on his excitement that science was discovering the things the ancient ones had always known.  We could have stayed for hours listening to his wisdom and storytelling but it was time to journey home as there were still many days to  journey and many experiences to create.

Sending you blessings from the sacred waters, Robbyme

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