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The Process

I have found during my journeys weaving the web as an earth walker, that the most profound teachers are those who are the humblest. There is no need for show; they just go about their journey as a beautiful expression of love.  There is no ego or need for recognition.  They share from their heart and when you have been in their presence you simply know your own life has changed.   Many times we don’t even identify them as teachers but when they show up in our life we are truly blessed.


Bali has always been a special spiritual sanctuary for me.  A place to open your heart and support you on a journey of self love back to yourself.  Here one can remember that their purpose is to walk with an open heart as an expression of love and joy.  Far removed from the distractions of the fast world, you are able to breathe in easily the life force the emerald green island offers.  Everything slows down and a sense of deep inner peace is felt.


I have been blessed with two very special encounters on this journey and have been given such simple and yet beautiful gifts of love.   My first would be a purification water blessing from the High Priestess.  What makes this so special is she is the first woman ever to be in this position and the youngest.  Her journey is quite profound.  At a young age, coming from a very humble village she went in search of work.  When she was unable to even arrange an interview, being declined again and again, she returned to her village feeling depressed, unworthy and lost.

Her uncle began to teach her the process of meditation and chakra balancing.   At one point she had a near death experience, choosing to  come back into the human world, she  found that she was able to channel the ancient prayers that would take the High Priest a lifetime to Master.  It became clear that she was channeling pure love and for the first time ever she was voted to become the High Priestess.  Something that had never happened before on Bali.   For me this is confirmation that we are indeed moving through the Process of Self Mastery and Self Love as we continue to move closer to the energies that 2017 will bring known as the Year of the Divine Feminine Returning and the Goddess Awakening.


She held the andara crystal over her heart to pray.  She did not know  the journey the stone of unconditional love and taken,  but shared with me that she felt the stone to be  very feminine and full of love.  She smiled and said she felt the ocean contained within the stone.


The last place the andara crystal had been was the waters of Stradbroke Island as our super pod joined together and the ancient waters of Bimini with the dolphin.  I shared with her the crystal would now be carried back to New Zealand to Waiheke Island and then back to the sacred mountain where we live part time, Mount Shasta.   (The High Priestess felt the connection to the holy mountain as well and to the sacred waters that flow from the mountain)

The journey of the andara crystal will then continue as I return to Switzerland in October as our spiritual family joins together in Zurich and finally the emerald stone of unconditional love will be carried to the Temple of Isis in Egypt on Hollows Eve to be placed on the Holy of Holy Altars for sacred ceremony and the divine marriage of the male and female.

IsisTemple copy

Together we will seed love into the dragon lines, as the Holy of Holy Altars is a place where the source of the dragon energy flows.


My second blessing came from a chance encounter that led me to a beautiful evening learning to cook with a Balinese family.  Yes, I did say cook and have pictures to prove it.  The most humble and gentle of souls would share with us such profound wisdom that I wanted to also share it with you.   It touched my heart deeply and provided a very different way to approach life and the Process of living.


I would soon discover that the cooking class was so much more.  I discovered that the Balinese philosophy of cooking is not just about eating.  you prepare the foods for the medicine that nourishes your body and soul.  I would learn so much about the ingredients that come from the earth that reduce inflammation, help with digestion,  reduce blood pressure and blood sugar all available from Mother Earth’s medicine chest.



The Balinese believe take only what you need from the earth for the day.  I thought how we in the Western world waste so much and yet our earth mother is crying out for us to change.  A similar belief held by all the indigenousness tribes.   But there was more, and it was this teaching I wanted to pass on.

The people of Dewi’s village believe there is a process.  We are born, we die and we are reborn.   It is the journey of the soul as to how this will play out so there is no worry of the future or regret of the past.  It is just the process.  In the fast world many people struggle with how to be better, make more money, expand their business and grow.   We feel frustrated when things do not occur in the time that we think they should.  We get discouraged and give up.   We stop believing in the process.


We had suggested to Dewi that this had been such a special experience, an honor to be taken into his home, spend time with his beautiful family, share stories, learn of the medicines of his village and how to prepare the food with honor.   Perhaps he should make business cards so more people could find him.   His response to me was quite powerful.

“Why would I want to expand?  That would make me busier and that would take time away from me being with with my wife, watching my children grow and doing what I love as an organic gardener.   How profound were those words.  He didn’t worry about where work would come from or how to increase his business.   He loved to share and everything he did came from the heart.  I asked him if I could share this experience with others and he smiled.  “Yes, if you come again with others we will create a very special experience for them”.


He then continued to share something his grandfather had shared with him after the bombings in Bali years ago.   60% of the village never knew about the bombings, his grandfather told him.  Why should we bring this news into our village?  It will only make people hate the Muslims.  It will make people fearful.  It is only the process.   We can not bring the dead back to life.  We can only honor their process.

Devi  gave one other example about the process woven into the history of Bali.   He told us that long ago the Dutch had come to Bali and many of the native people were killed.   The people of Bali could have chosen to hate the Dutch.  As his grandfather pointed out, it wasn’t the Dutch as a nation who killed the Balinese,  it was only a few that had done this.  As the Dutch settled they brought their own wisdom and taught the Balinese about irrigation.  Today it is this knowledge that makes the farmer in Bali so successful.   The process has brought great knowledge to the country.    Those words touched me so deeply that tears were streaming down my face.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 2.08.18 AM

The messages were clear.  Two beautiful souls had shared love.  As I sat in an altered state while the High Priestess channeled and prayed over the water she would use in the purification blessing, I prayed to empty my body temple of all lower energies asking to be a greater expression of light.  After she poured the holy water over me I saw violet crystal light and felt my entire being change on a cellular level.  I looked into her eyes and it was as though our souls were speaking.  We had known one another before.  It was now very clear I would return to Bali in 2017, the Year of the Divine Feminine Awakening and the Goddess Returning.

road_blue_light (1)

Enjoy the process and allow yourself to become a greater expression of light.  Be a faith keeper and do everything from your heart.  That is the journey. Everything else will just unfold.

Love and light to guide your process,


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