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The Price of Peace?


When our faith is wavering and we question if we as a people have learned enough to move forward we can feel off balance.  Anxiousness, fear,  and doubt can easily overwhelm us.   When hope is fleeting and the news media continues to broadcast what appears to be utter insanity in the presidential elections of the United States, continuous reports of racial killings and police brutality, tragic events of violence, unchecked acts of aggression, I search for signs that we are collectively making a difference.  I AM a faith keeper.

I need to know that there are miracles occurring everyday just to remind me that this reality of the fast world is something we each have created and continue to fuel when we live from our fear based heads and judgmental thoughts instead of from the heart and a place of love.  When we allow doubt and negative chatter to speak louder than our knowing heart.


My sign came today as I watched a brilliant documentary called The Price of Peace.  It’s certainly not a block buster with special affects but it reaches deep inside your heart and shakes you awake.  It is the story of Tame Wairere Iti, a Tuhoe Maori activist in New Zealand.  A man of passion who grew up in the Urewera area, a mystical region in the landscape of Aotearoa, (New Zealand).  A powerful presence that in the late 1960s and 1970s was involved in protests against the Vietnam War and apartheid in South Africa.  He would become a powerful presence in many M?ori protest actions known for his radical approach to bringing about awareness.

This story is certainly not isolated to New Zealand, it has in fact plagued our world and repeated itself numerous times in the United States, Australia, Africa, Europe and many other places where land has been taken from the indigenious guardians, through acts of greed and agression   What began as a story of injustice, became a story of hope.   It was my sign that things are changing. Small expressions of forgiveness, the beginning of acceptance and a willingness of two opposing forces, recognizing we must change our ways if we as a global community are to move forward.

New Zealand for me is a small country composed of two islands that has incredible beauty and holds an imprint within the land of an ancient civilization.  The Lord of the Rings was created here and is more than just a movie.  It’s a memory that’s embedded in the landscape.  A memory that lives within my heart.


The Price of Peace is a portrait of Tame Iti and the 2007 Police raids that took place leading to Tame Iti and four others being accused of plotting terrorist activities.  It is so much more than the story of a government authorizing these raids that lead to the sheer terror these people faced, fearing for their lives and the stress the families suffered.   It is the story their ancestors lived.   A history that is also imprinted in the land of New Zealand.   It is however, a grander story of forgiveness,  reconciliation and of hope.  The raids, which took place in the Urewera mountain range near Ruatoki and labeled “Operation 8”, resulted in the arrest of 17 people for allegedly participating in military-style training camps.

The police raids were WRONG and the terror it caused to so many individuals could not be justified.   It is forever written into each of their stories.  The families who lived it and the police involved in the raids.  This story however provides a greater story that our world can learn from.  Governments, leaders of nations and police departments can learn from  this story of hope.   It is a beautiful sign of change when a government  recognizes the mistakes it made and publicly acknowledges to a people they were wrong.  A sign of progressive thinking.

Seven years after the raids, Mike Bush, the Police Commissioner personally made the trip to Ruatoki in the Bay of Plenty to meet with six families, including Tame Iti and his whanau (family).  The families shared their feelings, the fear they experienced, the sense of helplessness their children witnessed, and their sense of injustice as the Police Commissioner quietly listened. They spoke of the suffering they had endured, the lack of respect and the judgment they had experienced.   It was an  opportunity to speak their truth and begin to heal.

In the end a hand of friendship and the beginning of healing a deep wound of the past was set in motion.  The Tuhoe were acknowledged by the Crown and given the right to be the guardians of their lands once again.  The government apologized to the Tuhoe for the lack of respect and the actions they had endured in the past.

What a lovely story to be a part of our history.  The cosmic web that weaves us all together as whanau (family) joins our stories together.  We can all learn from each other.  Both from our mistakes and from our willingness to make change.  What affects one people has an energetic affect on all of us.


In a statement, Mr Bush said: “I have apologized to those whanau (family) who experienced unnecessary stress during that time and felt a loss of credibility and mana. It was important to me that I personally deliver this apology, in private, to redress the hurt felt in Tuhoe.”

A beginning, a spark of hope.  Something to restore ones faith that our world is changing.  As a faith keeper, it is our responsibility to hold the faith no matter what we see around us or what the news media chooses to share.  If you want to share a story, share one of hope, of courage, share a message of change.   Don’t share a story of fear.  Don’t give energy to an injustice, instead be the hope, be the light, be the change.

August Full Moon

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Wishing you a magickal Full Moon.

Love and crystal light, Robbyne

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