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The Power of 333 and the voice of the Salmon

Water Buddha

333 holds a high vibrational frequency that invokes the spirit of the Buddha.  The Universe communicates with us through divine signs and these signs serve as clues for our life journey.  333 is a spiritual number that puts us on alert that the Masters are communicating with us and serves as a reminder to pay attention to the universal cues that come in the form of unexpected gifts or visits, animal messengers or synchronistic events.  Seeing 333 is a sign to speak your truth. The Universe is guiding you to use your voice to express your emotions or put your feelings into words in ways that are in harmony with your soul. It is when you speak your truth that you support your soul and find inner peace.  Seeing repeatedly the number, 333 is a message for you to expand the natural abilities you were born with to create something very special on earth.   When you start exploring these talents and expand yourself in this sense, you’re giving your gift back to humanity by raising the vibration of the earth.

Castle Hill

It was continually seeing this number appear on my phone and digital clocks that confirmed my guidance to celebrate the Wesak Full Moon in the ancient stones of Kura Tawhiti, identified as the center of the universe by the Dalai Lama.  These elder teachers hold ancient wisdom and serve as a library of your soul’s truth.

Castle Hill Stones

To move through the ancient stones is walking through the halls of higher learning as it accelerates your soul’s growth.  This experience was greatly heightened at this omnipotent time of the Blue  Full Moon and the added intensity of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all being in retrograde.

Castle Hill Stones

This is not a flat trail as it takes commitment and determination to journey to the place of the star nation.

Castle Hill Journey

There was no hesitation from anyone who had been called to join.  We would spend three days together celebrating the joy of just being while receiving guidance and healing for our journey.

Castle Hill Journey

Many of our group would experience a huge shift at the stone being connected to the throat chakra.  Once you clear the throat chakra you are able to speak your own truth, not the beliefs imposed by others.  You are able to create your own reality through the power of words spoken.  Jupiter influences the throat chakra and with Jupiter now retrograde, the planet of expansion, opportunity, abundance and prosperity, we are all being pushed to step into our magnificence.

Castle Hill Stones

We spent the day moving slowly as we paused with the elder stones, transforming and releasing old patterns and emotional congestion.  We stepped through the stargate and entered the realm of the star nation.

Castle Hill Stones

At the end of the day we were ready to each take our turn sitting within the womb of the birthing stone.  The place where heaven and earth come together.  The winds of change blew through with intensity as the ancestors spoke.  Each soul brought their wisdom and I felt such gratitude to stand amongst these wisdom keepers.

Castle Hill Stones

At the precise time of the full moon we gathered together in the place of the whale spirits to receive the celestial water blessing being gifted to the earth.  We sang to the stones with the alchemical crystal singing bowl to awaken the whale spirit and to open our hearts.  As the 33 petals of the rose held within our hearts opened, we made our commitment to step forward.

New Zealand Falcon

At the time of our gathering to celebrate the Wesak Full Moon we would be observed by a very special animal ally.  A rare and powerful encounter which was an added blessing to our ceremony as the falcon appeared just above our gathering.   This beautiful and powerful creature can awaken your visionary power and bring you closer to your life goals, as it asks one to listen closely to its message of change!  This is a messenger of prophecy and asks one to stay focused and vigilant.

When our gathering was complete, I knew for me, there was a special place I still needed to visit.  In the vortex of Castle Hill is the Rakaia river.  A beautiful waterway that twists and turns through the magnificent landscape of the South Island, eventually emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

Rakaia River

11,000 miles away is another river, the McCloud River that flows through Mount Shasta.  Sacred to the Winneman Wintu tribe.  The river is the ancestral birthplace of the salmon, sacred to the guardians of Mount Shasta.  The Winneman Wintu believe that when  man and woman  first came into the world, it was the salmon who gave their voice to the human, knowing that without a voice the human would lose their way.  The Winneman Wintu promised to always speak for the salmon and protect the sacred river.  During World War II, the 602-foot-high Shasta Dam flooded the lower 26 miles of the McCloud and blocked the Chinook salmon from migrating to their birth waters.  The salmon eggs were taken  to  many other rivers, but it would be only one river where the salmon would flourish. The Rakaia on the south island of New Zealand.

After nearly 70 years, two nations would come together to pray and sing the salmon home to their ancestral birthplace.  The Ngai Tahu of the Rakaia River would welcome the Winneman Wintu as they prayed for the return of the salmon.   Finally, in 2017 the salmon would be taken home to the waters of the McCloud River, in Mount Shasta, California.

Andara Crystal

I had waited for the right timing knowing I would be taking the andara crystal to the waters to pray for harmony on our water planet.  To pray for healing of separation and judgment.  This was the time.  I would carry the water from our Wesak celebration that held the celestial blessing gifted to all of humanity at the time of the full moon.  At exactly 3:33, I poured the water into the sacred river and placed the andara crystal that has been held by thousands in sacred ceremony all over the world.  The stone of love which holds the prayers and intentions of people from every faith, belief, culture, race and sexual preference.  The stone that holds only the vibration of love.  When I placed it in the water it was absolutely illuminated with light.

A sacred talisman that we are all related and must break down the barriers that separate us.  We must end the cycle of hatred and join the wave of energy creating the “ME TOO” movement,  Black Lives Matter, and the Time is Up to name just a few.

As I shared in a recent post the white animals have arrived and we are all put on notice our time to step forward is NOW.

Thanking everyone who is part of our spiritual family for having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and become the magnificent being you were born to be.  This is an ongoing work in progress.  Be brave, be true to yourself and be stronger than your excuses.

For those who would like to find the tools to navigate back to their divine essence and the courage to step into  their true magnificence, I will be cocreating a retreat on Waiheke Island during the June Full Moon and the Winter SolsticeClick Here.  I am also available for private retreats to take one deeper into their soul story while held in the healing container that this amazing island offers.  Please contact me directly if you are interested in a private retreat. at [email protected]

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Wishing you an enchanted week.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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