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The Power of 33

I awoke this morning with such an infusion of energy and excitement, a deep feeling of hope that our world was now rising from the darkness and illusion we have been under for so long. The intention to create unity and oneness, a renewed sense of hope and the symbology being gifted to the world if we see with eyes now open to that which is unseen.

An incredible celebration and gathering took place here in San Clemente, both at 10:10:10am and again at 10:10:10pm on Sunday, October 10th.  Two circles of beautiful souls of light joining with other circles all over the world as we came together to anchor the energy being gifted to the earth on that auspicious day.   Immediately following this powerful time, I began to notice the symbology and wanted to share these with you.   The first of three rescue capsules, named Phoenix, arrived at the mine in Copiapo, Chile and after the star gate of the 10:10:10 shifted consciousness and timelines for the earth, the rescue of the 33 Chilean Miners began. According to the Mining minister, Laurence Golborne the rescue tube was called the Phoenix “because it will bring about a rebirth of the miners, and a new life for them”.   How appropriate and powerful are these words considering 2010 is known as the Year of The Phoenix rising from the ashes.  As the old structures continue to break down, as the old illusions continue to peel away, we each continue to rise from the darkness of our old stories and examine what is our truth, what is our purpose in being here at this time and we begin to write a new story, hope returns, faith is restored, and we find a hidden strength we didn’t know we had.

33 Miners have spent the last two months deep within the womb of the earth mother.  Men carrying a powerful and strong male energy symbolizing the old paradigm , as the world joined together in prayer for their safe return.  33 men who began as strangers. and after a strange, predestined twist of fate, now bonded  beneath the surface as their families did above the surface.   Not only to each other but also to those who so passionately focused on rescuing these men.  For two months, they have demonstrated faith and courage.    For each of you reading these words this is symbolic of who we are.  Passionately focused, with a calling in your heart to assist in awakening and rescuing those who have been in darkness and fallen asleep.   Carefully, bringing them into the awareness of light.  Camp Hope as it has been named is so symbolic of the environment we must create.    For two months these 33 men survived because they unified, they supported one another, they held strong to their faith and the realization that what is truly important in this earth experience is family, friendships and the bond that joins each of us together.  For many of you who are aware of the serpent energy line shifting from the Himalayan mountains in the northern hemisphere to the Andean Mountains in the southern hemisphere, many shaman and spiritual teachers have shared that Chile would play a significant role in this shift.

The ancient cultures were masters of the use of symbology and the use of the energy contained within them.  Energy is infinite and therefore healing is infinite.   Only our lack and fear holds us back from receiving this energy.   33 is a Master Number in numerology. The Ultimate Cosmic Number, the Energy of Creation, it is The Creator and The Created and reminds us to search for truth. 33 is the most influential of all numbers. It is the Master Teacher.

The 33 combines the 11 and the 22 and brings their potential to another level. When expressed to the fullest, the 33 lacks all personal ambition, and instead focuses its considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind. Something that speaks of global unity and this number is the fact that the United Nation logo represents a terrestrial globe divided in 33 fragments.  How powerful is that symbol and the vision we all hold as our mission in creating here on earth.

We have now moved through the 10:10:10.  It is most important that we use the gifts that were given to the earth wisely.  Honor these 33 men and their destiny to bring about greater awareness that we must continue to join together to support each other to be lifted from the darkness.  No matter what you are currently experiencing, this is not the time to doubt or lose hope, this is the time to stand tall in your truth and be the faith keeper.  This is the time to be the change!

Wishing each of you the light of truth to illuminate your path as you begin to write your new story.
Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Jeanne

    On the eve of the amazing rescue of the Chilean miners I was walking down the long road to our gate. It was dusk. I heard a faint honking and looked up to see 24 geese swooping down low over head and watched them splash land in the pond. Right behind them flew 5 ducks who landed as well. I counted carefully, thinking that this must mean something; there is a message here. Before they had even landed, a hawk flew over me and called loudly and distinctly 3 times, and headed down the canyon paralleling the road. Again I thought what is the message? Then the next day, reading your e:mail there it was! The power of 33! 30 winged ones, and 3 loud calls from the hawk – 33! THANK YOU Robbyne for your continued inspiration and positive messages of hope!