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The Obstacles On Our Journey Actually Create Our Journey

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With lasts nights full moon and the accelerated energy of more solar flare activity, I took the time to reflect on my journey with new eyes. I have to say that from where I stand looking at Mount Shasta from my deck and having been gifted from the animal kingdom with so many animal messengers today my heart is filled with nothing but gratitude. Gratitude that I didn’t get that job that I thought I wanted years ago. Grateful that the lovers of the past that broke my heart were not destined to be my life partner. Grateful that when I thought I was taking the path to the right and divine spirit decided to shift directions on me midstream with absolute upheaval in my life, I had the awareness to follow the new path. It wasn’t always easy and many a night the universe and I would have very heated arguments as to what I felt was best for me which was always the complete opposite of what the universe and divine spirit knew was best for me.


I would not be what I was born to be today, if I had not had obstacles on my path. That nasty, horrible boss that taught me how NOT to behave towards another, was a huge obstacle that I am so grateful for. Those wonderful individuals who crossed my path and created so many opportunities for my spirit to grow by pushing me to choose, that I deserved far better than what I was being offered were obstacles on my path. I wish I could thank each one of them for they prodded me, pushed me and helped me to become who I am. The sudden loss of loved ones or an animal ally were obstacles on my path. The betrayal by friends or business associates were obstacles on my path. Then there were those who encouraged me along the way. The college professor who asked me to stay after school to share with me, that he had never read a thesis quite like mine. While he clearly pointed out that he agreed with absolutely NOTHING in it, it had come from my heart and if I could always follow the guidance of that heart I would be successful in life. After speaking those words he politely dismissed me from his classroom. 30+ years later I still reflect on his words.


Then there was the good Father at Saint Mark’s where I was attending school in my early childhood. Not being the favorite child on the nun’s list, I am sure I came close to causing Mother Superior to drink the communal wine other than on Sunday. During those early years, it would be the good Father who would leave a lasting impression on me that I AM grateful for. Missing a piece of my uniform which I often did, not intentionally I just could never find the insignificant parts such as the tie or chapel cap when inspection was called. Or perhaps it was my unconscious choosing to express itself differently even then.

Funny Nun

Mother Superior rolled her eyes at me, gave that all familiar sigh of disgust as she continued down the line of perfectly dressed students. My best friend at the time stared at me and in a horrified voice uttered, “You are going to be in so much trouble” just as the good Father took a moment to lean forward and whisper in my ear, “Don’t ever change who you are”. Even though I had long before decided the good Father’s teachings were not my truth, those words became emblazoned in my consciousness and to this day I credit these two men with the words that would help me to choose my destiny.


Our words can empower someone or they can disempower someone. I have tried to remember this and choose carefully the words I will use when speaking with another. I choose not to get caught up in gossip as I listen to someone ridiculing another. I choose not to take sides or to judge another, as we never know the journey that one has taken to be where they are. When we are born we are starlight, born with a destiny and a karmic contract. It is the experiences we each have based on the contracts we have written that help to create the opportunities for us to grow. We can blame NO ONE for we chose the contract.


Of course we all look for the celestial eraser to remove our name from the contract many times during the journey but nonetheless we chose it. Every part of it. 2013 has been a wild ride thus far for everyone. No one ever said it would be an easy year just a year of change. 2014 will carry an even higher energy which means we will be required to continue to raise our light by releasing negative thought forms, fears, doubts, excuses, jealousies, anger, loss, betrayal, mainly expectations that others behave how we believe they should behave. We also need to listen to what our physical bodies are trying to tell us for they are our greatest barometer of determining if we are out of balance. All part of the human experience, all part of our growth.

We can look at the obstacles in our life as the people or situations that defeated us, or we can look at them as props placed by divine spirit to serve as opportunities for us to grow. For the next few days use the power of this full moon to explore what obstacles you have already moved through. Acknowledge the awareness and growth that has come. It will help you to see clearly the ones that are just before you with a different perspective.


My world is full of enchantment because I choose to spend time with the unseen world and those of the natural world. It is however, not just unicorns and rainbows I can assure you. (Thank you to Mehera for this beautiful image that expresses my daily life).

I do have my own obstacles that appear on a daily basis and as I have shared before, some days I fail miserably just like everyone else. It’s time for all of us to snap out of being less than what we came here to be. What we put our focus on is exactly what we are going to get more of. We are in this together so it is wise to find ways to heal what causes separation from others and continue to heal the cellular memory that continues to come forward after the Saturn Retrograde cycle. It is wise to be cautious of the words you speak to another and it is highly advisable to let go of the burdens you carry. One way or another we will need to come together to move forward. I have far too many things to tend to on my own journey than to worry what someone else chooses to do with theirs or to judge their choices.


Give yourself permission to allow others to have their journey so that you may have yours. If you are focused on you, you may see the obstacles long before you run in to them.

Love, rainbows and moonbeams to illuminate your journey from Mount Shasta, Robbyne

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  1. Guy

    I encourage everyone on our newsletter list to comment on all Robbyne’s posting to create a circle of thoughts, ideas and experiences to share with all.

  2. Maui Cheetah

    I love you!

  3. tis me

    Hi Robbyne, just when I get so muddled with life one of your emails arrive and enlightens me, its like you know. Thanks so much for the awesome words of wisdom and insight. Love and Light Ange

  4. Lisa

    Hello Robbyne, Thankyou for your lovely messages,they are so heartfelt.Ifeel very close to you from the moment we met.I nearly came to nz fro the one day. except I was in western Australia doing a pharmacy locum in an outback town called Norseman. Today is such a special day magic is in the air. I have been experiencing some magical places that are supporting me spiritually. I would love to chat with you about some very special places I have visited in Australia
    Lots love to you dear Robbyne.
    From Lisa

  5. Glencora

    Thank you Robbyne, your emails…..that seems to come just at the right moment, always inspire and remind me!


  6. Helen

    Heartfelt thanks to you Robbyne for the beautiful newsletters that come my way. I appreciate that you shine your light so honestly and I am always uplifted.
    Namaste, Helen

  7. Hélène

    Thank you so much!

  8. Maryann

    Thank you Robbyne! Hope to see you sometime at Mount Shasta, which lives in my heart always!

  9. Corina

    Dear Robbyne,
    what an uplifting Newsletter! Thank you so much, I just had to smile and laugh so much, you made my day.

    Much love,

  10. Kate

    You will never know how your words in this message soothed and healed my heart. Thank you.
    I send you love & light. A rainbow of colors from my heart to yours.

  11. Cheryl

    Thank you Robbyne. This is so beautiful. I really needed this. Hope you and Guy are well. Love you both. Cheryl

  12. Solomon

    Hello Robbyne,

    …just want to say “Thank you” for your wonderful words of wisdom. I always look forward to your messages. They are always so grounding and uplifting at the same time.

    Blessings on you, and continued success with all you do to make our planet a better place,

    Teri Solomon Gravel

  13. Isabel

    Well I had that same nun . My Saturn is not nice to me . Plus I’m dragging my feet , Mr. King ! I know it’s all in my best interests but I keep going to that place . All good . Still stumbling but moving .
    Love you much

    Thank you

  14. Ginger

    Beautiful and a musical reminder of where we all are together! Thanks for sharing Robbyne!!! Such a relief to know we are not walking this path alone. and yes it has been a most difficult couple of months. Spinning higher energy has a way of making us let go faster or get really sick and dizzy! LOL!

    Love to you and your family! So great to see you in Mt Shasta and I am so grateful to you as one of those life changing people who pass thru our lives at just the right time!