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The Magick of Merlin’s Cave

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Merlin’s Cave is a place of great mystery. Winding ones way down the steep pathway that leads to the beach and the entrance to the mysterious cave beneath Tintagel Castel always makes my heart race. When I get near to the entrance of the cave a wave of emotion moves through me and I always feel tears stream down my face. A place one must approach with great respect.



This time as I opened the sacred portal I felt the presence of Saint Germaine, another aspect of the Merlin greet me. My heart was filled with joy and quietly we each moved through the doorway to create a circle at the entrance to the cave. The timing of a visit to this special place is completely dependent on the movement of the tides as when the tide is in the cave is virtually under water and access impossible.


The dragon spirit is strongly felt within this place of magick and for the spiritual seeker one can regain a sense of knowing and the rememberance of a time long ago when the Knights had been present. When we took pictures it was clear their spirits were with us.


The sound of the sea roared through the cave and I knew I had to go completely through to the other end. There would be several who also felt that incredible pull, as though the only purpose in the moment was to break through any illusion or obstacle to reach the doorway to the otherworld. A raw and wild energy of power seemed to flow through the cave that day, a force that was unworldly and mystical.


As we formed our circle we would each be gifted with the etheric staff of the Merlin. We made a personal promise that day to live from the heart and share the wisdom gifted by the spirit of the Merlin with others. We vowed to not judge another but to be a voice of encouragement and strength for those who had lost their way. We again would pray to send love to the dragon lines to heal the lands that were still in darkness and to honor the vow we had each taken lifetimes before that had woven us together again in this sacred place of magick.


rose offering

We would leave our gift of a rose in the cave honoring the guardian spirits asking for wisdom to guide our journey.

Knee deep in the cold waters of the Atlantic could not hold me back from climbing over the rocks to reach the other side of the cave.

white light in cave around me

As I stood on the final rock a wave came crashing through and I was completely drenched with the blessings of the sea goddess. It didn’t matter how cold it was, for me there was a renewed sense of power that came that day and a vision of what was yet to come for all humanity. I could hear the song of the whales and felt a longing to connect with these beautiful animal allies once again.

The message was clear, we could not be weak, we could no longer make excuses or give our power to another. Instead we had to step forward with courage. Change was inevitable, it was coming but would require each of us to surrender. The most difficult challenge to embracing change is finding the courage to let go of what is not working. On a global scale our world was still struggling with letting go of the false sense of security we had placed on systems, religions and organizations. We have to let go of the illusion that someone is going to save us. We don’t need to be saved, we just need to remember who we are and accept that the greatest responsibility we have is to continue to clear old karmic imprints, doubts and fears. We are GOING to be all right. We just need to get to the other side of the cave. It may not be easy, it will take complete trust and courage but we will accomplish what we came here to do.

As we left Merlin’s Cave we each felt a sense of rebirth. Anything was possible, we just needed to believe. We were in the first year of a three year cycle of change. It began on the 12:21:12 and we needed to be even more committed in our faith to move through these changes that would create the new vision.


Later this day we would have private access to the most enchanted land I have ever known. Since my first encounter in this magickal glen I continue to return again and again. Every time my heart is filled with joy. Words can not express clearly the magick one feels when you enter this sanctuary belonging to those of the unseen world. The water that flows is said to be holy and holds and energy of high healing.





Just beyond the veil that exists is a world of complete enchantment. Right out of a chapter of Lord Of The Rings. Home to the unicorn. Here we had come to just be. A place where the child inside comes to life and one can again believe in the faeries and mythical beings.


To just be in a place of magick washes away ones fears and doubts. You can feel a stirring in your heart and a remembrance that life is so much more than what we think we see.

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Join us tomorrow for the last portion of the journey to the enchanted lands and for a preview of the Journeys of 2014.

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  1. Louise williams

    Thank you for taking a journey for all of us . I love the dragon and the unicorn, along with the magic of Camelot, Arthur, Merlin and the knights of the round Table