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The Magick of a Spinning Vortex and the Spirit of the Dragon

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Haleakala the majestic mountain on Maui, is the world’s fire vortex known as a spinner wheel. There are four spinner wheels that are positioned throughout the world generating the energy of the four elements.


Spinner wheels operate in a spiral motion much like the sacred spiral found in the nautilus shell, the sunflower, the fern frond and the pinecone. It is nature’s secret code reminding us that we all spiral from the same source. Somehow over time, we lost our way but we are now awakening, remembering and finding our back.


Haleakala means House of the Sun and sits like a great pyramid in the middle of the Pacific Ocean serving as a solar engine supplying the earth mother through all the energy grids. The Pacific Ocean holds the consciousness of the God and Goddess for this water planet we live on. Here one can reclaim their power and when one approaches with an open heart and focused intention, this spinner vortex can spiral positive energy out through the cosmic web. A place to connect with the violet flame of transformation.

Lake Rotopounamou is the world’s spinning water vortex located in New Zealand. The world fire and water vortices combine to create an alchemical formula of renewal, balancing the northern and southern hemisphere. There are many cultures that believe the energies have been moving from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere through the cosmic spider web. Later this year we will weave the energy of Haleakala back into Lake Rotopounamou in sacred ceremony as we return to New Zealand for a spiritual journey late October.




As our group made our way to the top of Haleakala, which rises 10,000 feet above the sea, we were blessed with gorgeous weather. It is usually freezing at the top and with a chilling wind that whips through at times it can be unbearable. Not this day however, there was stillness in the air and I knew the weather faeries and those of the unseen were working with our group. Even Bonnie and Doris, our two Maui Goddesses who have lived on Maui for more than 20 years commented Haleakala was never like this before. The sunset ceremony was to be our closing ceremony but because of the course direction made at the beginning of the week when the engine blew on our whaleboat we were now going to be able to have our final experience together at sunrise the next morning.


The magick had happened once again and tonight we were blessed with a crystal clear sky as we watched the sunset. Haleakala is the source of the dragon’s fire and I could not believe what I saw in the clouds as the sun set. The dragon’s presence appeared to confirm the work we had done together. We had come to reclaim our power that night, to make the changes we each needed to make to walk a path of beauty. We came to send prayers of healing and love through the spinning vortex out through the dragon lines to the places on our planet still existing in the shadow. I went to sleep that night with great anticipation of what the sunrise would bring.


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.23.26 AM

A crystal clear and calm day greeted us as we departed for our final whale encounter. Only a few minutes into the ride we would be greeted with a stunning sunrise and for the first time in weeks the skies were clear enough to see the Big Island. Our captain stopped the boat and we just sat in gratitude as we watched the sun rise. Our first encounter would be a mother and baby.


The mother breached and the baby began to exercise, very symbolic of a new beginning. We had used the power of the violet flame to transform our past and today was a day for rebirth. The sea was magickal and we enjoyed every moment of our time together. Just as we were completing our journey we offered flowers and crystal hearts to the sea honoring the whales and expressing gratitude for our time together on the magickal island of Maui.


Within minutes of offering our gifts to the sea, the Goddess responded with a burst of activity. The whales began to breach and my heart began to race with excitement. “It doesn’t get any better than this” I thought to myself.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.02.32 AM


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.02.55 AM

We were experiencing magick. I knew the whales were expressing their gratitude for the prayers and love we had sent into the ocean. Not just our group but the love and support of everyone who is part of our spiritual family around the world. Together we can make a difference. We just need to believe in the magick and honor the path we each choose in finding our way back to source.


Our journey on Maui would be ending and many would remain a few more days to anchor the energy. Others would be returning to their homes and several would be joining me in Mount Shasta as we wove the energy from the sea to the mountain. In great gratitude and honor to have shared this journey with so many beautiful souls my heart was filled with joy.

I will continue to work with the whale spirits in the southern hemisphere as we travel to Stradbroke Island, Australia in August. For those who may be interested in joining us I will be sending out additional information in the next couple of weeks as well as the details for the upcoming New Zealand Journey.

Wishing you magick and much love from Mount Shasta, Robbyne

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  1. Tiffany Chalmers

    Wow! Very profound how much your experiences resonated with me. I also was called to work with feminine/ masculine energy at Rosslyn Chapel, Stirling and Edinburg. I was told I was working with the dragon line. I was guided to your sight after being led to purchase a andara crystal. Unfortunately I found your site after purchasing one but it was very validating for me. Thank you for your service, always good to hear others stories and know we are all one.

  2. Merkaba Medicinals

    This is wonderful. Wow. Grateful for the weaving. Where and what are the other two vortexes of the four you mentioned?

    An honor to read and see this really is. Big Island is where I first experienced the powerful transformational energies of Hawaii. Wow wow wow. Mucho amor!

    And gratitudes in depths for your service in our earth. What is of the flowing flowering awakenings now?

    -Charles Revealed
    Merkaba Medicinals


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