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The Lost Camel

A Story of Trust and Hope

As many people are facing moments of uncertainty and worry about the future I wanted to share an experience with you of trust and faith.  During my recent journey to Uluru, Australia also known as Ayres Rock, I had a very special encounter with a young man named Vishal.  When my husband became quite ill with food poisoning, Gina and I decided we would not travel to Uluru that morning as planned as we wanted to stay close by until he showed signs of recovery.  I decided instead to meet Gina downstairs.

The hotel my husband had randomly picked was called The Lost Camel.  At the time I wondered why he had picked that particular hotel.  I had decided to get a coffee and when I walked into the lobby saw a young man behind the front desk inundated with frustrated and angry guests as the computer system had gone down (due to the energy of the eclipse) and he was trying to deal with all the customers now trying to check out.   I quietly sat waiting and observing, feeling such a sense of hopelessness. He finally walked across the room and asked how he could assist me.  The young man had his head down and I could feel he was in a lot of pain and feeling very lost.  We briefly spoke and I felt such a connection to this soul.  Recognition of who he was touched my heart.   When he looked up he said, “Do I know you, I have been praying for help?”  He began to share with me, a complete stranger, about his feelings of being lost and uncertainty about the future.  He felt hopeless and unworthy, yet when I looked into his gentle eyes, I saw a very wise teacher, a very powerful soul who had lost his way and felt there was no way out of his current situation.  He gave me my coffee and I promised we would speak again but I needed to meet Gina.

Guy and I had spent the day before at Uluru and had walked the base of this magnificent stone being.  The night before, Guy had a vivid dream of an aboriginal elder with long grey hair  (this is significant to mention as my husband claims he sees nothing) as we made our walk around Uluru, there was indeed an aboriginal elder sitting on a bench facing the rock.  He didn’t speak, didn’t even look up but we clearly saw him.  For me I saw him move in and out of dimensions. As  I sat now with Gina, I had a clear message we needed to go to Uluru and  I needed to take Vishal.  Guy was doing much better and we felt we could leave him for a couple of hours.

When Vishal finished work we decided we would go.  With Guy unable to go there was now an entry pass into the national park for Vishal.  I knew I needed to take both Vishal and Gina to the place where the elder had appeared, as this was indeed a dimensional doorway.  When we began our journey, a beautiful bird met us making sure that we each noticed her presence.  This same bird would greet us at the exact location where the elder had been the day before.  Vishal would have an amazing experience where he saw glimpses of his future.  He saw an ancient animal that the aboriginal elders speak of that lives in the dreamtime and guards the wisdom stored in places of power.  I watched as Vishal transformed before my very eyes.  He now stood upward with his head held high and a sparkle in his eye that had not been there when we first met.  He began to remember who he was and he found a strength and knowing deep inside.  It had always been there but he had lost his connection.  I smiled as I thought the Lost Camel had been found.  Camel carries a unique message, when everything looks most bleak, Camel comes to help those who are lost and in despair. He strengthens your power to endure and helps you learn to trust your own intuition of guidance.

With a huge smile on his face and a light that shone around him he announced to Gina and I that he now knew exactly what he wanted to do, he was going to call his mother and tell her he was quitting the job that he didn’t like, he would then call his boss and give his resignation and then he was going to call the airline and leave with us on the same flight back to Brisbane.  He had no idea what he would do but he knew in his heart all would be all right if he just took that leap of faith.  As the three of us watched the sun go down over Uluru, I knew the reason why Guy had booked our room at the Lost Camel.

The next day when we returned to the hotel after the eclipse there was Vishal, head held upright, smiling the most beautiful smile with an aura that filled the room.  He came out from behind the counter and gave me a hug and announced he was booked on the same plane flying to Brisbane with us.  He had indeed done all that he said he was going to do.  Taking that leap of faith set many things in motion.  He didn’t have a job but he knew in his heart he would find one.  It just took that leap of faith.  That morning a guest had given him a tip and told Vishal how much he valued his service and he wanted to acknowledge his worth.  For me I was quite proud. He wanted to use the tip and take me to lunch.  It was the best Greek salad I had ever had as I saw a beautiful light sitting before me.  That day, Gina and I decided we would share this beautiful soul as our adopted son.

Because there had been such a change in Vishal, over night, his friends began to notice and he began to share his experience.  Many were inspired and also found the  courage to make the change.  Within 24 hours several others gave there notice to quit and start a new life.  Vishal left with us that day, a confident empowered man with his head held high, a light for others.  (Not sure if we can ever return to the Lost Camel after the exodus of unhappy employees) I am happy to report that Vishal found a wonderful new job working for the exact hotel he wanted to work for and has become a great spiritual teacher in his own way, encouraging his friends.  I saw a glimpse of his future and smiled as I saw that he will be a beacon of light for others his age that may lose their way.  The lost camel was found and his story is an inspiration for all of us. When we decide we have had enough of the life that is not working and take the first step to make the change the universe will support us.    If we have been sitting on the fence regarding a relationship, a job, whatever it may be, we can choose to stay the victim and stay miserable or we can choose to find that strength deep inside and take that leap of faith. When we are open the universe will send us the support we need.  Strangers will come together to support one another.

Vishal had found the teacher inside of himself; the spirit of the White Wolf was now guiding his journey.  Vishal would remind me of the act of courage and trust in times of uncertainty.  When I would go through my own spin cycle a few weeks later, I would remember the courage Vishal had found to make the change.   His story would reinforce my story. This is how we support each other.  No one is greater than anyone else and no one is less than anyone else.  Sometimes we will be the one to lend a hand, and sometimes we may need to reach for the hand of another.  The wolf teaches us many things and has been the animal that walks beside me since I was a young child.  The wolf guides us to find the deepest levels of self, of inner knowing and intuition to discover our inner power and strength. The wolf pack is the most effective hunting machine that exists in the world of nature and yet it has a failure rate of 90 percent.  Only one in every ten attempts will the wolf be successful.  The wolf does not see failure the same way we as humans do.  Wolves simply rededicate themselves to the task at hand.  For humans there is a tendency to give up if a relationship fails, we lose a job, or a business is not successful.  Wolves don’t respond to failure the same way as humans.  What humans choose to see as failure, a wolf converts into wisdom.  Wolves will simply go hunting again knowing that the next attempt will bring the result the wolf desires.

May the spirit of the White Wolf walk with you as you move through times of uncertainty and challenge.  Listen to your knowing heart not your thinking head and you will be guided.  When you feel lost call upon the spirit of camel.

Thank you to everyone who extended a hand of assistance and support to Guy and I as we moved through our re-entry returning to the states, and for the wonderful response many of you sent after the last email.   I do appreciate everyone’s comments as they share their journey.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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2 Responses
  1. Therese

    Fantastic to read! I´m so happy you share these glimpses of the White Wolfs´ journey.
    Wish you all the best and hope Guy now are feeling better.
    Many big hugs!

  2. Sheila

    What a beautiful and poignant post Robynne. I kept noticing as I was reading it that I had a huge smile on my face. It sort of surprised me that I was reacting with such genuine sincerity, but that has been my reaction to all of your blogs. I am grateful and in awe of your wisdom. So glad our paths crossed at the New Spirit Festival in Auckland. I’m sure you already know, but you matter! Love and Rynbows, Sheila