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The Lion’s Gate Portal Opening

Lion's Gate

July 26th precedes the Day Out of Time on the 25th of July.  On the 25th our ancient ancestors knew to celebrate this time when the old cycle transitions into the new, with creative joy. The 26th was celebrated by both the Mayan and the ancient Egyptians as the moment a new cycle begins to co create with the Divine Creative Intelligence.

This was the time when the Sirian star conjuncts with the Sun rising at Sunrise in the northern hemisphere and specifically over Egypt. This would occur each year as the rising of the Nile River began, representing the return of abundance to the land and the people for another cycle of life.  These cosmic events are major gifts we are given, to maximize our potential as we step into the wild unknown and have the ability to manifest a new reality.

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens between July 26 and August 12, but peaks on August 8.  The Lion’s Gate is the opening of a galactic doorway that allows massive energies of light to move through each of us and the timelines.  This high vibrational light  is sent to support the aligning  of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine sides.   When we are in  balance we are grounded in our earth walk and able to co-create the timelines that offer the opportunity to express our full potential as we  shift the collective consciousness.


In astrology, Sirius is associated with our higher aspirations. The great central sun is linked to our potential in life, our identity and our ego, Sirius helps illuminate our spiritual aspirations and elevated karmic journey in this lifetime.  When these energies align, this creates the Lion’s Gate Portal, through which we receive ‘light codes’ (messages) that can allow us to reach a new awareness within ourselves.

You may feel tired as the infusion of light increases over the next few days, there could be body aches as the physical body temple assimilates these higher frequencies, and emotions can be triggered as the Lion’s Gate when it is fully opened on the 8th asks us to make choices.  We are invited to step through the doorway where we embrace and balance our Divine Feminine and Divine Male, our earth walker and star walker.  We will choose if we wish to remain in the chaos of the 3D, holding on to our judgment, fears and old paradigms, or release them to step forward into the new expression of who we were truly born to be.  This will not be easy.  Each day we need to recommit and remember the truth of who we are.  Each day we will be triggered, so I highly recommend you find a spiritual practice that works for you.

Stepping through the Lion’s Gate and embracing the higher energies can serve as a map to the future.  Every person, every experience, and every place we have witnessed, creates a neurological pathway of memory to your brain.  The memory of the past creates an emotion. When you love yourself and you love all of life you create the reality you desire.  The moment you feel truly empowered you are becoming successful.  When we blame others or blame an experience, we lose our ability to manifest the new reality.  If we spend our time and energy complaining about the situation or the person, we remain in the past.

Everyday a hoooman will have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts.  The same thought leads to the same choice. The same choice leads to the same reality. Become conscious and more aware of how you think and how you feel.  When you see yourself identifying with the past, change your thought pattern by going into stillness.  Meditation is a powerful tool as it allows you to disconnect from your external environment.   When you become aware that the memory has brought you back into your past you have an opportunity to change it.


When the body sits still in nature, we surrender, we free ourselves from the emotion that bind us to the past and limits our experience.  The wild unknown can be scary and yet the wild unknown is the exact playground you want to be in to create the actual reality you desire.

I offer several teachings and tools to support you in making the necessary changes.  I will continue to offer the Sacred Trilogy Reading to understand the presences currently guiding your personal journey, and the Path of the Rose.  Finding your innocence, you can tap into magick. You can become the alchemist of your own reality.   Learning to commune with the unseen can assist you in manifesting all that you desire.


I will be sharing the August Planetary influences in another email, but I wanted you to be aware of the Lion’s Gate Portal opening.   If you would like more information on the Path of the Rose or would like a Sacred Trilogy Reading, please contact me directly.

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Kia Kaha…Be Strong

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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