New Moon Aries

The New Moon of March occurring within hours of the Equinox and turning of the sacred wheel, begins the next hero’s journey as the lunation occurs in Aries.   For the Tuatha de Dannan, a magickal faery race that possessed supernatural powers and worshipped the Goddess Danu also known as the last keepers of the Dragon Lore, they offer much to the hoooman who seeks their wisdom.  When a brutal race invaded Ireland, the Tuatha de Dannan fought them off against overwhelming odds.   Facing a final battle, they knew they could not win, they stood facing the enemy.   As the enemy charged toward them, they turned sideways into the light and disappeared.  The Tuatha de Dannan, understood the Way of things.

In this “7” year and the  Year of the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes, turning sideways into the light is not an act of cowardice it is a shift in consciousness which requires considerable courage to not be  pulled into the chaos occurring around us,  This is not about winning a battle, it is a way of moving through the chaos as a faith keeper and focusing on where your energy is better served as we hold the vision of a kinder, gentler world,   It is not about being in denial, it  is about choosing a path of either fear  and lack or choosing a path of creativity, love  and self-empowerment.  It is important to remember that there are many ways to stand one’s ground, and many ways to stand in integrity.  We each must ask, “How and where is my energy better served”?

When it came time to face the enemy in the final battle, the Tuatha de Dannan did not act from fear or cowardice.  This was a recognition that there was no way to win this battle.

We will all be challenged by those who criticize us, questions us, blame us for their unhappiness or view life through a different lens.  An opportunity to move beyond a fear of rejection  and instead be true to ourselves.  It will trigger emotional disturbances and we will feel anger, resentment, betrayal, self-doubt.  Our first reaction will be to become defensive.   The way of the Tuatha de Dannan is to Turn to the light.  A First Nation Elder once shared, “Why waste your time trying to fix someone who has no intention of making change or convince someone who has no interest in listening.  It is not your job to change them”.   Instead, honor the knowing that this is their journey and simply turn away towards the light.

For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a new moon ritual Click here, this month because of the importance of this powerful New Moon which offers a cosmic reset,  I am sharing an additional guided meditation to support the beginning of your Hero’s journey.  Click here

Since the beginning of time, various birds, from eagles to the tiniest of the winged ones, serve as messengers carrying blessings to humankind and prayers to the heavenly realms.  These amazing messengers lead shaman into the Spirit World and the dead to the Realm Beyond; they guide heroes on quests, uncover secrets, give warning and guidance.

As I opened my eyes from a deep personal meditation regarding the Hero’s Journey,  a beautiful robin appeared sitting on the wall next to me.  It has returned every day since as though it has become my present-day teacher.  As a messenger, the Robin is symbolic of many things.  This tiny bird is a symbol of good luck, happiness, rebirth.  Robin symbolism insists that you let go of personal dramas. Especially the things that no longer serve your higher purpose. Furthermore, Robin  compels you to exercise compassion and patience in mental, spiritual, and emotional areas. Robin is known to open the pathway for one seeking to begin a Hero’s Journey.

To support one on their personal Hero’s Journey I am excited to share a new oil which will be charged in the New Moon.

Hero’s Journey – $60.00 plus shipping

This magickal combination of high vibrational oils, crystals and herbs is quite powerful to activate your own intuition to follow the messages and signs that appear on the Hero’s journey.  This is a magickal combination including the seeds within the apple blessed on the recent Full Moon.   When an apple is cut in half, its seeds form a pentagram, a traditional symbol of knowledge.  The rounded shape of an apple symbolizes wholeness, knowledge, and freedom.   It is combined with the Mystical Avalon oil which was created from the apple orchard in the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England. The apple is considered the fruit of regeneration and rejuvenation.  Gifted from the enchanted realm to the realm of human, For the Tuatha de Dannan, it is the fruit of knowledge, magick, and prophecy. It has been combined with apple, cinnamon, clove, myrrh, cardamon and other magickal spices and herbs from Egypt, all sacred to the Phoenix and pure rose to open the heart and allow the traveler to see the world through the lens of the heart.   The mother andara crystal has been placed within the mother base to infuse this magickal oil with unconditional love.  The Hero’s journey begins with a deep dive into the heart where courage, wisdom, knowledge, and purpose for the journey is found.  Place on the wrists and rub together to breathe in the magick.  Place on the heart chakra, dream chakra and causal chakra.  This oil will enhance your connection to the hero or heroine within you as you journey forward into your purpose, navigating the challenges and times of uncertainty when we all feel we are lost and have lost our way.

To order please contact Guy at guy@whitewolfjourneys,com.

Kia Kaha…be strong as you begin the next Hero’s Journey.

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