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The Great Transformation – January 12th and 13th

White Dragon moon

The first full moon of the decade will occur on January 10th and with it the first lunar eclipse.  Immediately following will be the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  The Great Transformation is when the three planets – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – come into conjunction (which means they are located along the same line of sight in space, as viewed from the Earth).  These are the heavy hitters in the astrological world and when these outer planets aspect one another they represent huge shifts in our consciousness. The last time this occurred was 34 years ago.  This alignment symbolizes the change we need to make in our personal lives and collectively in the outer world.  Light workers are gathering around the planet to unite and hold the shift in energy for this alignment.

love water

As one who follows the earth religion, I have dedicated my life to awakening others to become stewards and guardians of the sacred blue.  To utilize ritual and ceremony to build a stronger union and alliance with the natural world.  The keepers of the old lore believe that fire goes in search of water when there is too little love on the planet. Australia as the power chakra of the planet is under siege with fire. Another warning for humanity to change. As a global community we need to pray together with water.  Take a bowl of water that you first hold over your heart and send thought forms of love.  We change the molecular structure of water with prayer and thought which has been scientifically documented by Dr. Emoto in his book, Hidden Messages of Water.  Take an image of Australia and place the bowl of water on the image.  Set intention and prayer that the fires of transformation find the waters of love and envision the clouds being seeded with the prayers of millions, creating the rays of love to rain down upon the landscape, ending the destructive fires and nurturing the land.

Dolphin world

My prayers continue that we as human species begin this decade with a new way of being. This alignment holds the potential for a kinder, gentler world.  Every movie that has been channeled recently, I believe through brilliant and receptive minds, such as Frozen II, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Maleficent II are delivering that message – Together we need to create a kinder and gentler world. Together we are strong, divided and separate we will collapse.  We are SO MUCH better than the world we have allowed to manifest from greed, fear and misuse of power.  We have been getting warnings and now the time is arriving for us to choose.

Long ago a vow of allegiance was taken by the people of the Tuatha Dé Danann. Their story would become a legend. They were known as the people who entered into landscape of Northern Ireland, the Enchanted Ones.  This is my ancestry and my people.  The last Kings of the Dragon Lineage.  Many would remain behind the veils of time and place, others would incarnate into the world of human to live the Vow of The Code of the Dragon and maintain the alliance with the unseen.  As our earthly existence reaches a critical turning point many are called to activate the synchronic line of the Dragon to open the veil once again.

The January astrological event known as the Saturn Pluto Conjunction on January 12th and 13th, The Great Transformation will create a huge shift in consciousness.  It marks a time of great hope and change but will not be easy.  A monumental event seen by many cultures as a time of resetting and healing the whirling rainbow.  Uluru and an area called Kata Tjuta in Australia are believed to be the Solar Plexus chakra of the earth, the source of the Divine Feminine dragon line which runs through Lake Titicaca, the creative chakra and Glastonbury, England the heart chakra of our planet. It is said that a wave of power will surge from the power chakra into the dragon lines fully activating the Divine Feminine line at the time of this alignment.

lighting strikes Uluru

On New Year’s Eve, the end of the decade, one of the most powerful storms seen in the century hit Uluru as lighting struck this magnificent monolith so very sacred to the Aboriginal people. Lighting is a symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance.  It was a bolt of lightning on the 19.5 vortex in Teothihuacan, Mexico in 1999, at the time of the Grand Cross alignment that changed my life over ever.  For more of the story CLICK HERE

Lighting god

In Aboriginal mythology, the lightning man, known as Namarrkon uses the sun’s power as energy, forming bright arcs of light across each of his shoulders.  Namarrkon is mostly unseen, living high in the sky. If people disobey the natural law, he hisses, crackles, and even strikes the offender with his fiery spears of lightning.

Lighting for me is a symbol that we are making a difference as shared with me by a Inca Shaman in 1999.  Lightning shooting from the sky before me as I stood on top of the Pyramid of the Sun was a message just prior to becoming the guardian of EB that something radical and imprinted in my cellular blueprint was about to occur.  I believe with every part of my knowing that we have completed an old way of being and with this alignment a huge shift is coming.

First Man Woman

From Uluru a wave of energy empowered by the recent lightning strikes will awaken the dragon and activate the divine feminine line.  Hundreds are gathering in Uluru for this event as well as around the world and I will be with 33 beautiful souls in the Red Rocks of Sedona which is the power chakra of the United States.  Wherever you are, we can come together in prayer and ritual.  Collectively we are stronger when we unite in prayer and positive intention infusing the dragon lines with love at the time of this cosmological event to shift human consciousness and destroy ignorance.

pluto and saturn

Pluto has been in Capricorn since January of 2008. Evaluate your last 11 years for this has been a period of taking inventory, initiating preparations, allowing old parts of ourselves to die. We are each being pushed to grow, no more denials and no more excuses.  You must take action. No more talking about what you will change.   CHANGE!!  We will all be pushed beyond our fears.  Face them with love.  Step into the unknown and trust.  If you are an expression of love you are a powerful creator. The patriarchal system is collapsing as the divine feminine is rebirthed.  There are growing pains associated with this.  Prayer, ritual, meditation, a strong spiritual practice will be important in this decade.  Joining together with others of like mind will support your growth as we all step into our destiny.   The power dynamics in family and relationships will change.  Both Saturn and Pluto will be in the sign of Capricorn, which is associated with government institutions, economics and corporations so brace yourself, change is coming.  Saturn moves much more quickly through the signs and has been in Capricorn since December 20, 2017.  Saturn will be in the same degree as Pluto in Capricorn from about January 6-14, 2020, with their exact conjunction being at 11:59am EST on January 12, 2020. Where will you be?

Together let’s hold each other, lets love each other and lets co create with the unseen world a kinder, gentler world.   Imagine, Believe and We can create a new decade.

For those who are called to places of powerful magick to facilitate change I have created three journeys to support one’s personal growth as I share the teachings of the Path of the Rose in 2020 as well as serve as a vehicle to seed the white feminine dragon line with kindness, compassion and love.  For more information please click the following.    The Emerald Green Temple, California Redwood Forest Retreat, to commune with the Great Standing Tall Ones, 19.5 Vortex Big Island of Hawaii, to align with the dolphin and activate the earth’s Star Tetrahedron, Journey to the Tuatha De Dannan and Mystical Isle of Iona, to establish the alliance with the unseen and activate the 33 Petals of the cosmic rose.

Together we can dispel ignorance and illuminate the sacred blue in this amazing new decade.  Happy 2020.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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