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The Grand Cross Alignment

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From April 22nd through the 24th a rare astrological event will occur. Four planets will form a celestial cross as they align in opposition to one another. PLUTO will oppose JUPITER and MARS will oppose URANUS. To form a Grand Cross Alignment the planets actually square off at a 90 degree angle. This energetic pull can create a feeing of inner tension and conflict. It feels like we are being pulled in either direction between the opposing planets. The challenge is finding our equilibrium. We will be asked to let go of the lesser so we can create the greater.


The dynamics of this alignment creates a box. The very thing we are all trying to break free of. The self-imposed box that creates that feeling of restlessness, suppression, delays, frustrations, and illusions. Within the box resentment grows, jealousy simmers, unresolved angers boil and old hurts churn in the mix of emotional chaos creating challenges and situations of conflict in our lives. With Mars Retrograde, the warrior planet in the mix, we are going to be at war with ourselves until we choose to change the pattern of our own behavior. Until we CHOOSE to stop giving our power to another by blaming them for our unhappiness and reacting the same way we have in the past. We will all be tested, not a single person will step away unscathed.

We individually stand at a crossroads in our life. Our nations are at a crossroads. We as a species are most definitely at a cross roads. So get ready to move forward into the next phase of your life. If you missed my overview of the planetary influences for the month of April please click here.


Having been accused of looking at the world through rose colored glasses and being the eternal optimist I still choose to be true to myself. I was entrusted by an elder long ago who shared with me great wisdom. I was told to hold the faith no matter what appeared to be happening around me. I also became aware long ago, I couldn’t save the world. NO ONE can. Together we can be the change that tilts the world back into alignment. Not me, not you, but all of us doing the best we can each day to walk a path of beauty. Even on those days when you are spinning in an emotional whirlpool.


The natural world and those of the unseen are my schoolhouse, my place of worship and my teachers. I seek my answers from Grandmother Wisdom Tree, I gather my strength from the waterfall, I nourish my spirit by connecting to the mountain. It is a simple life but one that truly works for me as a guardian of the ancient magick and keeper of the old lore. I am no different than you. I can spin myself into a whirlpool just like anyone else, but I also choose to find my way back to balance by connecting to nature when I seek answers. I have always been very connected to the moon cycles as I was born on a new moon. I have gypsy blood, which is highly sensitive to the waning and waxing movement of the Moon.


During the recent Total lunar eclipse we were blessed with a magickal night. I sat in the arms of Grandmother Wisdom Tree just after midnight at the edge of the lake beneath a crystal clear celestial sky. My heart was filled with gratitude that I was allowed to be in this magickal place on this special night. In that moment I asked for nothing more than guidance. How to harness the magick that would be gifted during the Grand Cross alignment. I heard quite audibly one word…. UNION.

I smiled to myself at how perfect this word was indeed. In the midst of the energetic pull between four powerful planets that will have a tendency to push and pull us in multiple directions… if we choose to go inward we can find union with our shadow self and our divine light. It will be a choice we will each make from April 22nd through April 24th. This is when we will feel the impact. Be very clear, it will be you alone who chooses how you wish to experience this time that will demand change and growth. The Full Moon Total Lunar eclipse illuminated the areas in our life demanding our attention as well as our commitment to steer the course and make necessary change. The Grand Cross Alignment will bring even greater clarity.

Litha Altar

During these 3 powerful days create an altar in the form of a square. Choose an item for each direction. In the East place a feather or a stick of incense. In the South place a candle, piece of obsidian or a glass artifact. In the West place a bowl of water or seashell. In the North place a crystal or stone being and beautiful flowers. In the middle place a picture or symbol that represents you. Take the time each night from the 22nd to the 24th to light the incense and honor the air spirits, light the candle and honor the fire spirits, hold the bowl of water over your heart and send love to this amazing water star we live on, take a moment to sit with the crystal or stone being you have placed in the North and listen to the message they may have. You can only hear it with your heart so don’t overthink this. For me, I will place a crystal whale and dolphin as I am called to pray for the oceans and to come into UNION with these magnificent star beings who so very much wish to come into UNION with the human who will listen. On these nights sit in stillness before the altar you have created to honor the natural world and feel yourself coming into UNION with you.

My advice during this 3-day period DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NEWS. Remove yourself from the chaos. There will be drama and chaos all around you. Choose not to do the drama. Be consistent for the three nights and you will find instead of entering the spin cycle you have the greatest opportunity to receive clarity and guidance. We must come back into union with the natural world if we are to move forward. These are powerful nights to pray for our sacred waters. Each night when you are complete offer the water from your altar back to the earth. If you live in the city offer it to a plant being. Drink some of the water and you will feel your own light body accelerated with the crystal light.

For those of you who may be called to join with me to establish the energy of oneness and a union between the world of human and that of the unseen, I will be creating both an inner and outer journey later this year. The first will be on Stradbroke Island, Australia (click here) August 1 to the 3rd to connect with the celestial guardians of our waters and the second in New Zealand (click here) in October/November. These are powerful times of change. We must remember who we are. We must remember why we have come and we must come together in UNION to be the change.

If you would like to join our spiritual community and receive updates on the planetary influences, information on upcoming events, workshops and spiritual journeys, please click here

Wishing you nights of clarity and days of enlightenment.

May your hearts be filled with magick.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne


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