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The Golden Thread of a New Reality Has Been Presented to Us

Goddess Chariklo

I am still feeling the enormity of the surge of energy that came with the Full Moon a few nights ago and allowing the delicious magick of those golden moonbeams to settle in and illuminate my path.  Most of you are familiar with Chiron, the wounded healer, but few are familiar with the feminine counterpart known as Chariklo.  Her name translates to Graceful Spinner.    Spinning and weaving are powerful ancient metaphors in the weaving of one’s energy and destiny. If we think of Grandmother Spider the powerful being who wove our world into reality with her weaving of energy, we can invoke the spirit of Chariklo with the upcoming New Moon on April 22nd/23rd to weave our own new reality with her assistance. Chariklo brings healing to those who call upon her and serves as a Soul Midwife as our beautiful sacred blue transitions into a greater realm of consciousness.  We are still moving through this process, so with this new moon we need to relax deeper into our soul story as the resetting continues over the next few weeks.

In Greek mythology, Chariklo and Chiron were married and were known to foster some of the wise healers, guides, leaders and heroes. As we enter the darkness of the Taurus new moon, we enter the nothingness.  This is the same potential the universe had at the beginning of its existence.  The state of pure potential.   When we are in the gap, there is a feeling of uncertainty. We have nothing to hold onto because we are changing in a world that is dramatically changing.  We are changing lifestyles, changing ways of being, changing our work.  The nothingness is everything.   It is vibrant with possibilities.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have added a New Moon ritual to invoke the powerful energies of Chariklo, a deeply yin energy from which new yang energy is born.   CLICK HERE.

Chariklo continues to support us as we discover more of our old identity or the way of life that is dying to give birth to the new and greater version of us when Lady Gaia resets.  Coming into greater alignment with the moon cycles allows us to reset in our own perfect rhythm as our Earth Mother provides the container for us to come into greater awareness.  Chariklo is found in the Andromeda Galaxy, composed of billions of brilliant stars.   It has two nuclei or centers of force that form the heart of the galaxy creating an exquisite spiraling expression from the unified field of masculine and feminine principle. Spiral galaxies articulate the flow of spiritual and physical force spiraling into evolutionary expression.   The Andromeda Galaxy exemplifies the new expression for humanity, the masculine and feminine polarities of life expressed in their full majesty and glory spiraling in beauty and perfection.

Coyote spirit

As I experience more of the beauty of the stillness, I am blessed continuously with messengers from the animal kingdom.   In midday we were gifted with a visit from Coyote.   He paused looking with intention at us for several minutes.   Coyote symbolizes the ancestor spirits and many tribes believe coyote created the land and the water.  For me this was a messenger confirming the healing and rebirthing of our beloved earth was indeed in process.  Coyote is a messenger and animal ally that helps us overcome our internal weaknesses, challenging us to do things differently using new methods, options and solutions.  Out with the old to make room for the new is coyote’s message.  See beyond illusions you have created in your own story and find the paths that appear hidden that will lead you where you should be.  With all the stillness we are gifted we can journey deeper than we ever have. To support this opportunity to discover more about our soul story I continue to offer the Soul Life Readings and also the Grand Resetting Chakra Clearing Reading.

Chakra colors

Grand Resetting Chakra Clearing Reading

The Chakra Clearing Reading provides detailed information to navigate you through the changing roads of life as our global community experiences this time of social distancing and shelter at home instructions. As we experience this time of resetting and stillness it is imperative, we do the inner work necessary to prepare us to each step forward when our Earth Mother awakens from her time of pause.  The chakra reading will allow you to focus on the inner journey to clear the chakra centers, so they are vibrating in optimum capacity I the unified field of oneness and creative potential.  It is time for us to awaken and reclaim our sovereignty.  With this navigational tool we can identify the old story line that keeps us confused, anxious, and fearful.

Our physical organs are the spinning wheels of energy that keep our human body in balance. When these are blocked, weakened or congested we can experience a myriad of health imbalances, mental, emotional and physical. As each chakra has its own spiritual purpose, the Grand Reset Chakra Clearing Reading helps give you guidelines to personally care for yourself, allowing you to be the best of you by identifying areas of congestion and imbalance.  I test your energy field and then provide a very descriptive review of your chakra system, identifying if an energy field is weak, congested, blocked or clear.  I provide tools for clearing and supporting the recalibration of this delicate system, finding a state of balance to prepare you when Lady Gaia awakens from her pause so we can move forward in our highest potential as the best expression of our God/Goddess selves serving as Agents of Change.  This is a written reading where detailed tools are provided to support you in restoring balance.  Cost – $75.00  Please contact Guy at [email protected] to schedule.

Stay strong, stay healthy, self-nurture and give yourself permission to gently reset into the greatest version of you.  When the time is right, we will all move forward in harmony with Lady Gaia.

Love and nurturing blessings from Chariklo, Robbyne

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