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The Forest of Healing

Our very wise and beautiful guide that led our spiritual pilgrimage to the source of the spring shared with us a very emotional story that touched the very core of my being.  Hundreds of years before the very river we had come to deposit the Pounamu, or greenstone, the stone of peace and reconciliation had overflowed and washed away the Catholic church of the village below.  The priest in an attempt to hold on to a false sense of power needed a reason why God’s house had been destroyed by the raging river.  He blamed the event on the women of the village; sealing their fate and beginning a horrendous witch hunt of fear and terror that in the end would find 68 innocent women and 8 children murdered at the hands of the church.  Our guide sensing the purpose of our visit to heal what had been imprinted on the landscape of this place agreed to take our group to the forest where this act of ignorance and fear had occurred.  Such was the legacy man had left behind in God’s true sanctuary the world of nature.  Now I understood the intense feeling of fear and the sounds of screams I heard so clearly in my dream time.    Was it a dream or was it a deep memory resurfacing from my sub consciousness.

There was such heaviness I felt when we entered into the forest.  Many people described a cold chill as we followed the guide deeper into the forest towards the river.  Even though he spoke in German I could feel his words as he described what terror had occurred in the forest.  Every step on the earth mother was a stronger sense of fear and a darkness that needed to be healed.

A small chapel had been built in the forest and several from our group began to light white candles.  I placed, EB the obsidian stone being on the forest floor to transform the bloodshed and next to it I placed the andara crystal the stone of unconditional love.  The guide watched as each of us in our own way made a prayer and sent love to the earth.  I asked each person to find a tree being and just send love to the tree.

I found an old tree that had been cut down and stood on the root base.  The energy surged through me as though souls were passing that had been left in the darkness of the forest.  One by one each person would stand on the root base and serve as an acupuncture needle of light sending love into the dark energy.

We crossed the bridge where the river ran down from the mountain and when we returned there was lightness where heaviness had been.  This was why we had been called to this place.  The power of collective prayer and focused intention that day changed a forest of dark and fearful energy into a brilliant forest of light.  An interesting point the guide would share with us, was on this exact day, at the exact time our group was meeting for the first time an engineering project was being set in motion to alter the course of the river.  Now if that wasn’t a symbolic message of the change in direction and the new course our group was creating.  I smiled as I thought  the original guidance I had to gather together the group together for the prior weekend had changed due to  several different circumstances.  Had we continued with the original date we never would have been able to climb to the mountain as it was raining.  Confirmation for me once again that we are always guided exactly where we need to be.  If we are delayed or plans change it is always for a reason.

If we don’t get a particular job or a particular love, if plans change suddenly, (in my world it is hourly), it is always because something better is coming or the space is opening for someone that better supports us on our journey.  We can choose to see one side of a situation and be frustrated, depressed or angry, or we can choose to accept the delay and changes and trust something even better is right around the corner.  Remember life is happening moment to moment while we are busy planning it.

Embrace the journey whatever it may be and enjoy each part of it.  It is not the destination that matters it is what you do, who you meet, what you experience along the way that truly matters.    Your story may not have a happy beginning but it is what we choose that is our story.    Your past doesn’t matter; it is whom you choose to be now that matters.  Hold on to the faith that is found deep within.  Faith is the pause between God’s plan and seeing it come to pass!

I am departing for the next part of my personal journey to Canyon de Chellys and the source of the Cosmic Spider Web at Spider Rock on Thursday.  I will not have access to the computer, as I will be joining our group that is coming from all corners of the world and will be staying on the sacred lands to receive guidance and prayer for the unification of the states of America as well as the unity of our global community.  I will send out more information as to how each of you can support this journey in your own way weaving the web to the actual source in another email.

Wishing you magick.

Love ad rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Mystery

    Dear Robbyne,
    this was perfect for me to read at this time.. Many Blessings and love for your protection of the earth and openess to all..Amazing your journeys..
    Go well always
    Love Mystery xxxooo