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The First Mercury Retrograde for 2015?


If you have felt a mixture of excitement and anticipation that the energies of 2015 are upon us but also a sense of overwhelm and sensitivity you are experiencing the first Mercury Retrograde of 2015. The planets in our solar system are engaged in  constant movement.  The fastest moving of the planets which seems to wreak the greatest havoc will officially turn retrograde on the 20th and remain in this reverse cycle until February 11th.  The retrograde cycle lasts for three weeks. We do however, feel the impact of a Mercury Retrograde for nearly 8 weeks.   Mercury descends into the Underworld which reflects a need for us to go within.   Mercury entered the first phase known as the Pre Shadow phase on January 5th and will be felt until the post shadow phase ends around March  3rd.  For those joining me in Uki for the workshop on Finding Your Still Point in February    this will be an especially potent time of creativity just prior to the post shadow phase ending.

Paying attention to a Mercury Retrograde can save you from headaches and costly mistakes. It presents us with the opportunity to reflect and review, and to re-visit issues. It’s an ideal time to finish unfinished business. We often end up re-doing something that wasn’t done right the first time. The influence is quite real and felt in varying degrees by everyone.    When Mercury is retrograde, we tend to have more problems with all forms of communication (verbal, written, electronic, postal, mental), and with transportation matters.


Mercury retrogrades can sneak up on us quickly. Just as we’re catching our breath from one retrograde period, Mercury is getting ready to enter another one.   During the retrograde, you will want to back up your computer.  Get your paperwork in order.  Schedule meetings that involve lengthy communication until after the retrograde if possible.  Do not sign contracts or make large purchases and do not make decisions during this time.  If you do, when  it goes direct you will be questioning those decisions.


When Mercury is retrograde this is the time to do all the things we classify, as I will do this later when I have time.  Take the time because nothing else is going to move forward.

Mercury will retrograde in all the air signs this year which means we will have opportunities to change our perception of the world and ourselves. We will need to change the tapes that run in our head for they are our old stories.   We will  be filled with creative and inspired thoughts.  It will be up to each of us to work with these energies in a positive manner in order to utilize the power gifted to us during this time and step forward into our full potential.   For those that have subscribed to the 2015 Moon Cycle and Ritual subscription,  I will be posting tools and a meditation that will support the journey inward at this time of Mercury Retrograde.

My greatest teachers that guide my journey, are those of the natural world. It is the place that brings me back to my still point.  I had asked for guidance from both the Lady of Mount Shasta and the animal kingdom being put on notice to look for the signs that were around me.   As I was departing from my time of stillness within the arms of Grandmother tree,  the animal allies appeared with powerful messages.


In perfect synchronicty I watched in amazement as an otter broke through the ice. Otter is a signal that you need to take more time for yourself.  Otter appearing is a reminder to focus on the wonderful things that surround you right now. You can use otter magick to help you let go of all the stress in your life.  A reminder that joy is found in the little things.  My heart was jumping with joy to watch this animal ally dive into the icy waters and come out with a fish.   Otter also reminds us to go with the natural flow,  the ebbs and tides of our life.    To accept “what is” as this is the only way to move forward. This form of embracing the good with the bad and seeking  the joy of the moment will manifest a new freedom of love and acceptance.   Grandmother Tree had shared with me  a powerful message when I had asked for guidance.  Her answer, “Simply allow things to unfold in your life”.


As if the otter hadn’t captured my attention, a magnificent Great Blue Heron flew in and positioned itself perfectly for the picture just behind the otter.   It was clear these animal beings had a message for me.  One that so profoundly resonates to the energy of 2015.

Heron teaches balance;? the ability to progress and evolve, ?to walk into deep emotional  waters without fear.  Heron has a strong connection to the element of Earth reminding us that we need to make that connection to the earth to find our balance. Being in nature can bring us back to our Still Point.     Heron medicine allows you to perform many tasks at the same time, always ?keeping the balance and helping you to find your center while moving through stressful situations and change.  Heron reminds us that all things change and are yet the same.  The cycles of life are constant – life and death.  Neither is to be feared although many people fear to live their lives fully.  Heron’s message is that one can only experience by doing.  There is nothing to be gained by not trying something.   She is a creature of the four elements – earth, water, air, and fire.  So too can we be we were meant to be.


During the retrograde period we become more right-brain orientated.  We feel extra sensitive  but this provides an opportunity if we take the time,  to discover profound wisdom. Everything will seem surreal … you will notice things you have overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-form, and re-invent.  This Mercury Retrograde will not  let you ignore what you must change if you are to realize your dreams in the Year of Manifestation.

Love and Rainbows,


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  1. Angela Mancinone

    can’t seem to find the ritual ceremony all I’m finding is the website stuff

  2. Christina Kurth

    Liebe Robbyne,
    vielen Dank für Eure Mühe uns eine Deutsche Seite zu ermöglichen, auch wenn die Übersetzung manchmal etwas “holprig” ist, hilft es doch sehr weiter.
    Euch eine schöne, spannende Zeit, von Herzen, Christina

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      Danke Christina, halten wir zu versuchen und finden eine Methode, sie besser zukünftig zu bilden.

  3. yvy

    Hi Angela-at the top of the page it has a tab called SABBAT and Celebrations, if you click on that, it then has a title called the first mercury retrograde for 2015-the meditation is there-good luck 🙂 love yvonne

    • yvy

      Sori Mercury retrograde and New Moon-the meditation is there!!!!

  4. Karen


    Is it normal to feel intense pressure and dizziness in the head during the retrograde? To the point i feel sick. I’m also experiencing a lot of emotional melt downs and like my ears need to pop. Is this quite normal around this time?

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