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The Dream

A few days before our journey began I had a vivid dream about a cave. One that was deep in the womb of the earth mother. So powerful was the dream that I knew we needed to find this cave and so I began to research the region near Languedoc. I informed our guide of my interest in finding this cave and together we began to find a space in our already action packed schedule to visit this mystical place that I had entered in the dreamtime. I had no idea what the conditions were nor the logistics to where we were staying but the dream was so strong I knew we needed to go.

We began the next morning of our journey with a visit to the mystical village of Rennes Le Chateau.   My first visit to this mysterious place had a huge impact on my life in 2000. I had returned two more times and each journey had a dramatic affect on me. It had been 14 years so I held my breath in anticipation of what this day would reveal.

My guidance to journey to this mysterious place had come after an encounter with Anna Mitchell Hedges and the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull in 2000. Our journey last year to Egypt had been in preparation for this journey to awaken the divine feminine. Many beautiful souls from that journey had joined us now on this sacred pilgrimage through the lands of the Magdalene, the Templar Knights and the Cathars.

We were so woven together when the group gathered outside the walls of the mysterious church I began to see faces shape shift.

Abbe Sauniere became the priest of Rennes le Chateau in 1885. The village church dedicated to Mary Magdalene was in ruins when he arrived.   According to history, when a large stone that served as part of the altar was moved, workers found that a pillar supporting the slab of the altar was hollow. Contained within the hollow space were four parchments. Two detailed genealogies and the other two contained coded writings.   Almost overnight a simple priest of the Church of Rome became extremely wealthy. Many believe that what was discovered was the truth about the identity of Maria Magdalena and the relationship between she and Jesus.

Contained within this mysterious church were many clues for the one seeking truth. Many had come in the past seeking treasures of material wealth but the true treasure was a truth that could set one free from illusion. One only needed to look deeply into their heart and the clues left within the church.

I was disturbed to learn that some of the beautiful imagery had been destroyed a few months before as I remembered the magnificence of the church intact. The statue of the devil (the guardian of ancient secrets and the treasure of Solomon’s temple) had been destroyed as well as the face the Magdalene.

The floor of this mysterious church had a pattern of black and white tiles to signify the planet of duality with equal portions of shadow and light. I knew this was a powerful vortex and whatever space someone was in when they entered the church would amplify the energy. It would tap deep into the soul story of each individual and trigger everyone in some way.

What had led me to the church 14 years before was the image of the Magdalene kneeling with a skull and book next to her. A rose in her lap and the image of the crucifixion in the distance. A message given to me from the Crystal Skull to look beyond the teachings of the Church of Rome and remember the wisdom of the Goddess Sophia, the true teachings of the Church of the Rose.

Everything about the church is unlike any church found anywhere in the world. The ceiling displays the stars of the universe similar to what is found in the ancient Egyptian temples. The Magdalene was a High Priestess of the Temple of Isis entrusted with the teachings of the Church of the Rose.   The church sits on the same dragon line as the one that flows directly to Rosslyn Chapel which is also a stone church of mystery where the Templar Knights would break the seal of illusion in the high initiation. I could feel all the pieces of my journey coming together in this moment as we stood together in this sacred sanctuary of the Goddess.

In the stillness we would each recommit to hold the essence of the rose within our hearts and walk a path of beauty for the Goddess. This would require each of us to move beyond the ego mind and step fully into the heart. Again we had been blessed with no one there but our group.

We joined together in the Tower of the Magdalene to sing to the land with the crystal singing bowl and honor those who had protected the secrets of the Church of the Rose. The tower is coded with secret messages as well.   There are 22 steps in the spiral staircase that lead to the top. I knew that July 22 is the feast of Mary Magdalene as I had arrived on this very day my very first time. 22 is also a master number for female energy. I sat in stillness as image after image entered my consciousness.

If the morning wasn’t powerful enough, the afternoon would hold even more. We caught our breath and journeyed to the place of my vision. We had found the cave. Dressed like smurfs we began the journey deep into the womb of the earth mother.

My heart was racing with anticipation and for quite some time we journeyed in silence going deeper into the cave and into our own soul story. Nature at her best, we were in a crystal cave and the energy was vibrating with intensity. Some parts of the cave were very narrow.

I knew many were facing fears about confined spaces but with the support of the group we all made it to one of the most magnificent parts of the cave.   The power of the group!!

I asked that all lights be turned off.   I heard a few sighs and then…. We were in the void, the place of creative potential. Here the nothingness exists as well as the potential for everything.   Deep beneath the earth’s surface I could feel the presence of the masters. There was absolute stillness and I saw only the pure light of the soul shining within the blackness. Now I understood why the dream had come.

This was a magnificent moment for each of us to set intentions and receive guidance.

As we journeyed back to the entrance we joined together to seed the dragon lines with a vision of love and the remembrance of the Church of the Rose. We again sang to the stones and honored the earth mother.

We were alive, rejuvenated and victorious. We had overcome our fears and there was a collective feeling of great accomplishment.

As we came down the hill the last part of the journey was to cross the bridge of new beginnings. I think we all collapsed into bed that night as it had been quite a powerful day.

Join us tomorrow as we travel into the land of the Templar Knights and Cathars.

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