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The Dream Is Dreaming You

If you can dream it…. you can become it. Long before you began to dream…. the dream was already dreaming you. Flying home from New Zealand with my own new dreams of what I wish to create, and the guidance to return to Spider Rock in September, I watched the movie Million Dollar Arm on the plane. I am one who chooses not to watch the news because it rarely focuses on the good things that I believe still exist. Instead it breeds fear, disparity and separation. I have learned that I can not control the world but I can control what I allow into my world. I choose to be inspired by art. If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend it. A true story that will inspire the dreamer within you. Don’t look for stunning acting, but look deeper into the story, for somewhere in the movie you will find your story.

There is one thing I know as it resonates so deeply within my knowing heart.


Long ago there was a dream created by Grandmother Spider. A dream that belongs to everyone. A dream that cannot be claimed as the wisdom of just one person, one religion or one tribe. We are all woven into this dream and each of us are truly the same. If we can learn to breakdown the barriers that our religions, our cultures, and our tribes have created with the need to claim ownership, then we can find our way back to the dream. When we dream, we are dreaming because grandmother spider has chosen us to experience and manifest the dream. If we give up on the dream or discard it because it has not worked out as we planned, then we are not allowing the dream to be expressed. We are not just dreaming it for us, there is a far greater purpose to a dream so we must stay committed and keep dreaming.

Life is the thing that happens along the way however that can easily discourage us, and distract us from experiencing the dream.


My dream is to weave a web that weaves each of us back to each other and back to source. I have dreamed it since I was a child and refuse to let it go no matter how many times I am told I am just a dreamer. Even those words make me smile. With the beautiful emails I continue to receive from those around the world that now comprise our spiritual family, I will never stop dreaming. Part of my dream is that none of you stop dreaming either.


After the beautiful encounter with the celestial guardians, the whales and dolphin at Stradbroke Island, Australia, instead of the golden threads that I have always seen woven into the web, they have turned to crystal light. We are changing, our water planet is changing and we are the change.

On those days that you may feel discouraged, (we all have them) it is most important that you focus on the dream. You will be surprised what you can create even in those moments if you simply shift your thoughts.


For those of you who seek clarity on your dream, if you send it to my email at [email protected] I will carry it with me to the source of the dream, to Spider Rock on the September Full Moon. Please make it one or two sentences with your name. I will print it out and carry it with me where it will be in sacred ceremony on the September Full Moon.

As your dream is carried back to source if you take the time to sit in stillness on the night of the September full moon and envision the crystal strand that weaves your heart back to the source of the dream, great clarity can come. Simply prepare an altar and place a bowl of water on it. Water holds the memory of the dream. Light a candle, sit in stillness and listen to the guidance from your heart and Grandmother Spider. If you can sit beneath the celestial bodies and the full moon outdoors, this will greatly enhance the clarity that can come. Keep dreaming, keep believing and keep moving towards all you were born to be.

Love and crystal dreams, Robbyne

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