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The Code of the Dragon

In the final few months of 2016, the Year of Self Mastery the entire global community watches the presidential elections take place in the United States. One candidate has become the culmination of the polarity of embracing the divine feminine and a sense of unity and oneness.   I personally will not support an individual who creates an atmosphere of separation and division, nor someone who degrades women. I do however choose to look beyond the man to gain an understanding of the significant role his soul is playing. He is bringing to the world’s attention the inequality that the divine feminine has experienced for centuries as well as the separation and fear that now spreads across our beloved earth. We can choose now to be pulled into the chaos and fear based energy this election has created on a global level, or we can choose to stand united and shift consciousness. I am often amazed at the divine perfection spirit has when I am guided to be positioned in a certain region of the world at a significant time.


Such is the guidance I received to be in the sacred lands of Egypt at the time that history was being made.   This guidance came a year ago and I paid little attention to the fact that I would be in Egypt at the time of the presidential election. I find it amazing that I will stand with a wonderful group of individuals from many different countries as together we will weave the web with our entire global community to pray and seed the dragon lines with love, compassion, unity, acceptance and the prayer to awaken the divine feminine once again.


On October 31st our group will be in the Temple of Isis, the night celebrated by those who follow the earth religion as the night dedicated to Skathach the warrior Goddess. Skathach is known as the one who taught the warriors the ways of war.   She taught them to use their mind instead of weapons for victory. On this night we shall stand within the Holy of Holy altars to pray for a shift in consciousness to end separation, violence, greed and acts of aggression. To seed compassion, healing and love into the web. To heal the imprint of the divine feminine being suppressed. The constant companion of Skathach is the dragon so this is a powerful night to unite in prayer on a global level to activate the dragon lines that are woven throughout our beloved earth. The Native American people identify these as the spirit lines. Others call them the song lines.


I have lived my life by the Code of the Dragon, a vow I made many lifetimes ago. If you are reading these words, one time you as well made that vow. You may have forgotten the Code of the Dragon so I am sharing it once again and asking that on this night we join together our light and our prayers to unite our global community by taking a moment to light a white candle. To sit in silence and see golden light being woven around the planet as the dragon lines are activated with love.   Take a moment to speak the Code of the Dragon out loud and make your commitment once again. These words will ring true as they resonate into every cell of your being and you remember.

Code of the Dragon

We vow to walk a path of light in service to the radiant one. 

We vow to honor and respect each of our brethren we encounter upon this journey of earthly existence.

We will not stray from our true path.

We will defend the rights of all of God’s children, those who may fall from their path, we shall be their light to lead them home. 

We shall not interfere in the evolution of another. 

We shall not judge another, but offer a hand of assistance when we are summoned by a higher source to do so.

We shall emanate a source of light into the darkest of lands.

We shall share our knowledge with all who seek the truth.

We shall honor and respect the earth mother, defend and protect the Goddess who has given birth to our being and we shall love without expectation of gain or reward for we shall see the Divinity in all. 

We honor the one true God/Goddess.

We are the one true source of light. Together we shall uphold the laws of the universe and the light of truth shall be the source of internal freedom and peace.

To confirm this strong feeling I have had that there is a wondrous shift occurring on our planet, on my recent fight to Switzerland we sat next to elderly man named Arthur, who shared with us he was a retired banker and his greatest act while in the banking industry was to travel to Africa to support the women by encouraging them and funding them to start their own business.   His exact words were, “To help a woman is to help a country. To help a man is just to help that man”. I smiled as for me this was confirmation that 2017 is the Year of the Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine Returning.  I also found it quite synchronistic that this beautiful soul was named Arthur.

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It is with great gratitude that I honour each of you as we join together to create a new vision for our beloved earth in preparation for the turning of the wheel on December 21st when we move into the Year of the Goddess Awakening.  A vision that does not embrace separation and division, nor show a lack of respect to others.  

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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  1. 2bespace

    Thank you Robbyne for sharing your perspectives on the American election and the code of the dragon. As a man, I would like to say ‘yes’, to re-empowering the feminine energies supressed for so long. What a sad lack there has been in the world for so long without this. My view is that to create balance, the male cannot be empowered himself without the fully empowered woman. I think Life requires a symbiosis of sorts to empower both. So, also as a man, I feel men as a group need to seek their own enlightned empowerment, not only for men’s own development, but also to realise the importance and valadidity of the empowered, sybiotic relationship with women as well. It has often been said that two people can achieve lots more than the sum of what each can do alone, well I reckon empowered men and women together can create miracles beyond imagining. So, to the election; certainly we see a polarisation of energies here, a clear choice for conscious evolution. Even if Trump wins, Life will use that situation for the positive conscious evolution of itself, though it may be hard to see at times. One more comment; the dragon code to honour the one true god/goddess seems open to interpretation, there have been many who have claimed to honour what they thought was the one true divine with unspeakable acts of cruelty. I do certainly know what you mean by this code, but thought a little clarification might be of benefit.
    Love and Light and loving consciousness,

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