Aquarius planets

Thanks to the celestial dance of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pallas all swirling in rebellious Aquarius during this new moon we have a powerful opportunity to listen to our own heart for guidance.  Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s unless it is one that inspires you to make change.  Be open to new pathways that lead in unexpected directions to wondrous new beginnings.  Last year the celestial dance was one of breaking down the old, as the celestial bodies continuously danced through Capricorn, but now 2021 brings a new dance.  Take advantage of this moment of rebuilding by going within.  Spend time throughout February loving yourself and committing to a deeper relationship with the natural world.  I have added several new moon rituals focusing on love for those who are members of our online subscription series.  Please CLICK HERE

breaching whale

I have always had a very special relationship with the sacred blue and once again I have answered the call to return to the birthing waters of the Humpback whales in Maui for the month of February to listen to their soul song for 2021 and receive guidance.  Every time I completely submerge into the water, I can feel their song and harmonic frequency moving through my entire being.  I am witness to celestial light glistening in the water and can feel something shifting in my own DNA.

Hawaii Honu

Within an hour of arriving on the island, I was guided to my favorite coastal walk to acknowledge the ancestors and the spirit of Maui.  Within minutes I was greeted with a fabulous display of the whales breaching from the ocean.  On the land, Honu the ancestral sea turtle also acknowledged my arrival.   I was feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful for this welcome back to this beautiful land.

Maui Sunset

With a beautiful golden sunset, such an amazing sense of hope and joy filled my heart with a promise of new beginnings.   The whale spirit animal is the earth’s record keeper of the sacred blue.   As a totem, the whale teaches you about listening to your inner voice, understanding the impact your emotions have on your everyday life, and following your own truth.  With the celestial alignment in Aquarius, invoking the whale spirit is even more powerful as we set intentions.  What we focus on in the next few days in this New Moon energy will guide us through 2021.

Whale Eye Shells

Oceans are a nexus serving as a bond between continents, their people, their culture and their life… Conchomancy is known as the Oracle of the sea and is the practice of using seashells as a form of divination.  This is part of my ancestral lineage.   Shells are teachers, the same as crystals and stone beings.  They share information and knowledge with the one who enters the unseen realm for guidance and can help the human navigate into the sacred mystery of this human beingness.  The ocean is a transformative vessel revealing much for the human seeking guidance.  There is an amazing shell known as the Whale’s Eye shell that supports one in communing with the spirit of the whale.  I have hand chosen many of these beautiful shells and will be taking them into the sacred blue to carry the whale’s song for 2021 at sunrise on the Aquarian new moon.

Labyrinth Blessing

They will be blessed in sacred ceremony in the labyrinth at Dragon’s Teeth.  For those who are interested, I will utilize the art of conchomancy, connecting with your soul and bringing forth a message to support your journey through 2021 – The Year of Emergence.  The shells will become a personal oracle for you to use in meditation carrying the spirit of the whale.  If you are interested in purchasing the Whale’s Eye shell to help you navigate the ever-changing tides of 2021, please contact Guy at [email protected].  The cost of the shell which comes in a beautiful blue velvet bag and your personal message is $55.00 plus shipping.

Etheric Whales

During the month of February, the Whale’s Song Oil is available – $50.00 plus shipping.  This high vibrational oil opens one to feel a greater connection with the star family that lovingly supports our journey. It helps us reconnect to our own soul wisdom and talents, accessing our memory of the timelines when we have walked as healers, teachers, artists and leaders.  As our awareness deepens, we are able to move into our greater and true potential.   We are intuitively able to open to the cosmic library that contains our personal records.   It can assist in taking someone deeper into their memory to release hidden emotions that create blocks to an abundant life.  The vibration of the oil creates a sense of being accompanied by a gentle spirit to access the core of one’s emotional trauma.  It opens one to listen to their own personal timing.  Created with the andara crystal that holds the vibration of the Whale’s song.  Place on your wrists and rub together breathing in the essence of the whale’s spirit.  Place on the heart chakra, crown chakra and medulla oblongata known as the Dream Chakra.

Wishing you an enchanted celestial dance as we celebrate the power of the New Moon.

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2021 being The Year of Emergence will provide many opportunities for us to break through what we perceive as obstacles and barriers.  With the added influence of the February celestial dance we have a powerful opportunity to navigate deeper into the void to create a new reality.  We all feel the stirring inside, the tugging that there is so much more to experience and to express.  The desire to live the vision and dream that we carry inside.   I invite you to experience the Dragonfly Emergence Program.  This is a one-on-one program of expansion and growth created to take you deep into your knowing, as you birth the fifth dimensional expression of you.   A deconstruction of the old you to emerge, through co-creating the true expression of you into magnificence.  Our global community needs you to step forward with your gifts and talents.  We all have a purpose in the divine plan. For more information CLICK HERE.

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