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The Call of the White Dragon?

There are four spinner wheels that are positioned throughout the world generating the energy of the four elements. Spinner wheels operate in a spiral motion much like the sacred spiral found in the nautilus shell, the sunflower, the fern frond and the pinecone.  It is nature’s secret code reminding us that we all spiral from the same source. Somehow over time, we lost our way but we are now awakening, remembering and finding our way back.

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The elemental spinning wheel associated with the element of water is located  in the southern hemisphere centered in Rotopounamu, a small sacred lake just south of Lake Taupo, in New Zealand. The natural flow for this spinner wheel is in an anti-clockwise direction. 


Here twelve dragon lines meet in the center of what is known as the  Holy Grail Net.  According to the Maori, the sacred waters of Lake Rotopounamu  hold the second emerald green stone. Green being symbolic of the heart. The first emerald stone is held within Glastonbury in the sacred waters that flow from Avalon beneath the Tor into the Chalice Well.


A third emerald stone is found within the sacred mountain of Saint Germaine in Northern California known as Mount Shasta, creating a trilogy of light.  Glastonbury, England is said to be the Heart Chakra of this earth star.  The amazing land mass known as New Zealand in present day is the Heart center of the Southern Hemisphere holding the memory of the ancient times of Lemuria.

On this day our group would be joined by nine beautiful souls who were called to join us to anchor the energy in New Zealand.  Dragon line keepers had been called to reclaim their power and the ancient lore of the stars.


As we walked through the enchanted forest that surrounds Lake Rotopounamou we listened with our hearts.  It was clear we were being greeted by the unseen world.


We gathered at the waters edge, standing in the healing waters and called forth the White Dragon, the guardian of this sacred landscape.



There was magick felt that day as we each offered the gift of love with beautiful roses to the white dragon and the lady of the lake.  For many there was a deep sense of coming home.  We were individually gifted with the healing energy this spinning water vortex offered.


Together we prayed to heal all bodies of water around our beautiful water planet and offered a Shungite stone.  We passed the stone amongst each other and had Guy throw the shungite into the middle of the lake.   Water holds a memory that we are all connected, it flows through our bodies as it flows around the earth.  It is also the element that connects us to the dreaming.  When one comes to the sacred waters the memory of our soul story is brought into our consicousness and we are gifted with awareness for the journey.


As we stood at the waters edge we sang to the Goddess and placed our dreams within the liquid vortex.

We sent prayers of healing to awaken those still sleeping and prayers that those who had lost their way would find the way back to themselves.  We prayed for sadness to be replaced with joy and peace to be restored on our water planet.

It had been a powerful day for healing.

Love and rainbows from the  healing water vortex , Robbyne

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