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The Blessing of Iona


Crossing the waters from the Isle of Mull to Iona is a spiritual experience itself.  You can feel you are leaving the fast world behind and entering a place that exists between worlds as you enter the void.  I felt emotion as I gazed across the waters glistening with sunlight, and felt a shift immediately.   I wondered what this journey would bring for each of us.  I knew I would return changed but I had no idea what the lady of Iona would gift us.

Emotions would run high as the eclipse was approaching.     The landscape of this mysterious island is rich in history and lore.     Conquest, violence and judgment  laced  with dreams, ceremony and earth magick run through the veins of the stones as part of our story.


Magick on Iona happens in those gaps between breaths and waves when you attune with the singing wind and the ancient stones.   The most magnificent sunsets and sunrises greet the spiritual pilgrim who answers the call of the Goddess.

This had been a place of the priestesses, a place of the Druids.   A place where woman had been banished and removed to another island.  A place charged with creativity and inspired thought where the magnificent Book of Kells had been written.


A place where religion and fear have been woven into the dragon line.  A land of Kings.  A place to find one’s own truth.

I knew these energies would touch everyone within our group.


The ancestors walked with us revealing themselves in numerous pictures.


Between the veils one becomes aware of timelessness.


We were staying at a lovely hotel which I soon discovered was run with structure and rigid control.  Meals would be served at a specific time and everyone had to be seated at the table before an order would be taken.  There would be no singing allowed, no space for meditation. Every possible obstacle was being placed on my path.

I was determined, that I would not be thrown off balance by the strict  and unbendable rules of the house.    It became a game for me to work within the system.  Memories of my own childhood at Saint Mark’s came into my consciousness and early encounters with Mother Superior.  She and I never did see eye to eye.

The woman in charge  seemed oddly familiar.   At times I watched her face transform and felt I was in the presence of Mother Superior.  We would just send love.   Mercury was still retrograde and the intensity of the upcoming total lunar eclipse was amplified in the energy of this mystical place.


At the waters edge, one can access the crystal library of Atlantis said to be beneath this mysterious island. The day before the eclipse we gathered to confirm the purpose that had called our souls together at this powerful time of transition for the planet as we spoke the Druid prayer.

We swear by peace and love to stand.

Heart to heart and hand in hand. 

Mark oh spirit hear us now

Confirming this our sacred vow.



We thread the land with a new vision and prayers of unity and oneness.  We asked permission to enter the unseen world and to honor those who had walked these sacred lands before.

 As our group awoke in the wee hours of the morning, we climbed Iona’s highest hill Dûn-I (Doon-ee), to bear witness to the final total lunar eclipse that was clearly visible during the magick hours of 3:00 to 4:00am.

I carried the Fire and Ice crystals to place on the stones at the time of the eclipse with the dream bundle of prayers many had asked be carried into the sacred circle.    The weather forecast had been rain and yet I knew the Goddess would reveal herself at the moment of the eclipse.  There was no rain and the clouds parted to reveal celestial magick.  At sunset a pod of dolphin came and leaped out of the water in celebration.  I knew we were being blessed.


A power I can not describe was gifted that night and I knew we had seeded a new vision into the dragon line.


In the darkness of the eclipse, tears streamed down my face.  The memory of having stood within a sacred circle with these same beautiful souls pulsated through my heart.  I saw the world end and begin again.    We stood in love,  eclipsing our past and healing the Atlantean Seed Fear.

The memory flooded back and I gasped when the images came.  We had stood before in one moment solidified in time with the vision and knowledge that our world would plummet into darkness.   We would rise only to fall again.  Again we would rise and again we would fall.    It was recorded in our history on this crystal island.   For one brief moment the jolt of physical pain I had felt on Ascension Rock on my birthday at the time of the Solar Eclipse on Mount Shasta riveted through me.  It was now finally released.


We returned to our beds after this powerful night and awoke just as the Moon Goddess was slipping into the horizon and the sun was rising.  It was a new day, a new beginning.  Everything felt alive.

Join us tomorrow as the final day on Iona brings an unexpected gift.

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