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The Black Jaguar of Ek Balam awakens?


Our final day in Tulum was powerful and very emotional to return to the place where the spirit of the Black Jaguar was waiting. Having been to Ek Balam a couple of years earlier I was overwhelmed with the energy that came from this sacred place.  Unlike Chichen Itza and many other Mayan Ruins I had been called to over the last several years, there was nothing that I experienced as powerful as Ek Balam.  To me this temple existed here in our world but served as a doorway that one could access to the other world quite easily.

Ek Balam means – ¨Bright Star Jaguar¨.  The startling and amazingly well preserved sculptures uncovered at Ek Balam   date back from 100 BC to its height at 700-1,200 BC, it is unlike any other Mayan site. Ek Balam has a feel all its own.  The main temple here is impressive, both in size and architecture. Its massive size of over 500 feet long and 200 feet wide easily makes it one of the largest structures ever excavated in the Yucatan. It is so big that one wonders how this could have been built without the aid of modern day tools.  The intricate detail of the artistry and symbolism incorporated into the frescoes and sculptures decorating this temple are an artistic marvel.

Ek Balam´s most striking temple is one with a huge ¨monster mouth¨. To the Maya this represents a portal to the ¨other world¨. The enormous mouth of the Witz Monster (entry to the underworld), complete with teeth, is awe-inspiring.


The Mayan temples were always built near sacred trees and it was important for the old traditions to be maintained before we entered the temple complex.    Once again we were blessed with the presence of our powerful Shaman Fabian as he prayed to open the doorway to the unseen world and honored the ancestors and those who had gone before.    The sacred copal was burned to cleanse our energy fields and to ask for safe passing into the other world.  The Four directions were honored and I felt the ancestors open the doorway to welcome us through the veil.

Once inside there were a handful of strangers that walked amongst us but the temple was virtually empty for our visit that morning.


I had received specific guidance to climb to the top of the female pyramid, the place of the priestess and carried the staff with the powerful Black Jaguar energy and the Andara Crystal.   Fabian would climb to the top of the temple of the Priest with EB.  We would face each other and a perfect alignment of male and female, priest and priestess; physical world and spiritual world were united in this sacred site.  The Black Jaguar awakened and the temple was filled with light.  Each person who had been called to that place reclaimed their power and stepped into their destiny for this is a high initiation center for the Mayan and remains pure in the energy as it has remained hidden in the jungles until recently.  I have been shown that it has only become visible to the human world again as we prepare for the energy shifts we are experiencing.   It is a place to step fully into ones power and carry that light as a source of strength, courage and faith back out to the world.  To be given the sight of the Black Jaguar is a blessing received by those who enter the temple with humbleness in their heart.  For those who enter with ego and judgment the Black Jaguar turns away and the site is seen only as an archaeological wonder.


After our visit Gaby had arranged an opportunity for us to visit a true local Mayan village and have a traditional Mayan meal.  We were witness to the preparation and cooking of the chicken in the old ways of burying it in the earth.  The food was delicious.  Simple but made with love.   To add to this special time with the Mayan people the Mayan Elder of Ek Balam blessed us with a prayer.   In our sharing we learned from Gaby that the Elder had recently lost both his bull and cow, which placed a terrible hardship on the family.    As I shared this with our group we all decided to contribute to the funds towards purchasing another bull for the elder.  I am happy to say that enough funds were raised to buy the bull outright.  What a wonderful sharing occurred that day as together we became the weavers of the web and filled it with love.

That night as our journey was coming to completion it was bittersweet. Tears were shed under the light of the Full Moon at the edge of worlds where the sea and earth join together.  We were grateful for the magickal experience we had shared but felt a saddness that we were leaving this place.  Fabian did a wonderful closing ceremony and I made a commitment to return to these lands and bring others to share in the experience.  The Black Jaguar was fully awakened in the Temple of Ek Balam and awaits these who travel again to these sites.

For those who may be interested in joining me as I return later next year I will be posting more information once the dates have been confirmed.

For now I am departing for Switzerland where I will be joined with many wonderful souls in the village of Fluelen to share much of the knowledge that continues to be returned through the teachings of the Grandmothers and the elders.  I will continue to weave the web into the light centers that house many of the ancient crystals stored within the mountains of Switzerland.

I will first travel to Assisi as I am being called to connect to the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi and to Loreto the place of the Black Madonna of Italy.  I will have much to share upon my return.

As always each of you travel with me, as we are all connected through the energy of love.

Wishing you magick, love, rainbows and hugs, Robbyne

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