Our last day on Iona we were gifted with the most  gorgeous day yet.  So stunning was the day that the locals were in awe.  I knew the cancellation of our dolphin boat at the beginning of our journey would make the space for something grand.  It was as though the Goddess was smiling down on us and whispering….. “Wait for it…….wait for it”     I had made arrangements for our group to travel to yet another island known as Staffa Island.  Before we even boarded the boat I could feel the dolphin and the mermaids.   It wouldn’t be long before the dolphin appeared, again leaping from the water in celebration of this grand day.


Enroute to Staffa Island we passed another island that triggered a strong emotion inside of me.  The captain announced this was the island that the women had been banished to.  I knew the night of the eclipse we had transformed that imprint but I could not take my eyes off the island.  I felt joy and happiness.  A feeling that I was more alive than I had ever been.



When you approach Staffa Island you are absolutely breathless with the magnificence that nature has created.



Far different from the Isle of Sky or the Isle of Iona.  We soon discovered that on board was a lovely gentleman who was celebrating his 77th birthday.  It had been 50 years since he had returned to Iona but this was the day.  Our group sang Happy Birthday and I smiled at the freedom I felt.  On Staffa Island singing was allowed.



When we first stepped on to the island we went directly to the cave.   Something remarkable was about to happen within the cave.  This was a  birthing channel in the womb of the earth mother.  Lorrie had brought her crystal singing bowl to play within the cave. At first she had received guidance not to bring the bowl but Jamie had encouraged her to bring it.  He explained the acoustics in the cave would amplify the sound.  As she began to play I noticed  something definitely sounded different about the bowl.


When Lorrie looked closely it became clear the bowl had shattered on the bottom when she had sat down on the rocks just outside the cave.  This paticular bowl was known as a rebirthed bowl so the symbology was amazing.  We looked at one another and both of us felt it needed to be gifted to the sea.  To the merfolk.  It would weave our two worlds together.    Lorrie had no attachment to the bowl, seeing everything in divine order, so when it came time to  gift the bowl to the sea she felt no loss.

The land had  provided a great teaching for each of us that day.   When something does not go as planned, when something appears to be taken away, it is only because something grander is coming.  By having the scheduled trip on the dolphin boat not able to go at the beginning of the journey we now had been blessed with this amazing day.

Be willing to give up the lesser to receive the greater.  Be willing to let the magick unfold without needing to know all the details. Be willing to flow with the curve balls life may thrown at you.  This was the lesson we had been given.   I love how the Goddess and nature provide powerful lessons for the seeker who travels with an open heart following the dragon lines.


As we each sat in stillness within the cave we knew we were giving birth to the seed we carried in our hearts. The Dream Isle had opened our hearts, given us courage to step forward and all that was required was to just allow the dream to be expressed through each of us.


At top 1

Many chose to climb to the top of the hill above the cave and were rewarded with a magnificent view.


The captain shared with us  that on that very morning a baby white seal had been born.  Confirmation of new beginnings.

Newborn Seal_1

Seals are guides for those who need help gliding more gracefully through the shifting tides of life as we heal deep seeded hurts and disappointments.  They swim both below and above water, giving them the ability to experience both the inner and outer worlds. ??They teach the human how to flow, how to hear, and how to discover the deeper mysteries of their true nature. Seals are keepers of wisdom. They reveal to us what is hidden deep within ourselves, and teach us how to integrate our imagination with the reasoning power of the intellect.  They remind us to allow our creativity to come to life and be the full expression of the dream we carry.   They are also guardians of the water world of the merfolk.

It was a magickal blessing from the Goddess.


The next morning we would leave Iona.  As I crossed the waters somewhere in between Iona and the Isle of Mull I was told to leave an offering.  It was very specific.  I took a ring that I had worn for 17 years and offered it to the sea.   A part of my journey was ending and had been transformed by the power of the eclipse and the magick of the dream island.   As it hit the surface of the water it began to spiral down as the sun caught the image.  I knew the mermaids had accepted my gift.  I was now forever tied to the Dream Isle and to Scotland.

There are energetic alignments or grids of holy islands, holy mountains and holy wells in Scotland.  This is a land that now has a deep hold on me.  Iona is a geomantic power site, anchoring a pentagonal matrix of dragonlines, (invisible currents of earth-energy) and a gateway to the Other World. When you see Iona from across the waters you feel a stirring in your heart.  I know I will return to this sacred land again.


When we made the final crossing from the isle of Mull back to Oban four selkies came, popping their heads above the water at the exact place where the veil lifted.  We were entering the fast world of human once again but forever changed.

Join us as the journey continues to the land of magick to connect with the enchanted world of the Merlin and the Lady of the Lake.

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