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The Adventure of Life Is Stepping into the Unknown

walk through portal

Let this be the theme that you live by as you take the time to sit in stillness and receive guidance from your heart.  As we continue to cycle through the first Mercury retrograde ask yourself these questions.  What are you procrastinating in your life?  Why are you afraid of the service your soul was brought here to do?

We need to Participate in the dream not just envision the dream. No one else will see or experience life from your perspective.  To experience life we need to fully engage in life.  This creates a far richer experience than just dreaming about it.  It begins as a dream but it takes action to fully step into life.

forest portal

Over the course of my life journey, I have realized my existence here on this magnificent water star is temporary.  I stand in awe every day when I observe the magnificence of what I am a part of.  My deep connection with the natural world is the sustenance that brings me joy and guidance.   This is the spiritual nutrition I need to exist at times in this cycle of grand change that is occurring around us.   I make my connection to the natural world, a priority in my life and cherish every moment I spend in communion with the unseen.  I encourage you to break away once in a while and cleanse your spirit in the natural world.  Take your grief, sadness, and confusion into the wilderness and you will discover nature’s power to heal.  Get close to nature’s heart and you will hear the divine mother goddess speak of your purpose and journey.

Sabbat wheel

The most extraordinary parts of you are borrowed from the Goddess wishing to be expressed through you.  Each day you are asked to just show up for the job the Goddess has assigned you.  Celebrating profound moments such as the turning of the wheel, the holy days that belong to everyone creates a moment in time to be closest to the natural world in sacred ceremony and celebration.  I have posted rituals for both the Northern and Southern hemisphere to deepen your experience for those who are members of our online subscription series.  Please click here

Castle hill journey

For those who wish to develop a deeper relationship with the natural world, I am offering a very special weekend in one of the most sacred spiritual universities of our beloved water star for the WESAK Full Moon.  For more information please click here.  Only a few spaces remain.

Maritini Castle Hill

I am in the southern hemisphere until August and will be offering retreats and private journeys on Waiheke Island for those who are called to cross through the veil of the fast world into the sacred space of the Goddess.  For more details on journeys to Waiheke Island, New Zealand,  please contact me directly at [email protected].

Waiheke Island

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Wishing you joy and a glorious celebration of you.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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