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Te Miringa Te Kakara – Star Home

The Maori greeting and custom of touching foreheads and noses together allowing one to share the same breath is called the Hongi.  It is a way of seeing each other on a soul level, seeing each other as equal.    Meeting Ed again after 6 years brought great joy to my heart.

As we greeted each other the traditional way I felt something different had changed in this warrior I had met six years before.  Today there was a gentle presence standing before me.  The protocol we had done six years before to join our tribes together had opened the doorway to allow our group to gather in this holy place.  I shared with Ed that I had received specific guidance regarding this time and day and that people all over the world would be joining with us creating circles of light, praying together as we stood within the Temple of the Four Winds.  Ed took us to a meeting place where there was an exchange of energy.  Ueli stepped forward to represent our group and spoke so beautifully our intention.

Even though the physical structure of the Temple of the Four Winds had been intentionally burned down, this was a temple of universal wisdom and a significant source of light frequency that was moving the spiritual power from the Himalayan mountains to the southern hemisphere of the Andes.

The Temple of the Four Winds was built in direct alignment with the Southern Cross and the land still holds the imprint of the cross house.    Buried deep within the earth in the center of the Temple of the Four Winds was a magnificent crystal left behind by the ancient Lemurians, connected to the cosmic spider web and one that could activate the memory of our true identity and origin.

The call of the ancestors was calling souls back to this place.  As our group gathered and formed our circle we created a beam of light.  As has always been the case when I have come to the Temple of the Four Winds, a gentle rain fell upon our group.  Ed shared that this was the tears of the ancestors, grateful we had returned.  I felt all circles of light that had joined with us all over the world, with focused intention and prayer adding their light to this pillar of light.  For me it was so very important to not only create the circle of light but to honor the old traditions of the Maori who were guardians of this land.  We miss so much when we fail to see the traditions of other people and other lands.  Each has so much to share, the collective whole when we honor the ways of all people from all faiths and cultures.  If we limit ourselves to just following the traditions and religious practices we have been exposed to we fail to create the rainbow.  I asked Ed to also guide us with a Maori prayer.

As the star gate opened, the ancestors spoke.

The Phoenix moved through the gate and a beautiful frequency of light came through.  This would not have been possible if everyone had not joined together.  As we placed the andara crystal in the center of our altar I could see flashes of every ceremony, every soul who had ever held the andara crystal (for the full story click here) over their heart since 2003 and everyone who had connected energetically in ceremony and prayer all over the world.

My prayer the day before that mankind was indeed ready was answered.  Thank you to all of you who opened your heart and took time to hold the focused intention.  It has made a significant shift on the planet.  We have much more work to do to prepare for the shift of 2012.  I will continue to carry the wisdom stored within the crystal of the Temple of the Four Winds to join more souls together.  Thank you for answering the call.   When it came time to leave, it appeared we were not finished as the coach became stuck in the hillside.  I smiled because in 2004 the coach became stuck just trying to enter the land where the Temple of the Four Winds stood.  This time the ancestors seemed to be holding us back.  I decided to return to the center of this temple by myself and sat in silence holding the andara crystal over my heart.  Guidance for my own personal journey came and a rainbow appeared in the sky as the sun now shone brightly upon the land.  It appears we needed more time to integrate the high energies that we had helped to anchor.  When the time was complete miraculously one more attempt and the coach moved forward.

We finished our day with a wonderful cultural experience that evening that would take us deep into the teachings of the Maori and their history.  Through sharing the dances and wisdom of the ancestors you could feel them all around us.  This night I would sleep very deep and very sound.  The next day would be a travel day to the South Island so I had given everyone the opportunity to sleep in and experience the wonderful healing waters in Rotorua before we left for the airport to continue our journey.   Water gifts us with life itself and the geothermal waters in Rotorua offer special healing to help integrate all the experiences of the last few days.  All bodies of water represent the blood of the earth mother and these waters are especially delicious to the soul and body.

Join us  tomorrow as we continue this amazing journey to the South Island.




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