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The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

The Goddess – Wolf Encounter

The Link is now live to register directly with Wolf Encounter for this celebration of love establishing the alliance between the world of human and the natural world.

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White Wolf Journeys


Wolf Connection present two unique events

Saturday May 20th

Acton, California

2:00pm to 8:00pm

including dinner beneath the stars

Open your heart with a close and personal human-wolf encounter, embrace the Enchantress to discover the magick you hold inside,

experience a gratitude and fire ceremony beneath the stars, journey inward through a guided vision quest and meditation to connect with the spirit of the wolf,

Be empowered

For those who may enjoy more time with the wolves

We have added an additional morning meditation and

Final opportunity to connect with the pack.

On Sunday May 21st, 2017

9:00 – 11:00am

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Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of danger?

Know that you yourself are essential to this World.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Keeper of the

Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

Join White Wolf Journeys and Wolf Connection for a powerful day of alchemical magick as the spirit of the wolf aligns with the Goddess in the Year of the Goddess Awakening. Within Celtic Mythology the wolf was revered as the companion of Cerridwen, goddess of the Moon and fertility. The wolf was also one of the four sacred animals of the goddess Brigit. During Arthurian times it is said that Merlin spent time alone seeking the wisdom of his companion an older grey wolf.

Both in the shamanistic traditions and other pagan belief systems, the wolf is viewed as a powerful guide and teacher. The wisdom one gains from an encounter with the wolf will reinforce your faith and guide you on a journey reminding you to be an active participant in your own life. The wolf reminds the human to experience life to the fullest and to Dream Even When Awake.

The gaze of the wolf reaches deep into your soul and awakens the Goddess. The wolf has a special connection to the Enchantress. Through sacred ritual and walking amongst these beautiful beings the Enchantress will come alive to guide your personal journey. Together we will make a difference and be the change we wish to see. When the Goddess awakens and summons the wolf to walk with her, she becomes an unstoppable force. She becomes the essence of the divine feminine and we begin to see our world differently. We are ready to be the full expression of the Goddess. 2017 is a year of new beginnings. The action we take and the seeds we plant will create the next nine year cycle of our personal story. The spirit of the wolf reminds us that faith is seeing with your heart even when your eyes see only darkness. When we are in tune with our inherent goddesses, our lives are transformed into a limitless, joyful, and abundant experience.

This event is co-created to support a wonderful organization that is very dear to my heart. I was so moved by my encounter at Wolf Connection with these beautiful four legged beings and the passion of everyone I met who cares for these animal allies, that it became my hearts desire to become a part of this project. The vision they have, the commitment each have made for making our world a better place in a time when we need to support each other is one we can all do together. This organization works with at-risk youth and adults, as well as school and corporate groups, providing programs that promote self esteem and tools for living a balanced life. The founder Teo, much like me, believes a unique relationship occurs when the human opens to the great teacher wolf. We can learn so much about ourselves, and acquire tools for living a harmonious, empowered and joyful life when we make that human – wolf connection. And in that, we all have the chance to open ourselves up and become more alive. There is a knowing that together this vision could grow through the hearts of those who are woven into the web and connected with White Wolf Journeys

Wolf Connection website link 

I believe the wolf pack called me, as the strength of any wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf. Through an email with one of the guardians of Wolf Connection this amazing organization was brought to my attention. When I watched the video I am sharing with you, I was deeply moved. Moved to the point of tears and knowing that I needed to be part of this pack. This is an organization that is not only helping youth but honoring the old alliance between the world of human and that of the unseen through there guardianship of the wolves.

I will be personally sharing and providing tools for ceremonies and self discovery while co-creating the experience with this wonderful group from Wolf Connection. All money will be contributed directly to Wolf Connection. Cost for this amazing life changing encounter to walk amongst these four legged teachers, all ceremonies, ritual tools and a day of community celebration through drumming, meditation, inner journeying and celebration is:

$225.00 paid directly to Wolf Connection .

The additional morning encounter and meditation with the wolves is $50.00

Space is limited, to register please click

Acton is located about 1½ hours from Orange County near Magic Mountain. There are several hotel options available for those who may wish to spend the night on Friday evening or Saturday. For those interested I can provide recommendations.

Please join our wolf pack and be part of the change.  Click Here

Love and wolf cuddles, Robbyne

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