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Stepping through the veil into the enchanted realm

Enchanted Forest

After several powerful days, which seemed like a month I had promised a day of rest and integration.

Nothing better than a local farmers market to taste the culinary delights of the region and to do some retail therapy.

The mussels were amazing as well as the cappuccino.

Everyone seemed to find something to delight their taste buds as many purchases were made that day in the lovely local village.

We gathered our goodies and boarded our coach for the enchanted forest.

This would become one of my favorite moments of the journey, as the forest seemed to come alive.

When I am in the natural world where the faery folk live my heart seems to skip an extra beat with excitement. This forest was beyond enchanting and I could feel many ceremonies had taken place within the stone beings in ancient times to honor the natural world. The alliance long ago between the world of human and that of the unseen world had been maintained in this beautiful forest.

We gathered in the first clearing to give something back to the natural world. We played the flutes and created a circle to infuse the dragon lines with love and gratitude. The bird kingdom came to life and immediately the faery folk began to gather. There was such joy in the forest.

I had carried beautiful gnomes made with love by Marlis into the forest to charge them with the incredible light that was emanating from the tree spirits using transference magick. Inviting the spirit of this incredible forest to merge with the beautiful gnomes.

Those who follow the teachings of the Church of the Rose work with the healing emerald green ray that emanates from the plant beings and great standing tall ones.

There was something truly magickal in this forest as we walked with open hearts. It is always important for me to give back to sanctuaries such as these and to the beings that wish more than anything to work with the human who approaches with an open heart. If one sits in stillness and invites the natural world the faery folk will imprint images into ones consciousness and answers can be received for questions asked.

We would thread the labyrinth with joy and in return receive such an incredible gift. The forecast had been rain and yet again the Goddess had blessed us with her many gifts. When one walks through an enchanted realm your body temple is recalibrated and I knew it was important for each of us to integrate the transformation we were each experiencing.


Join us tomorrow as our journey takes us to the region of Catalan across the border into Spain and the final days of our journey.

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