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Stepping Through the Lion’s Gate to merge with your Future Self

Loin's Gate

Every year on August 8th, there is a cosmic alignment known as the Lions Gate. It is a time that was very sacred to the ancient Egyptians. It occurs over several days but reaches its peak on the 8th day of the 8th month. A time when the Sirian star aligns with the Great Pyramid and a cosmic portal opens bridging the physical realms of earth and the spiritual realms. At that time an infusion of light moves through the gateway aligning the human to their divine celestial light. Moments of profound awareness occur and one is awakened to their higher truth.

It is called the Lions Gate, because it occurs in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). In the Year of the Goddess Awakening the Lion’s gate opening occurs at the time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse making it an incredibly powerful night to receive healing energy and guidance for ones journey.

Leo represents the individual expression of the Divine, and the Lions Gate energy is about awakening the Divine Light we carry inside to be expressed in physical form. The Lion symbolizes power and strength making it an opportune time to step into your own power. This increased light will be the catalyst of life altering changes to unfold in one way or another for just about everyone. Relationships will change, career changes will occur even if you were not consciously planning it as the energy is meant to shake us up to align with our life purpose. We must learn to let go of material things and focus more on what is important to the heart. Instead of striving for grander and bigger at the cost of loving relationships, health and joy we must listen more clearly to our heart. We must become the full expression of the dream we carry in our heart.

On this night find stillness to go deeper within your soul story. Everything is up for review now as we question if our career, relationships and desires are truly in alignment with love and our soul growth. Don’t be surprised if some key aspect of your life, or everything all at once seems to be in a state of flux.   You may feel as though you are drifting with no direction. Ultimately, these changes that we are each going through, simply serve to align us more fully with our truth. Keep in mind you are a spiritual being in physical form.   Any shifts and changes happening now, are serving to align you with more joy, love, possibilities and opportunities to express yourself in all of your magnificence. It is important to remember this when things seem to be crumbling away. Be willing to love yourself.  Honor the stirrings of your heart and step through the doorways of new possibilities, which open at the time of the Lion’s Gate.

Take the time to meditate and visualize opening the crown chakra to receive the crystal white light. Consciously breathe this light into your cells and feel the exhilaration of the higher frequencies. I will be sending the August Planetary influences shortly as August will gift us with an incredible Total Solar Eclipse that the Lion’s Gate is preparing us for.

It is said that at the time of the totality of a total solar eclipse the Black Jaguar leaps into the world of man and hunts down where there is illusion and untruth, exposing it and destroying it. If we open to the power of the black jaguar the gift of sight can be given to see what we struggle to see. Solutions to the situations we face, a deeper understanding of the purpose behind every event in our life. It sets our soul free. It will hunt down where we hold untruths and judgments of ourselves and of others.

For those who would like to work more closely with the Black Jaguar at the time of the Total Solar Eclipse, I am introducing the Black Jaguar Oil. It was created upon returning from Egypt with oils from that sacred land. The base of the oil is dark musk, used in sacred ceremony in the temples. The oils were charged in ceremony in the Temple of Isis, the Temple of Sekhmet and between the arms of the Great Sphinx. It can be ordered and shipped in time to work with the power of this Total Solar Eclipse. The Black Jaguar shape shifts as the Goddess Isis and was said to be expressed through Maria Magdalena. The oil can assist one in reclaiming their divine power through love as well as healing the ancient wound of the feminine energy being suppressed. If you would like to order the Black Jaguar Oil please click. There is a limited supply. Click Here

Wishing you an enchanting week.

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Love, rainbows and cuddles from Mount Shasta, Robbyne

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