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Step Into Greatness

Mt Shasta Goddess 

Four-Day Retreat

Mount Shasta, California

The Root Chakra of the Planet

Celebrate the turning of the Cosmic Wheel

At the time of Beltane

 April 28 – May 1, 2017

We as a spiritual family have a responsibility to help re-pattern the dominant energies moving through our planet of fear, anger, and illusion into life-affirming energies of growth, love, joy and abundance. By doing this we help awaken those who are in pain, lost, discouraged and asleep to their power. Little by little, we change the world. Working together, the change we create is unstoppable as the Goddess Awakens.  The holy day of Beltane provides an opportunity to set our intentions and bring joy and love into our life on Earth. Joy and love are the greatest gifts we can give our world.  It is our true nature, an incredibly powerful energy, and it opens the way to manifest a creative, peaceful and loving world community for ourselves and our children.

As we practice ancient earth magick and perform our rituals this Beltane season, we can set  intentions to bring the qualities of the Goddess into our world; Beauty, joy, creativity, unity, harmony and love. This four-day retreat into the root chakra of Gaia and the world of the Goddess is created to open up the intuitive channels providing access into Great mystery. This is a holy time of Union, both between the Goddess and the God and between man and woman.

BE GREAT by stepping through the barrier of illusion and step forward fully in this new nine-year cycle of possibilities. A group experience on the mountain provides an opportunity to connect with a soul family where there is great support for each other.   If you are called to join us, I encourage you to register early as we do fill up quickly and I will only be doing two group retreats on the mountain this year.

At the time of Beltane, the veils are thinnest and one can access the abyss of potent creative energy. One enters a place where there is no distinction between then and now, real or imagined, dream or dreamer.   An opportunity to awaken the Goddess within and become the expression of beauty, creativity, love, harmony and joy you were born to be. Find your bliss; reconnect to your heart song, find your direction as the landscape becomes our schoolhouse into the world of enchantment and magick. In this expanded field, all things are not only possible but are constantly in the process of creation. This year as the Goddess Awakens provides a special time to experience the Lady of the Mountain.

Our days are filled with journeying through the dimensional doorways the mountain holds as you discover the ancient art of magick as we reestablish the alliance between the world of human and the unseen world.   Our evenings provide times of meditation, healing with the crystal singing bowls and celestial chimes to awaken the dreamer. There will be time in the afternoons for stillness, personal reflection and those who may wish to have a soul life reading or healing and balancing session.  Every journey to this sacred mountain is a different journey and I continue to discover wonderful new places of enchantment that support the awakening of the Goddess within.

During the weekend I will be sharing:

  • The Doctrine of Signatures as you gain insight into understanding the healing aspects of the Goddess through the natural world.
  • Learn the practice of true magick and the different aspects of magick: natural magick, practical magick, high magick, ceremonial magick and sympathetic magick.
  • Discover the power of sacred ritual as you reclaim your birthright of wisdom and sacred connections to the power of the Great Mother Goddess, Isis.
  • Learn to Invoke the presence of the goddesses each  day as you discover how to to work with the Triple Goddess.
  • You will experience the confidence of learning to trust your own inner voice as the vortex of the mountain is one of the places on our beloved earth where the 12 dragon lin intersect creating moments where one can slip through the crack of the universe to find truth and glimpses of the future.
  • Your sacred place in the universe will become abundantly clear as you work with this powerful magick.

Our days are spent in natures school house as you experience the ancient wisdom of the standing tall ones. Here one learns how to listen to the natural world for guidance.

Around every corner magick can be found for the one with an open heart.

Journeying next to the long person reveals one’s soul story and provides guidance as we set the intention for the next nine years.

Threading the labyrinth weaves one closer to the Goddess as many gifts are given to the one seeking guidance.

Step into greatness as you awaken the Goddess within and celebrate the turning of the wheel for Beltane.  We begin Friday evening at 4:30pm with a gratitude ceremony to set intentions and embrace the healing energies of the sacred mountain followed by an evening gathering and meditation in our home where you will experience the generator crystal.  Tow full days of experiencing the magickal landscape and healing gifts of the mountain.  Again our evenings provide meditation and integration of the days events. Sunday evening we celebrate Beltane through sacred ceremony and share the Feast of Beltane.   We complete our journey around noon on Monday to ensure everyone is able to make late afternoon or early evening flights homes.

Total cost for this four day celebration which includes all teachings, meditations, inner journeys, outer experiences to the mountains vortex, all tools for ritual and ceremonies including  the Feast of Beltane $625.00.

There are several recommendations for accommodations for all budgets and preferences:

Shasta Mount Inn (my favorite) owned by a very special soul, David Knowles.  David as your host, will make you will feel as though you have come home.  This beautiful B and B sits directly on the dragon line and offers beautiful views of Mama Mountain.  4 rooms available at the Shasta Mountain B and B www.shastamountinn.com

Chalets at the Mount Shasta Resort.  – mountshastaresort.com

Best Western Treetop Hotel  http://bestwesterncalifornia.com/hotels/best-western-plus-tree-house

For those who would like to rent a room there is a lovely space available offering two rooms.   Please contact Wendy at [email protected].

Airports to fly into:

Redding, California is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from the mountain.

Medford, Oregon is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from the mountain.

Sacramento, California is 3 1/2 hours from the mountain with a very easy drive

San Francisco, California is 4 1/2 hours from the mountain.

This retreat is limited to create a small group experience ensuring a very deep and intimate journey for each participant.

For registration details please contact Guy at [email protected]

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Wishing you a magickal and enchanting journey.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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