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We left the labyrinth and drove a short distance to the ancient redwood trees.  As we walked the cathedral of the forest all of nature seemed to welcome us.  Again my crow companions joined our journey showing me the Black Madonna was present.


To stand before the majestic trees one feels very humbled and small.  The tree spirits hold such wisdom to remind us that we only share this earth, we do not dominate it.  It has been our own ignorance and poor choices that have led to our current state of affairs.  If only we would take the time to visit these places of truth we would find our way through these troubled times.  The Great redwood trees ground us to a deeper connection to our one true mother by connecting us to the Earth Mother.  If only mankind would make a conscious choice to spend more time in nature, it would open their hearts to make a connection to each other.  So powerful was this connection to the tree spirits, so willing are they to assist mankind that they chose to show themselves and their existence by allowing some of our photographers to capture their presence in the following pictures.


As we continued our journey to the sacred Amethyst Mountain of Saint Germaine, we started our journey to prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse.  I had been guided to travel to the highest point of Panther Meadows, a very sacred place to the Native American Indians.


As we climbed to the place where we would prepare our altar this first night to connect to the spirit of the mountain, from nowhere a man appeared.  A messenger with crystal blue eyes.  He spoke directly to me and said, “You look as though you are on a spiritual pilgrimage?”

“I am indeed”, I smiled in response.  The messenger would share with us that the most spiritual sanctuary on the mountain was just over the next hill.  Just as mysteriously as he appeared, he seemed to disappear.  I have had two different types of encounters with strangers on this mountain.  Once, many years ago, two beings from Telos actually seemed to walk out from the mountain towards our group. They were clothed all in white and had the distinguishing feature often described over the years, as messengers from Telos. Their foreheads are wrapped in cloth, hiding their very large protruding third eyes.  The other encounters I have had happen when out of nowhere a stranger appears with a message.   Dressed perfectly normal but again the distinguishing feature is the crystal blue eyes.   These strangers that appear and then disappear come to offer a simple message of guidance and then just simply vanish.    This is also a phenomena that occurs whenever I am guided to travel to different parts of the world, inevitably someone is their to cross my path at the exact moment I am looking for direction and always provides exactly what I need.  Many of you, who have traveled with me have experienced that this occurs time and time again.

The minute we began to gather and prepare the altar the nature kingdom began to gather as well and the trees were filled with winged ones.  Once we began our meditation connecting to the spirit of the mountain there was absolute silence. As though even the winged ones were respectfully joining in silence.  Suddenly out of nowhere a hummingbird flew into the circle we had created and made its presence known to everyone. It hovered for a moment in the center.


A messenger from the Masters and the people of Telos, the ancient city within the mountain, acknowledging our presence and welcoming us to the sacred mountain that serves as a doorway between two worlds.  I had already felt such intense emotion as we approached the mountain and this heartfelt welcome certainly filled my heart with joy.  I had come home and many who joined me on that mountain felt the same.  The ancestors had joined us, the nature spirits had come and now the hummingbird, which is a messenger from Telos had come to welcome us.  Hummingbirds are fifth dimensional birds that exist in both the world of the seen and the unseen.  They bring such joy wherever they appear because they are holding the vibration of a fifth dimensional reality.  They remind us of the beauty of this earth journey and offer assistance in helping us to seek the joy of our experience.  What a wonderful gift to receive this welcome the first night of our journey to the mountain.  I knew this was going to be an experience that would change each of us who had traveled together and the eclipse would certainly change the world in the months to come as we move closer to 2012 and the prophecies of the Mayan.


For those who are available, I invite you to join a very special gathering here in the enchanted garden to celebrate the Mayan Day Out of Time. If you are interested please contact me to let me know you will be  attending this very special event.

Check back tomorrow for the final posting of the journey to embrace the Solar Eclipse and the message of the Black Madonna.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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