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Hurricane Dorian is one more indication of the changes and warnings that we as humans are being given.  A much louder wake up call, that our focus needs to be on creating a better relationship with the unseen world.  A need to show respect to each other and to the sacred blue.  We need to change how we coexist with the natural world.  We live on the sacred blue, and yet we as a species we have abused her. Her lungs are on fire in the Amazon due to greed.  We continue to dump our waste into her veins, poisoning our waters from self-interest and a lack of humanity.  We have lost our humanity and are being held accountable.

Hurricanes continue to release an intensity of energy in the Atlantean waters, but this one is different.  I am always in amazement at the divine timing that guides my journey along these sacred dragon lines.  The images of what has taken place in the Bahamas is heart wrenching and we as a global community share in the loss of life and human structures as well as the landscape itself.

Human mind

I believe that hurricanes stir up what is hidden in the shadow of our psyche as well as a global consciousness.  What plays out in our external world affects each of us internally.  It brings to the surface what needs to be transformed with love. The hurricane seemed to hover in stagnation over the Bahamas which holds the Atlantean blueprint.  Although devastating, it created a huge cleansing and releasing.  Stored within the ocean is the memory. It holds fear and the karmic patterns that hold each of us back.

Dolphin full moon

The next full moon on Friday the 13th (for those in the Southern Hemisphere the actual lunation may be on the 14th)   is dedicated to Sedna the Inuit Sea Goddess.   I shared in the last weave the web the essence of Sedna.  She unleashes when she feels her children and the sacred blue are being mistreated and abused.  She is in the psyche of all of us.  There is a wave moving through the sacred blue to heal the past and change the way we behave towards one another.

On Saturday we are flying to Fort Lauderdale where we will join together with other guardians of the sacred blue to make our way to the spiritual center of Atlantis in the waters of Bimini.  I have been to Bimini many times and I have never felt the intensity of the energy I am feeling now.  I have heard the sound of the dolphin for days and wanted to share with you how powerful this time is for all of us.

Goddess Sedna

Bimini was protected, and I believe it is because it holds the keys to a kinder, gentler world If we can transform the congested emotional energy, we all hold.  We need to transform hate, anger, greed, fear.  We need to forgive if we are to invoke Sedna to forgive us.

We have a grand opportunity to join together this night and send prayer into the sacred blue making this area a Hope Spot.  As the waters calm, they will provide a deep cleansing for each of us.  My intention is to join together and create a vortex of healing light in these waters.   To seek forgiveness for the betrayal of human to the natural world, the abuse to women at the hands of man.  The loss of innocence.   We will imprint with crystal offerings in the spiritual center to shift from the ego driven energy of greed and fear to a heart centered, nurturing energy of awareness.   We can join together if you create a grid and an altar that focuses on the consciousness held within the sacred blue at the longitude and latitude of the waters surrounding Bimini.  Get a map of the world or write the words – SACRED BLUE – BIMINI on a piece of paper to place on your altar.  Add seashells and images of dolphins.  A clear quartz crystal directly on the area surrounding Bimini.

earth light shining

Take the time to find stillness, to open your heart and to join in a global prayer.  Focus on seeing from your heart, silver and dark blue strands of light that are woven around the planet and centered in the sacred blue.  Invoke the spirit of Sedna and the dolphins, known as the sea angels who are here to open the hearts of humans.  We will be offering crystals of light infused with prayers of love into the waters and asking the dolphin to carry the prayers with their sounds through the waters.

I have now posted a sacred ritual to invoke Sedna for those who are members of our online subscription series and will post a guided meditation to connect deeper with Sedna. Click Here

Let’s take this time when we are joined together through tragedy and transform it to love.    Each and every one of us can make a difference.

Love and dolphin cuddles, Robbyne

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