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Spiritual Pilgrimage from Grace Cathedral to Gods Cathedral



During my recent visit to Chartres France, answering again the call of the Black Madonna, as I left the cathedral I had a strange encounter with a Frenchman who approached us on the cathedral stairs and enquired if we also knew of the labyrinth in the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.  This special soul had a definite twinkle in his eye and we quickly realized this was indeed a messenger of the Black Madonna.

I have been sharing with you my experiences on Earth Day and also the New Moon.   We were scheduled to fly into San Francisco and made the decision to stay an additional two nights to walk the sacred labyrinth and then to visit the Redwood forests.  I always follow the guidance that comes from spirit, but never really know the purpose until I am in the moment or all the pieces simply come together when I reflect on the journey that has led me to the place I am standing.

Grace Cathedral is an amazing cathedral cared for by individuals who recognize not only the significance of joining all faiths together but readily embrace all beliefs.  In fact there is a memorial wall dedicated to the United Nations founded in 1945.  What I didn’t realize was how the significance of this wall mural would play out one more time during the day.


The guardians also have a deep respect for the power of the labyrinth and its ability to heal our deepest wounds of separation.  The labyrinth represents the cosmic spider web, and it is the Black Madonna that offers her golden thread to lead us on our journey from the labyrinth after we have made that sacred pilgrimage.  There are two parts of my journey that are so significant that I hope in sharing it with you that you will once again see that my story is also your story and we are woven together with the thread of the Black Madonna.

When one approaches a labyrinth it is important to have a question in your mind or a purpose in what you seek. I approached the labyrinth asking for my truth and which choices needed to be made to move me forward knowing that Saturn was going to go direct in a few weeks and wanted to resolve everything to clear the layers and purge anything that held me back in any way.  The Frenchman from Chartres had sent me so I was determined to do the work I needed to do.


I walked slowly at first entering the labyrinth and almost immediately felt the emotion of disappointment and having been let down by many in my lifetime.  As the emotion grew stronger, my intention got even stronger to purge and get to the very core of this discomfort.  I could feel the wave of emotion coming from somewhere deep inside.  I saw someone’s hand reach towards me holding a black leather watch.  The watch I quickly recognized had been a gift from my father when I was 10 years old.  It had been my most cherished childhood gift as this I knew my father had sent me.  I had not seen this man since he told me he was leaving to move to Alaska at the age of five and I had felt the loss from him from my life everyday since that time.   This was the only contact I had to this man.  Suddenly my father was walking with me.  As we walked together he spoke to me of old hurts and disappointments.   He told me I am the woman I am today because of this part of the journey.  I grew up depending on myself completely and had a strong belief I could be anything I chose to be.   As we walked further through the next part of the labyrinth   I smiled as I realized I had indeed become everything I wanted to be.  There were still things I wanted to accomplish but I was well on my way.

When we entered the center of the labyrinth he turned to look at me and said, “I am giving you the gift of time and choice.  You can choose to put the hurts behind you and see how they have made you stronger or you can choose to hold on to them.  The gift of the watch is to remind you that all has an internal timing.  If you remain in the present, one step at a time, moving into the future you will create everything you desire.  You have a choice in every second of a day how you spend it.  You can spend it feeling sorry for yourself, feeling there is lack and you have missed out on something from the past, you can spend it comparing yourself to someone else or you can spend it making the most of every moment you are here.  Filling your time with laughter that comes from being with people you care about, spending time growing and nurturing your new dreams, learning something new and experiencing life without fear.  The choice is yours!” He bent down and kissed my forehead and just suddenly disappeared leaving me to ponder my choices.  I felt an incredible healing energy come from the center where I stood holding the grandmother andara crystal and saw an image of the Black Madonna’s golden thread guiding me from the labyrinth.  What I didn’t know was that every moment I had recorded a negative feeling that was buried deep inside would find its way to the surface in the next 24 hours.  This was not easy but it was necessary if I was to shed the past and really be able to move forward.  Each of us who walked the labyrinth that day would experience some type of emotional healing to the heart.


Just as the great Douglas fir had called to me, on the New Moon, the Redwood Forest near San Francisco also called me.  To walk in the forest is to walk into God’s cathedral.  Here it doesn’t matter what religion you are, it doesn’t matter what your sexual preference is, it doesn’t matter what you do for a living or the amount of money recorded in your bank account, it doesn’t matter if you are white, black, Asian, Native American, it only matters that you have come in respect.  I walked the circle around the forest feeling the healing energy and listening to the trees speak and then I came upon a sign that read….

In 1945 delegates from all over the world met in San Francisco to establish the United Nations.  On May 19th they traveled to Muir Woods to honor the memory of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt whose death one month earlier had thrown the world into mourning.  President Roosevelt believed in the value of national parks as sources of inspiration and human renewal.  He also believed that good forestry practices and the sustainable development of natural resources were keystones to lasting peace around the world.  Organizers of the event had hoped that the profound beauty and serenity of Muir Woods would inspire the delegates to pursue the president’s program for world peace as they met to establish the United Nations.  Persons who love nature find a common basis for understanding people of other countries, since the love of nature is universal among men of all nations.


It was indeed the trees that had called me to this place, from the man made cathedral holding this vision of unity  known as Grace Cathedral to God’s cathedral of the natural world.  It was the same message.  This is also the vision and the message of not only our new President but also other world leaders, so in the midst of our external apparent chaos we have created, if we take the time, we can once again find the beauty and the promise of hope in the cathedrals of nature.  They know no walls, no ceilings and no judgment.  They just are.

Wishing you magic and inner peace offered from the natural world.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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