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Spiritual Journeys on Waiheke Island NZ

Spirit Walking

facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant

Waiheke Island, NZ

Our ancient ancestors all over the world discovered how to maximize their human abilities by communicating with the unseen world and awakening the Shamanic mind for healing, problem solving and vision through spiritual journeys to sacred sights of power.   A spiritual journey can be defined as being able to see the world with different eyes and to listen to the wisdom of the natural world.  From ancient times, shaman have worked with the spirits of nature for healing, and knowledge. Sitting in the stillness of a great stone sanctuary or amongst a grove of magnificent trees can return a sense of harmony and balance during these times of transition and change.  Our world is rapidly changing externally and we must change our personal story to create a new dream.

Oneroa Beach NZ

Waiheke Island is a magickal place that sits on the dragon lines and allows one to access the natural world to awaken ones own intuitive abilities.  Private journeys can be created for the individual based on how many days one chooses to immerse themselves in the magick and one’s personal fitness level.  Each journey is designed to take one deeper into their own soul story.  2018 provides an even greater opportunity to awaken dormant abilities and talents as the Year of Sacred Relationships, Divine Partnerships and Holy Alliances creates a time when the world of human and the unseen are joined together.

Grandmother tree

The Maori share that when one sits beneath a Pohutakawa tree at the time of a full moon one’s life path can be illuminated and guidance provided.  These magnificent standing tall ones are known as the tree of life where it is said all elements join together.  Grandmother and Grandfather Tree welcome the spiritual pilgrim who comes with an open heart.

Stoney Batter NZ

The ancient stone beings that serve as guardians to the celestial realm also serve as sentinels at the star gate that takes one through an interdimensional doorway to remember ones soul story.  This is truly a place of magick where I have performed many ceremonies to connect with the ancestors and whale spirits, known as Tutara.  Stone beings teach us vigilance and assist the human in reestablishing their faith and trust.  In these times of uncertainty they serve as grand elders to assist us in remembering our purpose.

Dragon Tree

The dragon lines run strongly through this mystical island and there are several places where one can connect to these magnificent beings when seeking guidance and wisdom as we have truly entered the time of the Great Awakening.    From deep in the hidden caverns where they have remained hidden, the Dragons are returning to help us.  Guardians of the violet flame of transformation there is much these mythical beings can teach the human. They want us to remember who we are and assist us and our beloved planet by helping to restore the Magick.

Coast line walk

Scientific studies have shown that natural environments can have remarkable benefits for human health as they promote positive emotions.  Simply walking in nature has been associated with heightened physical and mental energy.

Waiheke bush walks

Known as forest bathing, one can experience unforgettable moments of extreme happiness. Forest Bathing through the native bush can provide an overwhelming sense of peace and calm restoring balance and assisting one in finding their heart song once again.

Medical studies have shown the benefits associated with forest bathing as boosting ones immune system, reducing blood pressure, increasing one’s ability to focus, and improved sleep. Spending time in nature has also been proven to reduce psychological stress, depressive symptoms, and anxiety.

Waiheke Kauri Trees

Learning to communicate with the ancient Kauri tree spirits can activate ones intuitive abilities stimulating creativity and inspired thought.  These magnificent beings teach us to embrace our own magnificence,

If you are interested in rediscovering the magick of your personal journey, restoring balance and joy, as well as receiving guidance and direction, and would like to experience a private custom designed spirit journey please contact me directly at [email protected].  These are available from March to the beginning of September.

I look forward to sharing the magick of this special landscape and dimensional doorway of the dragon lineage to those who feel the spirit of Waiheke calling.

I will also be sharing a one day group experience on the island Saturday, April 7th.    We have a lovely group gathering for this intimate experience into the teachings of the Path of the Rose and awakening the dragon spirit. For more information please click here

For those who are called to the teachings of the Path of the Rose I will also be sharing this  ancient knowledge on the beautiful Isle of Apples, Tasmania, Australia.

We are in the midst of a beautiful new moon known as the Mermaid New Moon.  I have posted a ritual to work with the influences for those who are members of our online subscription series

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Love and mermaid cuddles, Robbyne

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