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Spirit Moves as Spirit Will

I had planned to send a message on Valentines Day about the relationship we each need to experience with ourselves and the need to focus on unconditional self-love, but my day began quite unexpectedly.   In my world every day begins unexpectedly but this was truly a shift in how I planned to spend the day.   Our computer crashed and we found we needed to take it into town for repair, which had us up and out of the house rather early.  As we drove by the pond. I was thrilled to see over two dozen snow geese had landed and as I was counting, my husband looked up and said in an alarmed voice …”Oh no, the buck is trapped in the barbed wire fence”.

To my horror a beautiful buck we had seen night after night grazing in the field was trapped on the barbed wire fence.  Without hesitation my husband (who is usually Captain safety) jumped out of the truck and cautiously approached the injured animal.  It was apparent the deer had been stuck on the fence since the night before and so when my husband attempted to assist, the deer just surrendered and did not struggle which allowed him to eventually free the deer that then completely collapsed to the ground.  Being the animal lover that I am, I immediately knelt down beside the young buck and began to send healing and calming energy to the animal.  As I sent love to this animal I felt love being sent back to me.  I knew there was a powerful message in this as the deer is the animal messenger of unconditional love.  Captain Safety returned and my husband realized what I was doing and yelled, “Have you lost your mind, get away from that animal.  He could kick you or stab you with his antlers, that is a wild animal, injured and frightened”.  How many times have I heard those words I thought to myself.  In the last year alone there had been the raccoon I carried from the street who had been hit by the car, the beautiful hawk who had entangled himself in a wire above the sacred spiral, the Great Horned Owl when we first arrived on this land in October and now the buck.

We returned a few hours later and found the animal was still lying down.  It appeared his legs were injured but he seemed alert.  I began to call the Fish and Game office, animal rescue, anyone I could think of, as I was desperate to help this animal.  A bizarre chain of events began to happen.  All the people I needed to speak to could not be reached.  Either the phones were not working or they were away from the office.  In the process I spoke to several different people.  It was obvious something I was not aware of was happening here.  We walked back outside to where the injured deer was and I tried again to send him love and thank him for whatever message was trying to be given to me.  The Red Tail Hawk screeched above me and landed on the hillside.  This caught my attention, as the hawk had never landed on the ground, always on the tree branches.  That night everyone I had tried to reach earlier in the day called me, and each shared with me there was really nothing I could do.   I was told to give the animal the night as he would have a chance.  Every person at the end of the conversation made a point of saying, “Thank you for caring”.  I fell into a deep sleep last night and felt the ancestors around me.  I had strange and vivid dreams all night.

This morning we awoke to a gentle layer of fresh snow.   My husband headed to the area where we had left the buck. Even before he returned, I knew the beautiful spirit had passed because of the vivid dream I had.   Guy came in and quietly shared with me that somehow the buck had managed to jump back over the fence and into the area where he came every night to graze but his spirit had left his body.  Tears ran down my face but I understood a gift was being offered, a message for the human world.  When a beloved, family pet crosses to the other side it is a message that the human whom the animal was an ally would be experiencing a major shift.  When a wild animal passes it creates a shift for all of a mankind.

Following a Shaman’s Path, knowledge gifted to me from elders of every culture helped to give me insight as to the message the unseen world was sharing.  The buck is an animal that represents unconditional love, the very message I had been thinking about on Valentine’s Day.  Approaching everything in life with compassion and gentleness can create the balance we so desperately need at this time on the planet.  The buck represents that bridge between the wild and the tame that exists within all of us.  The barbed wire fence represents being restricted, being held back by negative thoughts and fear.  Our planet is currently shifting by breaking down the patriarchal control which is evident not only in the Egyptian people bringing down the old regime but now this desire for change and the strength to stand up is moving through Iran.  I believe it will create a tremendous wave of energy as the Rainbow Serpent continues to move which will spread across the Middle East.   As you leap forward don’t let the fears and doubts, the old tapes of limitation, the distorted view we have of abundance and prosperity hold you back.  A Shaman’s Path is to look at the world through different eyes.  Eyes that pierce through illusion to find personal truth. To search for the gift even in the heartache and sense of loss.   This magnificent being had chosen to sacrifice itself, not just to deliver a message to me but also for each of you reading these words.  I noted the number of points on the buck’s antlers which were six.  Numerologically six is the number of compassion, sacrifice, family, beauty.

With the current influence of Saturn in Retrograde, Saturn is the planet of responsibility, and symbolizes hard work.     Under its influence a person’s character is strengthened through trial and challenge.   In the grand plan of the universe, Saturn does not give us more than we can handle. Under Saturn’s influence we achieve by overcoming obstacles and hardship. Sometimes the effort itself is the reward, for effort is what builds character. In the end, what we learn under Saturn’s influence we keep for the rest of our lives.  As we continue to more forward in the Aquarian Age, all rules are now changing.  Absolutely nothing can remain the same.

Somehow this magnificent animal ally,  found the strength to jump back over that fence to the place where he came every night to feed.  He was always seen with several doe around him, so symbolically this act of sacrifice by the buck symbolizes the end of a male dominated world and the restoration of the Goddess energy.  For thousands of years the Goddess has been denied, the divine feminine has been suppressed and there has been an imbalance felt upon this planet as we began to forget the earth religion.  This first religion which belongs to everyone.   We became separate from one another when we fell under  illusion and divided the world with countless religions and beliefs.  This is changing as the Rainbow serpent continues to break through these illusions and together we create our new dream of unity and oneness.   No longer will the Goddess be denied, no longer will you be held back from being the expression of all you were intended to be.

Use this Saturn retrograde period to see what creates the barbed wire in your life.  Don’t allow yourself to be held back by fear, doubt and insecurity.  Regardless of your belief system, the religion you follow as your truth, we each have the opportunity to embrace each other, to learn from each other.  Our planet is rich in culture, and sacred teachings.  The unseen world belongs to each of us who embrace and listen to the animal allies and the ancestral elders of all lands who walk along side those with an open heart.  There are hidden messages in all of our experiences if we observe and listen.

Our rainbow nation continues to grow as we hold the light to illuminate the pathway of truth and weave the energy of love and the new dream of peace across the planet.  We have a Full Moon coming on Friday, February 18th, know as the Quickening Full Moon.  For those of you who have the 2011 Ritual Book there is a special meditation to be performed in the book.  Take a moment to embrace the power of this full moon as it quickens and continues to awakens  inside of you.    Envision the barbed wire fence around you and see what illusion, lies, fears, doubts and insecurities create the untruths that hold you back from stepping into your full potential.  Remember the vibration of love can shift everything, unconditional love, the message of the Buck.  Where you find the untruth, the fear, the doubt, send love and see that an opening is created and the barb wire fence dissolved before you.  See yourself stepping forward into your dream.

Experience life today and share your light with someone by telling them you love them, by making a phone call or sending a card.  It is not just Valentine’s Day that we need to be the expression of love, it is everyday.

From my heart to yours, as we are woven together by the Web of Light that joins us.  Wishing you magick on your journey.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Beverly Bonney

    I can’t tell you how much your writings mean to my soul. I read each and every one. I look forward to seeing you again someday. Thank you for the love.