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Spider Woman Speaks

The night before there had been some concern expressed by both Jon and Lupita that the weather could change.  The smell of rain was in the air and there were dark clouds on the horizon.  There were 35 riverbeds we would need to pass if we were to make it to Spider Rock the source of the Cosmic Spider Web.  If it rained it would be impossible for us to travel Jon explained.  “Not a problem it won’t rain”, I replied.  There was NO WAY that we would not make it to Spider Rock.  The last three days had been preparing us for this day.  My soul’s journey had been preparing me for this my entire lifetime and there was not a moment of doubt that we would not answer the call.  We had all come this far.  It was the same sense of knowing that we as a collective humanity have come this far.  There was no way we would turn back or not anchor in the golden age of unity.  To know something with such certainty is the very thing my faith is built on no matter what challenge I may face at any given moment.  There is NO WAY…. together we won’t make it.  Failure is not in my vocabulary.  My two daughters have taught me that through the emotional release I moved through over the last three days.  As I closed my eyes I saw the deer running by on the Path of Beauty and my heart smiled.

That morning we all awoke very early.  Jon felt we might be able to outrun the rain if we left early in the morning.  I climbed out of the tent to the call of my two guardian crows soaring above me and the sun shining brilliantly in the early morning sky.  We all felt the anticipation of the day.  The boys had school that day, but had so wanted to join us. Jon had decided they could learn more from Spider Rock than what could be offered in the classroom and had made the decision we would all go.    We were delighted as our entire family was going to make this journey.  We packed our lunch and plenty of water and everyone climbed into the truck.  My heart this time was racing with excitement.  I was going home.  The holy ones were waiting and Spider Woman herself was calling.  There were giggles and laughter.  We felt like children.  I had never felt so sure that this was where I was meant to be.  Strangely I felt everyone I had ever known and ever loved in this lifetime was with me.  Those who had passed that I missed were walking the Path of Beauty with me.

We arrived at Spider Woman and a wave of joy filled my entire being.  I was so grateful to be able to walk this path.  All the challenges of the past no longer mattered.  I was standing in the presence of creation.  Although I had been here two years before we had not been taken to this part of the rock.  I sensed this was sacred to the Native guardians and this time we were going with our family.   As I climbed higher I could feel the ancestors with me.  I could see many standing on the plateau waiting.

I looked to my right and there appeared to be the first strand of the cosmic spider web.  My guardian crows flew above and we each stood between Spider Rock and the place of the holy ones.  Lupita began to share the story of this place and tears ran down her face as she shared, “I miss my mother”.  The exact words my daughter had spoken to me.  I missed my mother as well, but here in this sacred place ones burdens are left behind and a great healing occurs.  Thousands had traveled to this place seeking healing, vision and guidance.   Now we stood where so many before had stood.  I knew I too had been here many times before.   For the Native American tribes this was their Jerusalem, their Mecca.  We each placed are hands on Spider Rock and asked for guidance from Spider Woman.  Our group gathered together as we created a circle to pray to heal the cosmic spider web.  This was the very source of the new dream.  I used the Uluru tuning fork to activate the song lines and heart lines that joined this place to Uluru, the place of the Rainbow Serpent.  I placed EB, the obsidian being in the center of our circle with the andara crystal and we joined hands.  We prayed for a world filled with beauty.  We prayed for peace, unity and healing of the web.  We prayed for strength to be the vessels of love and the guiding light we were all intended to be and we sent that light to our spiritual family that is now positioned all over the world.

We each found our place to sit in stillness to receive guidance from the Holy Ones and the answers I had been seeking were answered.  I felt the strength returning to my body, my mind now clear and focused and my heart filled with love.  My purpose was clear to guide others to walk the path of beauty, to continue to heal the cosmic spider web by creating circles of light in powerful places along the cosmic grid.

When we came down from the rocks, we shared lunch and saw that the skies were clear.  We would be able to make one final journey together.

Lupita’s sister had now joined us as well and we climbed into two different trucks to visit the place where the wind is born, the place of new beginnings, known a Wind Rock.

This had been so powerful for me two years before as I had stepped out onto the ledge that overlooked the canyon.  Another climb that took ones breath away but we each climbed again at our own pace.

When we arrived at the top Lupita acknowledged the spirit beings of this sacred place.  Two years before only the women were able to climb the ledge but this time Guy ventured out.    He had told me to watch my step as I climbed out on the edge and I was quite surprised to see that this time he had followed me out.

To sit on the precipice of this rock, high above the canyon you feel limitless as though you can soar.  We were all ready to soar.  Our work was complete.   We had all been through so much.  We had all moved through our fears, released deep emotion and come together as such a strong family unit of support with our indigenous family as well.  We were different people than the ones who had met four days before.  We were one. The next part of the journey would begin.  The next part was the challenge of getting down the rock face.

Lupita said we were going to do the Navajo dance down.  She and Jon took Marlis’s hand and I saw Marlis as the young child being carefully guided down the mountain with the hand of her mother and father.  I took the hand of my sister Gina, whom I am convinced was definitely a Mountain Goat in a past life.    Brigitta held her sister Sandy and brother Shoshane’s hand.  Guy was behind me taking the hand of his brother Ueli, his sister Jenny, his sister Vanessa and then our beautiful child guides, Dion and Daniel.    Together we walked down the face of the rock.  We were holding each other’s hands.  Lupita looked at me and said.  “Trust your feet, trust your shoes, and trust your knowing”.  We supported each other all the way down. Lupita began to sing and dance down the rock.  Marlis began to sing and dance as well.   It is amazing what can be accomplished when we join hands and trust each other.    We can do anything.

As we drove home, in the distance a magnificent rainbow appeared.  Confirmation we had done all we were asked to do and were individually forever changed.

Sandy described the experience the best, saying she had found her way home to herself.  We all had, we had found our way back to our heart light, and we were now ready to move forward to activate the heart lines of our beautiful earth mother.  I was heading now to Mount Shasta to sit within the forest for the next three months to write the story of this amazing journey of the Path of Beauty, to align the energetic grid and prepare for the gathering that will occur at 11:11:11.  This has been prophesized to be one of the greatest alignments of light that humanity will receive to activate the song lines and awaken those still sleeping.  Mount Shasta is one of the most powerful energy vortexes in North America and the place of the etheric mystery school of the Masters.  For those who may be called to join us there is still space available.   For more information and registration, please click here. The accommodations are booking up quickly as more will be called to the mountain.  I will be sending out information how to join with our circle at 11:11:11 in a future email.

I felt emotional leaving this sacred place, tears once again running down my face, but knew I would return again next year.  I was at peace and I knew I needed to bring others back to the source of the web, back this the path of beauty.

Wishing you magick, love, the remembrance of home and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Gina

    Thank you Robbyne for brandishing the needle high and with love, so that we each have an opportunity to pass within and without,many times… surely a Beauty Way to witness that which we come to know as Weaving the Web… creating Together.