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Southern Cross

I would be awakened at 3:00am from a sound sleep with a sense of urgency to step outside.   As I gazed up I realized I was standing directly beneath the Southern Cross.  I began to feel  that all so familiar feeling of home and an amazing feeling of love cursing through my entire being.    When I was young (very young) I heard the song “Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  This night the words that had touched me so deeply years before came into my consciousness as though they sang that song just for me.

When you see the Southern Cross for the first time
you understand now why you came this way.
‘Cause the truth you might be running’ from is so small.
But it’s as big as the promise – The promise of a coming’ day.

Even as a teenager those words touched something deep inside and I knew I had to travel to a place where the Southern Cross was visible.   Now a few years later (ok many) it was indeed the Southern Cross that was calling to me.  It had for the last 11 years from the first time I stood beneath it in Peru and New Zealand.      Now standing under that magnificent sky,  crystal clear  this night with hundreds of celestial beings looking down, I knew exactly why my soul had made this journey, not just to New Zealand but why I had come to experience this incredibly amazing journey on earth. I also understood why I was leaving the sanctuary I had been the guardian of for the last 17 years and why I had spent the last 14 years answering the call of Spirit and the Goddess.  I understood why the ancestors were calling me home and just how significant this journey was.    I understood how we as the human race had fallen asleep, lost our way and become separated from our truth.  I understood why our world was experiencing what is experiencing.  I also was shown what we are moving towards and how powerful we can be if we continue to weave the web.  We cannot do this alone we must come together.  This was the message coming so clearly from the stars this night.  I could hear the sound of the dolphins calling to me from the sea.  So loud it was as if I was with them.  I went back into the room with a feeling of excitement. Knowing that something amazing was going to happen over the next few days.  I fell back into a deep sleep but dreamed vividly of walking with the elders who were sharing their wisdom with me.

We awoke to another spectacular day and a beautiful sunrise.  Today was the morning we were to cruise the Bay of Islands and hopefully connect to the dolphin.  The captain explained to us that we would go in search of the dolphins.  He made it very clear that this was not a bay that held the dolphin captive; they were free to come and go as they pleased.  It could take up to three hours to find them.  Because of the experience I had the night before I knew they were close.  They already knew we were there and would certainly find us.  The captain said that if possible we would be able to swim with them but if we came upon a pod that had children this would not be possible as there was a protocol to protect the babies.  I closed my eyes down and saw a pod swimming towards us.  I saw their young so knew that swimming would not be possible this day.    “Things are not as they appear to be” were words I heard telepathically.

Within 10 minutes we came upon the dolphin and what a magnificent sight this was.  My heart always wants to explode with joy whenever I am in the water with these beautiful star beings.  One cannot be close to these amazing creatures of the Goddess and not feel the unconditional love they express.  Dolphins are carriers of starlight.  Messengers of hope and joy and a reminder to go with the flow of life.  Allow the changes that are coming rapidly now to unfold.  Hold on to nothing and allow what needs to go out of your life to go, washing away the old and making room for the new.  All the elements were present this day.  The gentle breeze of the winds brought air, the sun shining brightly brought the fire element, the water element was present and as we looked around the Goddess was very present in the landscape of the earth mother.  When all elements come together and are honored and when one stands with an open heart as an expression of the fifth element love, magick occurs.

The dolphin surrounded the boat and played with us for quite awhile delivering their message telepathically.  Long ago our ancestors could communicate telepathically.   They could hear the message of the animals, the wisdom of the trees and the knowledge stored within the stone beings.  There was no separation by language because all was spoken from the heart.  When dolphins appear they open our heart to make that divine connection to spirit.  We can transcend any language and feel the connection of oneness in every cell of our being.   When we feel that connection to spirit and to everything around us we are fully present in the moment.  In the moment we are able to alter and change reality.  We are able to use our minds to create new opportunities and we are able to bring light to the cosmic spider web to awaken others and illuminate the path for those who are lost.

We had an unexpected visit as we docked our boat and began a hike up the hill to a Pohutakawa tree.  Here one tree stood tall and proud.  I became child like again and climbed onto one of the strong branches.  We gave a whole new meaning to the term Family Tree.  We were indeed a family now, traveling together to create circles of light.  The Maori believe that when one sits beneath a Pohutakawa tree, this is the tree of life and  one’s life will change forever.   Each moment of this journey, each day I knew all of our lives were changing.

We headed back to Auckland with one last visit for the day to visit a very dear friend Anita.  She had found her home and her family in New Zealand and we were each gifted with a wonderful encounter with Kerry a Master craftsman of the ancient swamp kauri.  What a beautiful soul who spoke to the spirit of the ancient trees when he carved these magnificent pieces.  Kerry and Anita gifted each of our group with a beautiful necklace that symbolized the Four Winds.  As Kerry spoke emotion filled the room and we were each deeply touched with this special gift as we were indeed heading to the Temple of the Four Winds.   Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I realized tomorrow was just around the corner and we were off for quite the adventure.

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  1. Wendy

    Beautiful as usual!
    What particularly touched me today was: ‘we cannot do this alone, we must come together’. Shortly before I read your story I got a similar ‘message’ in an odd way and I really believe that this is something that everyone should be aware of and above all act upon it, especially now…