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August 2018

As we continue to move through these intense times of change during 2018 we are shedding layers of our past.  We are in a gestation process of the new expression we are birthing into manifestation in 2019.  Next year being a three year, we push through the illusions and begin to live the new story we are writing this year as we enter a world of infinite possibilities born from this two year of reconciliation.

I have shared how powerful this month is with the July Planetary Influences all leading up to the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27/28th.  These energies can leave us confused and searching for direction.  For the month of August I will be available for Soul Life Readings and Karmic Contract Readings.  I am currently in New Zealand but available throughout the world thanks to Skype, Viber, WeChat, What’s App.  Please see below a description of the readings.  With Mercury Retrograding from July 26th to August 18th this is an excellent time to review the path our Soul is navigating. Mercury Retrograde is traveling through Leo which is a fire sign.  We are indeed stepping the game up with this one.  The fire element represents passion, desire, action, adventure and the love of a challenge. Remember the external expression of collective consciousness is playing out as the fire energy of the earth mother moves throughout Hawaii and Bali.  The Element of Fire is a living symbol of the Divine fire that burns in every soul.  Use this retrograde cycle to find your passion.

 Soul Life Reading – A one-hour soul life reading serves as a navigational tool to assist one when moving through changes as feelings of uncertainty, confusion and lack of direction arise.   In this session relationships and their purpose of being in one’s life are revealed which can support one further in this Year of Sacred Relationships.  Present life challenges are identified and guidance given to move one through any conflict with grace and ease.  Pages of ones soul story is shared and a review of the souls energetic blueprint, strengths and destiny are explained. Past life experiences influencing the present incarnations are revealed and tools to release these memories stored in the consciousness are explored.  The greatest responsibility we have at this time is to clear the imprints of the past to embrace our birthright to be sovereign beings of love.

Karmic Life Lesson Reading – During this session there is a review and discussion of the soul contract made prior to this incarnation. Life lessons, core fears, karmic connections with significant souls in ones life are identified and reviewed. Patterns that one continues to create and guidance to make necessary change provided. Instantaneous healing can occur when awareness is given and soul truth identified. Practical tools for eliminating blocks and false limitations are provided as the soul is elevated to a higher plane of awareness. Past lives that are influencing the current life expression are revealed.

For those who are in New Zealand, I am also guiding private one and two-day Soul Retreats and Vision Quests on Waiheke Island.  Winter on Waiheke brings a magickal energy as we have stunning days of radiant sunshine, but the island returns to a quiet place of stillness.  There is so much to experience on this crystal island as the spirit of the land gifts the one who enters with an open heart.

Stoney Batter NZ

From the ancient stone beings, we gain insight to our star origin and soul blueprint, wisdom is offered from the elder standing tall ones as we forest bathe in the world of enchantment, healing occurs at the edge of the sacred flowing waters and passion is found in the places of learning that exist in the quiet sanctuaries.  Bring your questions, your challenges and your concerns as awareness comes when one leaves the Fast World behind and enters the realm of nature.

For more information regarding Private Retreats which are custom designed for the individual, please contact me directly at [email protected].

For those in Australia who would like to schedule a private session in person I will be available in Mount Tamborine on July 27th and 29th.  These sessions will be greatly heightened within the eclipse energies.     For those in the USA, I am returning for a week to Southern California September 18th to the 22nd if you would like to schedule a Soul Life Reading or Healing and Balancing Session please contact me as well.

I look forward to sharing.  Wishing you an enchanted week.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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