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Soul Life Readings offered in Southern California

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November 18th and 19th

January 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th


As 2017, the Year of New Beginnings and the Goddess Awakening winds down, we have a grand opportunity to review and gain clarity on all that has transpired this year for our soul growth. A Soul Life Reading looks deep into your soul’s journey providing guidance, clarity, wisdom and direction when we find ourselves in transition and times of uncertainty. It provides a blueprint of your soul and insight how to navigate the next twelve months.

With the turning of the sacred wheel on December 21st we experience the Sabbat celebration of Yule also known as the Winter Solstice and will find ourselves entering the second year of a nine year transition as 2018 energetically begins. A year of partnerships, relationships, and unions. I will be sending a more detailed description of the energy and magick of this year in another posting. All the seed work of 2017 begins to produce the right alliances and partnerships to support our dream if we can become clear on what we wish to manifest.

2018 vibrates as a TWO-year beginning a twelve-month journey in which you will find exciting connections between your past, your present, and your future. The pieces of your soul puzzle will begin to make sense and provide a vision for your future. Make no mistake, what happens this year is going to take perseverance and great patience. Having guidance from your spirit guides and Master Teachers can support the progression of your soul journey.

I will only be in Southern California in November and again in January as we are making our move to New Zealand in March and will not be back to Mount Shasta until the fall.

Mt Shasta Moon

I will be offering a special journey of soul discovery on Mount Shasta in January for those who are ready to move into the silence and utilize the magick the mountain provides during this time of stillness. January on the mountain is like no other. There is an incredible stillness that nurtures one’s soul and allows you to detox and disconnect from the fast world as you set clear intentions for 2018.  As the Goddess is cloaked in her winter coat she offers clarity and nurturing to the spiritual pilgrim who answers her call.

This magickal year provides an opportunity to reestablish the alliance between the world of human and that of the unseen. I am delighted to share many exciting adventures in both the Southern and Northern hemisphere during 2018 as we can become emissaries of light and love walking a path of beauty, the Path of the Rose on our beloved earth in this year of alliances, unions and partnerships. I am currently working on the schedule for next year and will be sharing in the next several weeks.

If you would like to schedule a soul life reading please contact Guy at [email protected]. 1-hour sessions are $205.00. If you are not able to connect in person I am also available by phone or Skype.

Look forward to sharing with you.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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