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Sometimes it takes someone or something to make us look deep inside our heart so we take the action to change.

West Fork Canyon

I have always known that water shapes the land and our challenges shape us.  No matter what you believe about COVID, the source, the reason, the conspiracy, the science, the reality, one thing I know is it is a consciousness, a wakeup call, for each of us to be better stewards of the sacred blue. To take better care of our body temples and to eliminate toxic thoughts and fear. To set aside our differences and unify.  This doesn’t mean you don’t have your own opinion or viewpoint, it means you are willing to listen without name calling or judgment.   Black lives do matter, so do white lives, brown lives, trees, marine animals, wildlife, plant life.   We all matter equally.

sandy beach

The final months of 2020 are a gift to each of us to prepare for what is coming.  Having spent a few days at the ocean to sit in the enchanted space where the sea kisses the sands of the human world, I had been called by the sacred blue.  I needed to breathe in the breath of the Goddess and receive the immune building rays of the Great Central Sun.  I needed to hear the wisdom of the sea, which has always served as one of my teachers.

The Message the Sea offered:

Let your vocabulary contain only positive words.  Affirm happiness, gratitude and contentment in the moment.  Eliminate from your thoughts all doubt and fear.  Decide on your personal goals and hold the vision for your community and the world.  Focus on it and move forward into the vibration of it.

These are strange times, each day we need to navigate paths that are unfamiliar.  The truth is we lost our way a long time ago and are being given the opportunity to redefine who we are, to reclaim our personal truth and to step forward. You were born to be here at this precise moment.

Mars is now retrograde, the planet of war and we have to move through these energies of aggression, anger, conflict, confrontation, greed, manipulation,  deception and fear with a heart that is radiating love.  Will it be easy…NO!    There are fires raging across numerous states in America, an outward expression of what is happening internally.   I have family and dear friends being impacted.  There is illness and fear about what the future holds.  If you are living in the United States, you are living in sheer chaos and it will take every bit of strength you have to keep the faith.  It is imperative you do, because this is why you were born at this time.   DO NOT get swept into the vortex of deception, manipulation and fear.

light and dark

To support you, I am adding a guided meditation for the beautiful Virgo New Moon on the 17th/18th.  I encourage you to step up your spiritual practice.  It’s going to be a bumpy few months, but we have the tools to ride this through and TOGETHER birth a new reality.  We can DO THIS TOGETHER.  No Fear!!!!!

Keep focused on the reality you want to create.  Let any thoughts of lack or what you don’t have go.  Jump in that river and let it carry you.  You are going to have to let go of those who choose to hold on to the shore.  It is not your responsibility to ensure the evolution of another.  It is your responsibility to birth a new reality.

etheric map

For those who would like additional support I am available for a Soul Life Reading to assist you in navigating through these times.  A soul life reading serves as a navigational map of your soul to outline the course you are traveling and where you may need to make a course direction.  It helps you to see the challenges and past experiences through the lens of the heart.  Only when we choose to write a new story will we create a new reality.  The universe works in magickal ways.  Old wounds can heal instantly when we choose to heal them by writing a new story.  Contact Guy at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

sedona rose

I also continue to offer the Pathways of the Rose.  Here you find your truth, you remember and discover who you were born to be and you find the tools to step forward.  Path of the Rose

first man woman

For those who would like to step deeper into their soul story I also offer personal retreats in the beautiful healing red stones of Sedona.   I invite you to experience the magick, nurture your soul, discover your truth and return to a natural state of harmony and inner peace within.   Let the elder stones speak to guide your journey. Nature cannot be manipulated,  it merely supports the human in finding their truth.  Click Here

Kia Kaha, Be Strong, Be Love.  Please allow yourself the time to experience the guided meditation in stillness.  Use headphones if possible.  If you feel you don’t have 20 minutes for yourself to do the meditation,  then the reality is you need at least an hour to honor yourself and disconnect from the fast world.

Happy Virgo New Moon.  Make this a beautiful day,

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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