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Sometimes it is not what we think we should be….it is what we are meant to be


On the 4th of July, which is meant to be a celebration of freedom for the United States of America, a country where I have struggled with the recent decisions made by the Supreme Court, I have felt a sense of betrayal and exhaustion.  A moment of wondering had all the work we had all been doing for years lost its momentum.   I have begun to feel this is now a country in decline.

I searched for an answer as Mama Mountain (Mount Shasta) had called me to be here at this time and I always heed the guidance of nature when she calls.

I wanted to share the original purpose of this celebration which was based on a historical event that occurred on these lands in 1776 especially since America is experiencing what is known as a Pluto return.   The 4th of July celebration was an honoring and remembrance of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

These are the words that seemed to trigger deep emotion inside of me.  I will not share it all, but I wonder how many know these are the words we are celebrating that led to freedom.  Please note I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  I have no vested interest in any political party.  I have no interest in engaging in a dialogue as to who is right or wrong.   I do have an interest in living my truth and a strong sense of freedom that each person should be allowed to live theirs.  Someone’s truth does not need to be my truth and my truth does not need to be theirs.


The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America:

Sometimes it becomes necessary for a group of people to declare their independence from a government they used to be connected to. They have a right to do so under natural law, though they should respectfully lay out the reasons for the separation.

It is obvious that all people have the right to equal treatment, and that God gives people rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness that can be neither taken nor given away.

The only legitimate purpose of government is to make sure that these individual rights are protected, and the only legitimate way for such governments to exist is for the people to consent to their existence.

But, if a government ever fails in its task to protect individual rights, the people have the right to alter or abolish it, and create a new government based on whatever principles they think best.

But we need to be careful not to be too quick to change or abolish long standing governments, even though people will usually continue to suffer under unjust governments rather than take action to change an existing system that they are used to.

But when a government continually violates the rights of the people, clearly and with the purpose of exercising absolute power over them, the people have a right and duty to throw off that government.

I personally had never read these words, but I felt it necessary to work through my sacred anger to find the source of my emotions and feelings.  Instead of fighting amongst ourselves we need to come together.

As synchronicity would play out being on the mountain, rain came, and a mysterious mist rolled in making it a perfect day to sit inside and watch a movie.  Spirit speaks to me often through songs, movies, or stories that I might read as a magazine or book appears at the perfect time.

Te Ata

Today my dear friend who is a member of the Chickasaw tribe recommended I watch Te Ata.  It is a beautiful movie that would move me to tears for so many reasons. The story of Te Ata Thompson Fisher, whose name means “Bearer of the Morning,” was born Dec. 3, 1895, near Emet, Oklahoma. A citizen of the Chickasaw Nation, Te Ata was an accomplished actor and teller of Native American stories.  The Chickasaw nation was guided by a white dog which to me represented my white wolf, who has guided me since early childhood as my Spirit Animal.


Listening to stories from her father when she was young, one of her favorite stories was the story of a horse of many colors.


“They may be brown, black, or yellow”, he shares, “but they are all one horse.” The metaphor, of course applies to humans.  Horses are the spirit animal that represents freedom.  The mountain was sharing this message when we stopped to take a picture of the horses before the mountain.

Her stage name, Te Ata, was said to originate from the Maori language, meaning, “the morning.”   (This was also a sign that soon I will be returning to my heart home in New Zealand).  I also saw a connection between people of all lands and nations.

During, Te Ata’s brilliant career of more than 60 years she would be asked by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to perform for the Queen of England at a state dinner.  She was asked by many tribes to share their stories during a time when the US government was attempting to ban any rituals or story telling from the First Nation People.  Te Ata collected hundreds of stories from different tribes and traveled through Europe and South America sharing these stories.

We need to take the time to listen to each other’s stories.


I felt both a heavy heart, and deep sadness as I found the source of my sacred anger and clearly received the message the mountain was trying to share with meYou must become the mountain, witness to the changing seasons, the sun rising and setting.  You must be the mountain and just sit as the external world experiences upheaval and change.  Be unwavering with your faith and you’re knowing.  Be the mountain”.

I understood why the mountain had called.  I will be on Ascension Rock on Mama Mountain anchoring prayers for a kinder, gentler world with the next Super Full Moon.  I will be channeling my sacred anger into creating a changing time, honoring the stories and traditions of many nations and tribes that I have been blessed to experience.  I will continue to share sacred journeys to gather our tribe of many nations together.  I will continue to be a faith keeper.  Sometimes it is not what we think we should be…. It is what we are meant to be.

For those who are members of our online subscription series, I have posted a guided audio meditation to support you in connecting with the Mountain, the root chakra of the planet. This meditation can be played again and again to keep you centered, grounded, focused and standing strong as a Faith Keeper.

Wishing you a magickal full moon of wonder, healing, and clarity.  I encourage you to experience this moment by just sitting in stillness.   Tap into your ancestors and observe what stories you may carry that are source of disharmony.  This is a powerful time to do so.  Change begins within us.  I also invite you to watch the movie, Te Ata.

Be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

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Kia Kaha.. Be Strong

Love and moonbeams of clarity, Robbyne

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  1. Michael Rex

    Thank you so much for this. I too have been feeling abandoned by my country, sad and angry at what is happening, and alone “out there”. As usual your wise words help my perspective. I don’t have the energy any longer to”stand and fight” but I can stand, accept and love.

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