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Sometimes you have to get lost to find what you are looking for

entering the Void

After the powerful Total solar eclipse of August, amplified with the planetary influences of August and September, many have found themselves in a place of uncertainty. We will feel the impact of the solar eclipse for the next several months as it continues to illuminate untruths and old beliefs revealing things we have tried to avoid or hidden deep in our consciousness.

Pluto the planet associated with the underworld has been retrograding since April 20th creating an opportunity to eliminate and release the old, worn out and obsolete in our lives. We are urged to let go of attitudes, emotions and fears around security. Since April we have been undergoing an internal house cleaning and on the 28th of September Pluto will finally begin its forward motion. Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth. It represents endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth.  Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is just below the surface. Pluto reveals hidden truth but often there’s a dark night before the rebirth. It’s the planet of creative destruction, and periods of retrograding Pluto can feel like extended ordeals.

When chaotic events shake us at the foundation, it is Pluto provoking change at the core level. We can no longer make excuses for our own unhappiness and will be forced to look at the things in our life that are built on illusion. You can either be at the mercy of Pluto’s demand to make change, or you can take matters into your own hands. Take the time to reflect on the truth of all matters that have been brought into your awareness and make the necessary changes.

To assist you in releasing the old and opening to the wonders the universe has in store for you I have posted an audio meditation for those who are members of our online subscription series to support you in integrating the powerful influence we are moving through. This meditation provides a process that will support you and can be repeated whenever you feel you have lost your way, find that your faith is wavering or need clarity for your journey. Please click here

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At the time that Pluto begins its forward motion I will be with a beautiful group of souls retracing the steps of the Magdalene in the sacred lands of France and Spain. We will be creating sacred ceremony in many of the holy places sacred to the Goddess to create change. Even if you are not joining us physically on this journey of discovery and high healing we are woven together so you are part of the journey.

I will be returning to Mount Shasta mid October to weave the energies of the Magdalene and the divine feminine back to the root chakra of our beloved planet and the holy mountain of the masters.

Sending you love and rainbows as we continue to weave the web together, Robbyne

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