A few days before on Elephantine Island I had received a powerful message from the animal kingdom.  As I gazed out the window, I observed a black and white cat pounce out of the bushes.  As I blinked, I saw the cat now had a snake in its mouth,  It crossed the path from left to right turning to make sure I saw him.  I felt indeed this was a message.  When I returned to my room I shared the event with my husband who was quite surprised as he had just asked someone if there were any snakes on Elephantine Island to which he was told no.  I assured him there was at least one.

Later that evening I shared with Mohammed what I had witnessed.  He seemed rather shocked and shared that they believe a message comes to the one who will understand it.  I told Mohammed the unseen world and the animal kingdom were indeed my messengers and sought their guidance daily.  He then told me that a cat carrying a snake means all obstacles will be removed from ones path and the individual is  divinely protected.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  What more did I need than the very confirmation I had always known.  The Goddess was showing me she was with us.

Nile Cruise Boat

Nile cruises Egypt

We began to sail the Nile River soothing the soul and relaxing into the moment, receiving the blessings the sacred waters provide the spiritual seeker. The landscape faded in and out of time and we watched the shadows play upon the land of the ancient ones.

Camels on the Nile

A magickal moment for me as I sat alone in stillness watching  the sunrise on the holy waters.    

Kom Ombo-temple

Our first docking and a  morning visit to the Temple of Kom Ombo, known as the healing temple of the healers and doctors. A place of initiation dedicated to the crocodile God Sobek.  Upon return we began to sail further along the Nile river to Edfu.



An adventurous horse and carriage ride would be our source of transportation for our afternoon visit to the powerful Temple of Horus.

Egyptian Falcon Edfu

There is a power felt within these temple walls as one stands within the sacred sanctuary connecting to the spirit of the Falcon God.  

light-temple opening

When one stands beneath the opening to the heavens, a shaft of light shines down upon the spiritual traveler giving life to the solar child within.

Standing of Light Temple

For me the energy was so strong I nearly lost my balance, as I stood completely alone beneath the opening that led to the sky. One by one our group would receive the solar blessing.

Isis and Horus

Horus is the falcon God, born of the union between Isis and Osiris.  It is said that when Isis and Osiris ruled the lands of Egypt  the country flourished, a time of perfect balance between the male and female. Set, the brother of Osiris became jealous and murdered his brother scattering the pieces of his body throughout the lands.    Isis in her pain for the loss of her true love searched until she was able to find the pieces. Although she was not able to bring her beloved back to life she was able to use alchemy and ancient magick  to breathe a life force into his body.   Through the alchemical union she became pregnant  with Horus, the solar child who would be born into the world of human to fight against evil. This is the origin of the story told in many lands and interpreted in many ways.   Could it be the origin of the story of the immaculate conception that led to the birth of the man known as Jesus?

Flutes at Edfu Temple

Marlis and Ueli would sing to the land with their beautiful flutes and we again would have the temple almost to ourselves.  


Another ride in our horse and carriages through the streets to return to  sail the Nile to Luxor.  We soon discovered Jude must have been a jockey in a past life and the race to the ship was on.

Join us tomorrow as the magick continues to reveal itself and we find doors once closed being opened.

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