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Sitting in the Presence of Masters

I have just returned from a very special experience of being with the Dalai Lama and the people of Christchurch.  I was deeply moved and touched as I sat in the crowd and looked around to see so many faces representing different faiths.  On the stage before me sat His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a dozen Buddhist monks, members of the local Maori Iwi  (family) and a representative from the Anglican church of Christchurch, a beautiful woman who sat holding the hand of the Dalai Lama.  I felt a deep sense of humbleness as my heart opened to embrace the moment.  This synchronistic moment, for only ten days earlier had the Dalai Lama announced this visit even though my guidance was clear to return to the South Island not knowing why, and I had booked a flight to return to Christchurch more than a month before.

As I looked around I saw that I truly sat amongst Masters; men, women, young and old, students, teachers, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and grandchildren.  Each person doing the best they could to master this journey we have each found ourselves on.   Along the way on this journey, we have judged others and each at times been judged unfairly.  We have each lost our faith along the way, and then found it once again.  We have each blamed another for our unhappiness.  We have doubted who we are and accepted less than a life of joy and inner peace, as we choose to struggle because we cannot let go of our past.   Such is the human nature as we continue to move towards Mastery, each of us equal to the other, as daily we each make mistakes on our journey.

The Dalai Lama spoke with such gentleness and compassion, at first speaking to those who had lost family and friends in the earthquake. He shared he had felt the call to come to Christchurch to share in the pain of those who had suffered, but also to share a message of hope and peace.  He brought humor and laughter, choosing to bring happiness into the room, and showing that a spiritual path should be a  playful and joyous path.  I began to feel the andara crystal I held in my hand begin to vibrate.  When he was asked what was the potential of Christchurch after the earthquake; he paused, smiled and replied…”I don’t know, the responsibility lies upon each individual’s shoulders”.    How profound was this simple comment, for it meant we each had the potential for greatness.  From our deepest pain and suffering we could choose to rise above it and create greatness.

He spoke of loss and how to deal with tragedy.  When an event happens, something as tragic as an earthquake, a tsunami or a death, we cannot change the course of that event.  We will feel sadness, we will feel pain, but it is what we do beyond that moment that defines our Mastery.

It is important for us to have compassion and grieve alongside our friend, our family, our neighbor, even the stranger, but we must look for a deeper meaning.  We must see with different eyes and use our intelligence to find a way to bring love and happiness back into the world.

Never once did the Dalai Lama place himself in the position of a guru or make anyone feel less than whom they were.  He spoke specifically to the children, explaining it was now their turn and to use their intelligence wisely.  At one point the school children presented him with a prayer flag of hearts, one of which stated, “Everyone needs love”. He promised the children who presented him the gift that each day he would practice love.  We too must make a promise to practice love every day.  Especially if we have been betrayed, deceived, or hurt.  This is our greatest opportunity to practice love and forgiveness.  Sometimes we cannot understand why certain events take place in our life, some that seem unfair, loss of a job, a lover, or even when we are taken advantage of.   I clearly understood now, the purpose of these events is to provide an opportunity for us to practice love, compassion and forgiveness.

I held the andara crystal; the stone of unconditional love over my heart and felt a wave of energy moving out through the cosmic spider web to each of you.  I felt the light moving from that place in the CBS stadium to the people of Christchurch, the people of Japan and to those souls all over the planet who are suffering and struggling.  It made all of my challenges seem quite small.  As our spiritual family continues to grow with souls all over the world, I will continue to carry the stone of love and create circles of light sharing the teachings of all faiths and cultures.

Wishing you many opportunities to practice love, rainbows, much happiness and magick, as we continue to weave a web of love around Gaia,


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