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Since the Beginning to Keep the World Spinning it takes all of us

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The final phase of our journey and we would return to the sacred lands of Avalon. More of our group would be leaving and still others would be joining as we flew now to Bristol, England. I can visit these magickal sites in England over and over, as I have done since my first journey 18 years ago and every time it is a different experience that creates a special journey. This return to the sacred lands of the Goddess would prove to be even more powerful.


The forecast was heavy rains and I knew the journey to the top of the TOR could be challenging even on dry days. We decided to take the footpath as I had everyone’s safety as my priority. Awakening to the sun shining and a magnificent rainbow I knew the Goddess had assured safe passage. When we began the ascent at the base of the Tor, 13 crows would greet us. One in particular would serve as a guardian allowing us to move between the veils of the seen and unseen.


The crow is considered the Bird of Magick and it is was clear weather magick was taking place. It is said that the Merlin would shape shift into this winged one and I could feel the presence all around me. The Tor is surrounded in mystery and legend, but quite significant to those who follow the old religion and the Path of the Goddess. Once a ceremonial site dedicated to the Goddess, it holds a very strong male energy as one journeys to the top to stand where once stood a magnificent stone circle.



The stone circle now replaced with a very male symbol known as the Tower of Michael by the Church of Rome still holds a powerful energy for those who approach with an open heart. Rising like a beacon from the somerset plain, the Tor beckons the spiritual pilgrim.


People come in search of many things, the Grail, enlightenment, inspiration and passion. Not only was the Tor a hill once surrounded by water, but it was also linked with Caer Sidi – the Faeries’ Glass Mountain or Spiral Castle where the natural energies of the earth met with the supernatural power of death. In ancient times Caer Sidi was described as the abode of Cerridwen, the enchantress who possessed the Cauldron of Wisdom, a goddess with powers of prophecy and magick. Beneath the Tor is said to lie an ancient Atlantean crystal temple.



As our group joined together we held hands and stepped through the doorway of the Tor, symbolically stepping through the veil of illusion. We created a sacred circle to pray for unity and peace, strength to break through the old conscious thought forms of greed, control and illusion. As we sent our focused intentions and prayers into the dragon line, a mysterious shield protected us from all directions. Rain was coming down but not on our circle.



When we finished the winds of change were so strong they nearly blew us over.


One by one we each stepped through the doorway making our commitment to walk our path of truth as we activated the Dragon Line that begins at the Tor.

Join us tomorrow as we step into Merlin’s Cave and retrace the steps of the Knights of the past.

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