During my recent vision quest to Alaska, salmon was a powerful messenger for me on how to navigate life with determination.  I would be mesmerized as I watched the salmon navigate in the crystal-clear waters.  Salmon are one of the finest navigators to swim the seven seas.  They travel thousands of miles across oceans and then make their way upstream, being guided by starlight and the subtle pull of the dragon lines to reach the place of their birth.  The female will lay her eggs to begin the cycle of life once again.  She intuitively makes the journey, knowing the potential dangers of eagles, bears and waterfalls and just when she is at her weakest point, her route turns upstream.  Much is the journey we each take known as the Hero’s journey.

As starlight in human body temples, we travel many lifetimes to return to our divine self. Many of the First Nation people associate salmon with reincarnation and the cycles of renewal.  I personally have a deep connection to salmon on a spiritual level, having lived on Mama Mountain for five years and having continually guided spiritual pilgrimages to her for nearly 30 years.  I follow the teachings of the Winnemem Wintu Nation who are the guardians of Mount Shasta.

mt shasta

They hold a deep reverence for the salmon. As their creation story shares, when the Winnemem emerged from a sacred spring on Mt. Shasta, they were unable to speak. Salmon took pity on them and gave the Winnemem their voice. In exchange, the Winnemem promised that they would forever honor this gift by speaking for and defending Salmon. However, their abilities to uphold this promise and maintain this sacred relationship have been compromised over time by chemical agriculture, extractive industry, and resource development in the region as well as the building of the Shasta Dam.   During the California Gold Rush, the Winnemem population decreased from around 14,000 to 395 in a period of about 50 years, and settlers devastated the tribe’s ability to access and carry out traditional practices such as hunting and fishing. Today, the tribe’s population is approximately 150.

A philosophy of respect and reciprocity is central to the Winnemem way of life.  They share a deep understanding of the importance of honoring and maintaining the ecological and spiritual balance of the lands, waters, and our place within that cycle.   In 2010 A prayerful journey led by Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe to restore the salmon runs, protect their waters, and the indigenous life style took place to Aotearoa  (New Zealand).   The journey centered on an apology, to the salmon on the banks of the Rakaia River through a ceremonial dance that tribal leaders say had not been performed in more than 60 years.

I have been to this river for my own personal ceremony and of course feel a deep connection with New Zealand being my heart home and Mount Shasta being my sacred mountain.  For 12 years since that ceremony, the determination of the guardians of the salmon has not waivered.

In a world that at times can feel very chaotic, this for me is a huge sign of hope and change.   On August 8th, in the Lion’s Gate Portal, a life flight that could change the course of one tribe’s history, a helicopter delivered 20,000 endangered salmon eggs to a remote area in Shasta County, in an effort to save the winter-run Chinook species struggling to survive in California’s warming river waters.

McCloud river

The Winneman believe that whatever happens to the salmon happens to us.  The young Chinook released into the McCloud River will eventually be trapped and then released somewhere below the Shasta and Keswick dams, so they can make a swim for the Pacific. This is the first time this has been attempted in California, or on this scale. There is a lot of hope riding on these eggs.

Hearing this heartfelt news and then being with the salmon in Alaska brought a renewed sense of faith and well-being.  Salmon teaches that we must give back to the land and seas that support us.  The spirit of salmon can help you dive deep into the depths of your own unconscious to discover the energy and determination needed to arrive at your soul’s destination.

In Ireland there is a story of the ordinary salmon who eats nine hazelnuts that had fallen into the well of wisdom.  After ingesting this rich feast, the salmon was not so ordinary anymore.  As we  will be making a pilgrimage to Ireland and the lands of the Tuatha de Dannan with a wonderful group pf spiritual travelers in October,  the salmon inspired me to dedicate the upcoming full moon to them as well as the Goddess Sedna.

As we begin the final quarter of 2022 the significant themes of balance and relationships is September’s gift.  The cosmos is opening up new spaces in our relationship’s realm, not only the connection to other humans, but also our connection to ourselves, our physical  bodies, jobs, money, food, technology, nature, Mother Earth, the seen/unseen worlds, etc. This month’s astrology is offering us opportunities to notice which relationships we have that are harmonious and flowing, as well as the ones which may be out of alignment so we can bring these relationships into balance.  With the influence of six retrograding planets dancing in the celestial realms it’s time embrace your dark side.  In doing so you will find balance.  I wanted to share the significance of September from the perspective of our star child, Natasha as well as the influences it will have on us spiritually.

Mercury goes direct

September 9, 2022 Mercury goes retrograde on

Mercury goes retrograde September 9th until October 2nd. Mercury will begin in Libra and then travel backward into Virgo. On one level, since Libra is an air sign and Virgo is an earth sign, this signifies the importance of bringing the mind (air) into alignment with the body (earth) and listening to our intuition (earth) by not overriding it with intellect (air). On another level, Libra rules relationships and balance while Virgo rules discernment. This Mercury retrograde is drawing our attention to relationships and providing opportunities for us to discern which of our relationships may be out of balance.  With the Mercury retrograde, the next 3 weeks will highlight the importance of slowing down, letting go of rigid expectations of how we believe an experience should go, expectations we place on ourselves and others.  A reminder to take our time when making decisions, and ton really examine  details and the fine print on documents.  Finally, as with any Mercury retrograde, be aware of how we communicate and how we listen.

full moon

September 10, 2022 – Full Moon in Pisces

The tightest aspect this full moon will be making is a sextile to Uranus. The moon sextile is a harmonious aspect that signifies this full moon can lead to unexpected and innovative insights, heightened intuition, and gaining new perspectives, especially in the realm of self-discovery. This full moon will also be conjunct  with the asteroid Juno, the goddess of marriage and commitment. Juno’s alignment to this full moon brings up the theme of relationships once again. Pisces is the 12th and final zodiac sign and is amazing for unconditional love, altruism, and forgiveness. Pisces’s shadow encompasses boundary dissolution, people pleasing, and illusion. So, this full moon, Juno, and Uranus are all working together to give us opportunities to set and keep healthy boundaries as well as amplify our ability to forgive the Self and others. Additionally, Pisces rules dreams, so be sure to pay attention to your dreams around this full moon as they may hold significant and profound messages for you. Lastly, giving yourself time to ground and come back into your body the week and day of the full moon can help to mitigate Pisces’s very transcendent energy. Please click here for full moon ritual.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I will be posting a guided audio meditation in working with the alchemical magick of the full moon, the Inuit Goddess Sedna and the spirit of salmon for you own personal journey.

The offering this month to enhance the Full Moon and the energies September’s celestial alignment will bring is:

Sedna – $50.00 plus shipping

Sedna is an Inuit Goddess, one to call upon for infinite supplies of whatever you may need.  She has a strong connection to the ocean and seas and can assist one in connecting to the song of the whale to find balance.  She assists one in navigating through unknown territories. Sedna teaches that learning how to stop the fast world is a talent that comes from entering the silence.  Even if all the directions you have taken in the past have ended in detours, a new pathway opens that will support you in realizing the full expression of the dream you carry inside.  Sedna reminds us of balance, honoring both the male and female nature within. Opening yourself to receive and willing to give away.  The ocean holds a bounty of abundance for all beings.  This beautiful oil contains the Song of the Whales and oils known to balance the soul.  Surrendering into the moment and allowing one to navigate during times of emotional stress and the feeling you have been thrown into churning waters.   Place on your heart, dream chakra and crown chakra.  Rub your wrists together and breathe in the beautiful essential oils that allow one to enter the flow. The oils were blessed in sacred ceremony in the healing energy of Bimini on our last journey communing with the dolphin.  To order please contact Guy at [email protected].

light and dark

September 22, 2022 – the Equinox

The solar gateway that officially ushers in the Fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere happens when the Sun enters 0 degrees Libra on September 22, 2022. This particular equinox is significant because just 5 hours after the time of the exact equinox Mercury will cazimi, meaning Mercury will align with the sun. It is rare to have a Mercury cazimi so close to the exact solar gateway of an equinox or a solstice, which makes this equinox a profound time of clarity, receiving messages from Spirit, and having enlightening, insightful, and liberating conversations with others, the self, and/or the unseen world.  The time of the Equinox provides us with a time “Between the worlds” a window through which we can perform special magick as we honor the turning of the wheel and the unseen world. This is one of two days when the earth will experience equal portions of light and dark. A Powerful night to bring into balance inspiration with action, the merging of the heart and the mind, the balance of our male and female essence. I have posted both a Autumn Equinox ritual for those in the Northern Hemisphere and a Spring Equinox ritual for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

new moon


September 25, 2022 – New Moon in Libra on

The new moon is in Libra, further underscoring September’s theme of relationships and balance. At the time of the exact new moon the moon opposes Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, freedom, and boundlessness. With the shadow essence of Jupiter, we can bite off more than we can chew and get in over our head by taking on too much. This new moon in the sign of balance opposing Jupiter, the planet who rules excess, shows that we are getting a moment to see where we tend to overdo things in our lives: over give, overextend, overwork, etc. Consciously, intentionally, and consistently working with the energies of this new moon and September’s astrology can help us bring balance into areas of our lives that we feel need it most.  As Venus rules Libra, this is a powerful night to celebrate relationship. Several rituals celebrating love as well as attracting it to you,have been posted to work with this New Moon.  Click Here

Be gentle with yourself.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.  I continue to offer Soul Life Readings for those who would like assistance in seeing through the lens of the heart to navigate their personal journey as well as the Sacred Trilogy Reading.

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Thank you to Natasha for her insight as to the astrological influences. If you would like an astrological reading to serve as a navigational tool for the next few months of 2022, I highly recommend the amazing gifts our star child offers.  For more information contact Natasha at [email protected].

Kia Kaha…Be Strong and true to yourself.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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