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September Planetary Influences


If you thought the last several months brought opportunities for change and review,  this month proves to be even more supercharged.  I always choose to look at the positive aspect of these influences but do have a realistic awareness of the impact they can have on us.    For this reason I try to share with you the significance of the events and offer suggestions how best to work with the potency of the movement from these celestial bodies.  We will all feel the influence of PMS, Planetary Movement Syndrome.

No matter how many times my world goes upside down and seems to spin out of control, I pick myself up, dust myself off, usually catch the rolling eyes of my husband as he shakes his head at me.   I find my balance  in the moment and embrace this crazy, wild, magickal earth expression.  I stand before the sacred mountain, feel her energize my soul and embrace the day.  Some days are definitely easier than others but this is still a grand journey and sharing it with so many of the rainbow tribe makes my heart smile.


Venus Goes Direct

Venus the planet of relationship and love will be ending its retrograde cycle on September 6th.  During the retrograde we have all had relationship issues arise supporting us in getting clear on the value of the relationships we have in our life.  We just simply do not have time to waste on one sided relationships.  We have to look beyond putting the blame on others.    We have to look inward as to why we have attracted these experiences into our life.   As painful as this Venus Retrograde period is for some people, keep in mind that the difficulties provide an opportunity to heal and transform old patterns so we can move forward.  As we clear out old resentments, hurts and betrayals we become brighter vessels of light and can fall in love with our  human expression.  We may need to rewrite the story that we have created.

As we continue to shed layers, we uncover what is held deep within.   These lessons bring us to the core of self-love and our basic values.  In the end the only thing that will matter is how well did we love.  Were we willing to love without expectation.

As Venus moves out of her backward dance this is our chance to make change.  Some heavy karmic baggage must be unloaded along the way.  The greatest lesson we can learn is to love ourselves enough to choose to be with those who weave magick into our lives.   We may need to let the others go.


If you truly open to love it will find you.  Let go of the outcome and let things unfold.  It is essential that we clean out old dramas and traumas if we want to step forward to be greater expressions of love and experience the joy and celebration.  It is a gift to be here.

By the end of October, we will know truly what we want,  and how to ask for it. Now is not the time to make rash decisions in relationships.  This is a time to practice meditation, enjoy quiet time, relax into the moment and just be.

New Moon Solar Eclipse – September 13th  

On the 13th of September (In some parts of the world it will be the 12th)  the eclipse cycle begins with a New Moon Solar Eclipse.  Solar Eclipses can only occur during a New Moon, when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun and the three celestial bodies form a straight line: Earth – Moon – Sun.   The Moon waxes and wanes, rises and sets, drawing the waters of the world with it. The Moon has such a strong influence on the earth that twice a day, it makes the waters of the ocean ebb and flow.  The human being is subject to these lunar influences as we are 70% water.

Each month at the time of the new moon we have an opportunity to rededicate our intentions by reviewing and renewing our personal wish list. Knowing exactly what you want to draw into your life is not always easy. Part of preparing for the new Moon is making sure you are clear about your intentions. New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud.   New Moons have to do with creation, manifestation, birth, and rebirth.
closed door

Eclipses are the universes way of pushing us forward.  Once we move through this final eclipse cycle we CAN NEVER go back to how it was.  The eclipse closes the door to the past and all we can do is move forward.    It only becomes difficult when we try to hold on to the past.  Remember, if you are feeling regret, resentment, disappointment, depression, betrayal, or anger…. you are living in the past and that door is closed.  LET IT GO.

If you are feeling anxiety, fear, worry and stress you are projecting yourself into the future doing the WHAT IF?   It doesn’t exist  so relax into the present and feel the creative force that the eclipse is offering you.   Use the New Moon Solar Eclipse to gain the strength and insight to move forward.  Use the Final Total Lunar Eclipse to be in stillness and actualize your dream.  Don’t just talk about it…DO IT!!!


Mercury Goes Retrograde  – September  17 until October 9th

The planet of communication and decision making will begin its final retrograde cycle of the year just to add more intensity to the mixture.   Decision making will be all over the place so make the decision to not make any decisions until Mercury goes direct on October 9th.  Remember retrograde means review, relax, rejuvenate, revisit things you have put on hold.  Do not sign contracts or begin new projects.  With the heightened emotional charges these planetary influences will bring, try to avoid conflict.  If you feel yourself being triggered, step away, disengage, take a few deep breaths.  Scream into a pillow, go for a walk.  All things associated with communication tend to go awry.


Turning of the Wheel with the Equinox – September 21st

Two times during the year we experience equal portions of shadow and light at the time of the Equinox. On this night we have an opportunity to experience the full expression of the infinity sign as  two opposing energies come together into the still point.  We celebrate the Autumn equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.    If we forget our ways of tradition and celebration, we separate ourselves from the divine and our experience here on earth becomes heavy with burdens, fear, doubt and sadness.  When we celebrate the seasons of nature, and the turning of the wheel, such as the Equinox, we deepen our own personal power and realize the gifts we all carry within.  I will be posting an Equinox ritual  as well as the moon rituals for those who are members of our online subscription in the next week.


Final Total Lunar Eclipse – September 28th

This  will be the first super moon eclipse since 1982, and the last until 2033.  There have been only five since 1900.  They occurred in 1910, 1928, 1946,  1964 and 1982.   The total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, western Asia and the eastern Pacific Ocean region.  The significance of this eclipse it the fact that it is the final total lunar eclipse in the series of four that began in April 2013.

We are about to move even more rapidly into the higher energies and one can feel more sensitive than usual as these energies accelerate.  Keep in mind that all the difficulties we are going through now are to get us prepared for the transformational changes ahead.  We are releasing everything that is not aligned with our authentic soul to step forward into our full destiny now.  None of us are perfect and we will make mistakes.   It is so important that we keep our intention strong to be the best we can be and find compassion to forgive ourselves.

My motto which I have shared many times.   Today is Saturday, I am probably going to mess this up at  least once today.  There is always Wednesday and I will try again tomorrow. I have been assured by the Master Teachers that this is enough.  An open heart, pure intent, forgivenss and the courage to try again.

The collective reality we create is dependent on where each of us is in our own consciousness.  Not one of us can save the world from what it will go through, but we can each do our part and  join with others who feel the same.

I will be on the Isle of Iona in Scotland, known as the Dream Isle for the Final Total Lunar Eclipse.   Iona is a mysterious place that exists between worlds.  It is said the crystal library of Atlantis exists beneath this mysterious floating island.  I will be creating sacred ceremony with a group of beautiful souls as we hold the energy at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse in this powerful sacred site.  It will occur between 3:15am and 4:14am known as the bewitching hour when the veil between the world of the seen and the unseen is the thinnest.

This is a night of dreaming and opening the heart to receive the light being offered.   If you wish to send me your dreams I will carry them into the sacred ceremony.  I am leaving on the 18th so I need them no later than the 16th.  There are so many now woven into our spiritual family and I want to honor each of you but it does take me time to prepare them for ceremony.  I will have little access to wifi after the 16th.     Each of you bring a special light into the collective consciousness and together we can infuse our water planet with love and crystal light at the time of the eclipse.   This is a powerful night to pray for all beings on our water planet.  Together we can create magick, together we can be the change.

As you can see, it is going to be an intense month but nothing we can’t handle.  Those of you who ordered the andara crystal elixirs you will find that mother natures medicine chest will indeed provide the support one needs to manuever through these energies.  I continue to complete the orders and will ship them out as soon as possible.

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Sending love and celestial blessings from the mountain,


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