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September Planetary Influences

planetary influences

Still bathing in the wonder of the Super New Moon in Virgo, there is a momentum we have been given to propel us through September.  Keeping in mind the powerful Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn that we have been building towards for months and now mover closer towards. it.  Saturn the planet of Karma, continues to access the dark crystal in our unconsciousness that holds memories of fear, self doubt, illusion, and everything that keeps us small.    Keep allowing yourself to be in the experience and realize there is only one way out and that is to move through it.  It can get very uncomfortable as many are going through a full review and the dark night of the soul.  We can do this if we simply honor the process and step away from blaming someone else or an unpleasant situation for our unhappiness.    Remember with the super new moon influence and the window we are looking through after the total solar eclipse, we are responsible to discard our outdated belief systems, let go of irrational and debilitating thoughts, untangle ourselves from toxic relationships, and become aware of how we are holding ourselves back by repeating harmful patterns.

We need to be ready for the changes that are coming as the pace is picking up!!  It takes effort to step away from judgment and have the awareness to know  that every experience we  find ourselves in, is an opportunity for our soul to grow.   The celestial bodies with their ever changing movement are truly helping us not hindering us.  There are five planets in Virgo urging us to look at being our best.  What a powerful, positive and mystical line up we are being gifted this month.   Get your mind and body healthy.  Clear, clean and detox your mind  body and heart to become the best of you.   We all need a strong healthy foundation.   As we move into the final phase of 2019 this is an excellent time to do a Soul Life Reading to gain insight and direction.  A navigational tool to support the new pathways that are opening.

Be aware of the actions you take daily that distract you from stepping into the best of you.  How many of your actions come from the illusion “I’m not good enough”.  Practice stillness and examine how you move through the world on a daily basis.  We feed our mind every time we talk to someone, everything we read,  everything we watch and hear becomes part of our mental diet.  Nurture your soul to feed your potential not your fears.   September offers us a month of powerful energy to nurture our soul.  Eliminate the toxicity and commune with nature,

Goddess Sedna

September 13th/14th. Full Moon dedicated to the Inuit Sea Goddess Sedna

This month we begin with the Full Moon on September 13/14th dedicated to Sedna.  My life is dedicated to the sacred blue and the communion with the sea angels that through their song maintain a balance for our water world.  I follow the navigational path of the whales to assist through prayer and celebration.  My heart opens with joy when I am in the place of the dolphins and this particular full moon I will celebrate my birthday with a wonderful group of souls, two celebrating on the same day in the spiritual waters of Atlantis.  There is a beautiful story about Sedna, the goddess of the sea and guardian of these beautiful beings that I wanted to share with you as told by Grey Eagle, a Native American ceremonial storyteller.

earth whales

Sedna is covered with tangles in her hair that she can not comb out. It is all the broken taboos and sins against nature of the people who fall through the water to collect on Sedna’s body.  When the accumulation is too great, Sedna sobs in pain and all the sea creatures leave the shore to gather by her door to comfort her.  The people know then  that it is  time to gather and confess their taboos.

This is how they do it: The men remembering Sedna’s father, do a dance of contrition.  Slowly dancing they sing of their remorse for sins done by man to women, to the earth mother and to her children.  All the people send their prayers to Sedna.  The shaman purifies herself to take the dangerous journey to the underwater world where Sedna lives.

When she finds Sedna, she gathers fine sand to cleanse the filth from Sedna’s body.  She sings while tenderly picking the crabs from Sedna’s hair.  She offers Sedna the confessions and prayers of the people and their promises to change their life stories.  Sedna is comforted and asks the creator to forgive the people for the ways they have become out of balance.

Her sobbing is no longer heard in the waves and the animals end their vigil returning to offer themselves as food.  She is generous and forgiving.  Knowing this of Sedna, the Inuit are inspired to return her gift by making better life stories and treating their relations with love and respect.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I will be posting a ritual to honor and acknowledge Sedna as well as a special prayer for our Sacred Blue.  I will be posting a guided audio meditation to help you work more deeply with Sedna and open to receive her blessings and gifts.  When she is invoked we are in the flow of our dream and find balance returning to our lives.  This is so important as the energies quicken all around us.

This is a time to restore the balance between the above world and the below world, between men and women, between humans and the unseen.  A time to see the beauty within EVERYONE. No matter what one believes, their sexual preference,  how they choose to worship, the color of their skin or which political party they support.  We are all the children of the divine.

Saturn Direct – September 18th goes direct

Planet Saturn

After several months Saturn the planet of Karma finally is going direct. Saturn creates and governs the rules and regulations we live by as a society, creating opportunities on a global scale to see what is not working.  It reminds us of our responsibilities to ourselves, our community, to the natural world and to others. It supports our spiritual growth by teaching us at times hard life lessons.   Karma is and energetic attachment, neither positive or negative it is  just energy we are “stuck” with until we work it out.  Once we work out our karmic attachments, we are free to evolve energetically. This, of course, can take lifetimes and is the reasoning behind reincarnations. We reincarnate into a particular form because of our karmic attachments. Saturn retrograde is accelerating our timeline to work things out very quickly.  The faster the ride, the more uncomfortable it may feel.  I always spend the day a planet is moving forward to give gratitude for what has been revealed to me with the personal influence.  I will go back and read journal entries from April when it went retrograde and honor how much I have learned.  I will also give gratitude for those individuals who have supported this growth.  They are usually the souls who have been the greatest thorn in my side.  They are most definitely from the human species and they have served me well. They have been instrumental in bringing to my awareness where I need to change and for that I am grateful.

September 23rd – Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere

spring equinox

For thousands of years, cultures have viewed the turning of the seasons from winter to spring as a time of great celebration. The first day of spring represented the earth mother waking up and a time of great fertility.  With the arrival of Spring, daylight starts to increase.  The Spring equinox represents new light and life, new beginnings, seeds bursting forth and new paths revealing themselves.   Just as the length of day and night  are equal on this day, we are reminded of our own need to  balance the yin/yang and male/female energies.  This balanced equilibrium is an  ideal state for our lives.  The Spring Equinox brings a time of renewal, a new sense of focus with a fresh and positive perspective.   For those who are members of our online subscription series I have added several wonderful rituals to celebrate the freshness as we breathe life into  our new beginnings.  Rituals to help illuminate your path forward.  Click Here

September 23rd – Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere

autumn equinox

In the Northern hemisphere this is a  harvest  time  when we acknowledge with  gratitude  the seeds that we have already sewn. The leaves are turning into beautiful shades of color as they prepare to go into stillness.   We embrace this  time as we head towards the  cycle of death represented by the approaching winter and allow things to be begin to slow down. This night is an opportunity to reflect on our own inner darkness hiding within the shadows. It is a symbolic period of journeying into our own dark crystal.  A time for inner work, going within and taking an inventory of our lives. As we honor our journey  we reflect, rebalance and recalibrate.  We gain even greater perspective and clarity for what we desire to manifest.  This is the second of the three celebrations leading up to the winter solstice when the wheel turns and we begin 2020.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have added several powerful rituals to support you in journeying inward and finding your balance.  Click Here

September 28th/29th New Moon 

September New Moon

The effects of the September new moon last for four weeks, up to the new moon in October.  This new moon is in Libra which is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, known as the morning star in the celestial realms.  This is an  opportune new moon for setting intentions to attract in love for those who are single and to restore passion to  current relationships.  This new moon brings an energy that is sensual, loving and harmonious,  With the clarity we received  from the Virgo new moon we can set our intentions for harmonious relationships in all areas of our life.  Focus on our  relationship with work and service  can manifest into wondrous new opportunities to step forward in our service.  The energy of the new moon can align us with powerful  partnerships by attracting  in the right people and resources to support our dreams.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I will be posting rituals for attracting in harmonious relationships.  

This is going to be a grand month of positive change so open up to the blessings being offered from the celestial realms.

Love and blessings for a healthy, mind, heart body temple, Robbyne

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