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September 29th – Magickal Super Full Moon of September in Aries

Mt Shasta Moon

We have just returned from our beautiful retreat on Mount Shasta celebrating the turning of the wheel at the time of the equinox with our tribe.  Following the whale song line weaving the web with prayers of unity, kindness, harmony, awakening and love which began at the time of the 777 in Uluru, Australia.   I wanted to remind everyone that as part of our tribe now positioned all over our beautiful water star planet, the celebration of the moon cycles continues to support these prayers.   We can use these special moments to heal, complete cycles, gain wisdom and understanding as we raise our vibrational frequency to be greater carriers of light.

pluto cave light

As we gathered in the Shamans cave connecting with the ancestors and the dragon spirit we were blessed with wisdom and guidance.  A magickal light appeared in the cave where we performed our ceremony, and the light beings chose to show their presence.  Many of our tribe captured amazing images of the intelligence that was present.  It felt as though the cave was full, those from many realms had come to participate.

light beings

Our ancestors of the past understood the intricately connected world we live in and were aware of their ancestry to the star beings.  As we increase in vibrational energy, we can reconnect to that intelligence once again.

tree guardians

We celebrated the morning of the equinox with the magnificent tree guardians to ground the powerful experiences in the Shamans Cave

rose floating

As we received guidance from the Long Person we allowed the flow of the river to carry our prayers and dreams as we each committed to following the Path of the Rose at edge of the Long Person.

stargate portal

Our journey would continue to the Dragon’s Stargate Portal as we prayed together in the heart of the dragon.  Magick was everywhere as we were each empowered to find our voice and step into our magnificence.

Tane Muhata

For those who wish to honor the natural world and experience a deeper connection to the Full Moon of Aries, I have added a ritual and guided meditation sharing the wisdom of the forest and the Lord of the Forest, Tane Mahuta.     CLICK HERE.

We are now departing for Europe to continue to weave the web that began at the time of the 777 in Australia into the magenta line of Maria Magdalena and the crystal line of the White Dragon with our tribe gathering at this time in Southern France.  Wishing you all a powerful and enchanting Full Moon.

Be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

I continue to offer the creation of a Magickal Sigil with a personal message to assist one in working with alchemy and magick to restore balance as it serves as powerful tool to support one in manifesting their dream.   For more information, please click here.

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Kia Kaha.. Be Strong

Love and moonbeams of wisdom, Robbyne

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