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September 14th – New Moon in Virgo dedicated to the Tree Spirits

When the Black Moon arrives, a shift in the energy of the Universe is underway.   As we navigate through the energy shift of Mercury going direct and this Dark Moon, it is necessary that we discard old belief systems, let go of limiting thoughts, untangle ourselves from toxic relationships, and become aware of how we are holding ourselves back by repeating the same patterns.    We need to be ready for the changes that are coming as the pace is picking up.  This is a night for personal celebration and intention setting as well as joining with others to send heart healing to the Banyan Tree in Lahaina, symbolizing the heart of Maui.  She has survived and her heart is beating.  She holds the imprint for rising from the ashes as the landscape begins to heal.  She holds the essence of faith and hope, but she needs us to send healing and hold the vision.  This is known as reciprocity.  As we send healing to the land and the tree spirit, she sends us hope when we feel despair, life when we feel depleted, a sense of belonging when we feel lost.  Nature longs for a relationship with hooomans and on a Virgo new moon we can establish the alliance once again.

I am sharing a ritual for this day and sending a call to our tribe to celebrate life in your own personal way and send a new vision through the world wood web.  As a tree hugger and earth listener, this request has special meaning to my heart.  Beneath the surface of sacred dirt is a world of wonder.  Hidden secrets beneath our feet, as  an extensive intricate network of communication exists.

Wherever you may find yourself, take the time to go to a tree.  Place your hands on the trunk, place your third eye and nose to the tree trunk as you share the breath of life.  Send healing to the beautiful Banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui through the mycelium network.    Prayers of strength and healing to the heart of Maui for the land and her people.  Pour water to the earth on the roots of the tree infused with love and healing. Make an offering to the tree, could be a crystal, a rose.  The power of collective prayer can create miracles.  Send also to the land and people of Morocco for healing and strength as they also begin to rebuild.  Send to all places on our earth in need of love.

Prepare an altar which includes something from each of the elements.  A feather from a winged one and a stick of incense to honor air.   A brown or green candle to honor fire.   A bowl of water and seashells to celebrate water.  Add flowers of all colors and greenery to honor the earthmother. Place the image below on your altar to represent the Earth Mother.  So many are now awakening.  If you avoid listening to the news or engaging in conversations that promote division, you will find your faith and strength again in the celebration of life this New Moon brings, pregnant with unlimited potential.

Earth mother gaia

I am preparing to journey to Mount Shasta to celebrate the equinox and I encourage you to take the time to celebrate this special day where we will experience equal portions of shadow and light. I will be energizing three new oils at this time for those who may be interested.  Please contact Guy at [email protected] if you would like to order any of these new magickal oils.


Rainbow Serpent Oil – $60.00

Rainbow Serpents are a type of dragon acknowledged by various tribes of the Aboriginal people and those of South America. They are thought to be the descendants of a great entity that lives in the Milky Way galaxy.  The Rainbow Serpent is held with high respect because of the ability to renew life by shedding its skin and emerging anew. It is a symbol of strength and creativity.  It is believed that when a rainbow appears in the sky the rainbow serpent is traveling between watering holes.  The rainbow serpent oil was created at the source of the Mutitjulu Waterhole as the rainbow tribe gathered at the time of the 777.  A mystical energy of creative potential was gifted to the earth walkers at this time and has been infused in the sacred oil.  A powerful immortal and creative being, the Rainbow Serpent is associated with rain and water, fertility and food, prosperity and community.  This special oil holds the frequency of the message given to the earth walkers.  Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors “There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children.  They will be known as THE WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW.”  They will reteach the values and the knowledge that has been lost in time, demonstrating how to have wisdom and extra-perception, and how unity, harmony and love is the only way forward. That day has come.  We are the Rainbow Nation.  This oil has been created to support you in finding the courage to step forward as a warrior of truth.  To remain centered and still amongst the chaos.  To be a faith keeper.  To be focused on the dream you wish to create and not allow distractions to pull you from your path.  Place on the crown chakra, heart center, dream chakra and wrists.  Place on the balls of the feet to connect you deeper to the earth mother.  This oil is a combination of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, palo santo and earth from Uluru.

Tane Muhata

Tane Mahuta – $60.00

Tane Mahuta one of the largest Kauri trees in the world, a wise and special tree elder.  Tane is known as the Lord of the Forest.  In the traditional lore of the first nation people of New Zealand, Tane is the one who broke apart the embrace of Ranginui, “sky father” and Papat??nuku, “Earth mother,” allowing the space and light for life to flourish.  To stand before this elder can bring one to tears.  Tane begins life as a small seed and from the beginning knows his purpose, to grow towards the light.    The teaching Tane offers …” Even if I appear to be very small, I AM magnificent”.   This oil is created from the forest floor around Tane and holds the vibration of magnificence.  Working with this oil when we feel lost, confused, or uncertain, when we search for our purpose.  It grounds us in the knowing of the divine plan that exists for our personal journey and guides us towards that purpose with strength and courage.  Place on the crown chakra, dream chakra, heart chakra and feet.  This will connect you deeper to the mycelium network that weaves the wisdom of all tree elders.

st germain

Saint Germain – $60.00

Saint Germain is known as the Ascended Master who is the keeper of the Sacred Violet Flame of Healing and the avatar of the dawning Age of Aquarius. When invoked he shares the wisdom of ancient alchemy, the alchemy of forgiveness. He is the Lord of the Seventh Ray, the violet ray that emanates freedom, alchemy, transmutation, justice, and mercy. This is a powerful oil that opens one to the mystery schools and direct communication with the Master when seeking guidance. Created from the tree essences of the sacred mountain known as the Root Chakra of the planet Mount Shasta.  This combination of birch, cedar, fir, and pine assists one in connecting to the spirit of the mountain.  The oil also contains pure violet from Egypt, Frankincense and Myrrh which assist in opening our intuitive channels. When used just prior to sleeping this oil can assist in transporting one to the mystery schools to receive guidance and clarity. The combination of sacred oils can enhance one’s meditation to open the channels for clear communication and a deeper understanding of one’s purpose at this critical point of change where we must reconcile the past in the present to create the new reality of our future using the violet flame.   Place on the crown chakra, dream chakra, heart chakra, and wrists.

Wishing you a magickal new moon and celebration of the equinox.

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Kia Kaha…. Be Strong

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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